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  1. Have used Bodden several times and it's been great. We're looking at booking a private tour and one of the options is Havana Beach. We've not been to that beach so looking for reviews. One of the most important things is, does it have plenty of shade? Trees? Umbrellas? Thanks
  2. We're really not comfortable doing the home testing. So..I'm thinking about making a testing appointment for friday morning (for sunday cruise) and having a backup appointment for that afternoon. We're rural and our CVS doesn't do the rapid antigen test. We'd need to get the am test done at our Walgreens and then (if test is cancelled) travel a little over an hour for to CVS. I thought this was a pretty good plan, until. I've been reading that the Walgreens ID Now test can take up to 72 hours. For those of you that have used Walgreens, what is the longest you've waited on results? Another question....What is the latest we can be tested for a sunday cruise? We'll be driving to port the saturday before and could possibly make a testing apppointment for saturday afternoon where we'll be spending the night.
  3. We’re in a rural area. Neither CVS or Walgreens do the rapid antigen test. Walgreens does the Rapid ID NOW test. From what I understand from RCI’s website is that the ID NOW is accepted if a formal form is issued (no notes). Has anyone used the NOW test? Any problems with RCI?
  4. Just had a price drop but since we'd already paid in full we received OBC. Rep said it could take up to 2 weeks to see it posted. Is there anywhere online I can check on this? I'd like to cancel our paid gratuities and internet and re-purchase using the obc but don't want to cancel them before the obc shows up.
  5. Just to expand a little. If you decide to go ahead and book him with your friend and your cabin gets changed, not only will you lose the cabin you wanted but he'd have to stay in her cabin. There would be no place for him in your new cabin.
  6. Was able to do online check-in, but only on my ipad. Don't have the app on my ipad so used the website. I first tried to check-in on my laptop but said it was unavailable. It was also unavailable on my iphone. What's going on???????? Not tech savvy.......... Check-in wanted me to download a photo. I didn't have one and wasn't prepared to take one so continued on and it let me complete the check-in. Do I need to download one before departure or will they take one at the port?
  7. We have a 5 minute rule. If we have plans to meet up at a certain place and time we only wait 5 minutes. If someone in the group isn’t there in time, the other couple/s can continue on. That keeps everyone from standing around wondering if they’ve changed their minds.
  8. If Large Ocean View Balconies on decks 10, 11 or 12 are the option, any advantage of one area over the other? Freedom class is the largest we've sailed. Looking for a large ocean view balcony that's quiet. Since 10, 11 and 12 have cabins above and below thought that might be my best bet. Thoughts??
  9. We’re booked on Explorer April 4 out of Miami. ABCs. Bonaire still listed. I’m beginning to have my doubts this will sail, so we’ll just wait and see.
  10. I'm interested to see what, if anything, will be changed regarding travel insurance. Most policies now do not cover anything covid related. Since we don't yet know what the policy will be if there is a large outbreak this could be a big financial issue.
  11. I think what they are talking about is the aft deck (I think it's a crew deck) on deck 5. We didn't find it bothersome at all. Can't see straight down but no other issues.
  12. Must have something to do with the cruise you tried to book. We first took the FCC and then decided we wanted a refund. I called and they said that would not be a problem and resubmitted it. We were told it would take between 45 and 90 days.
  13. Read something this morning on a social media page. Poster said she had received this letter (I received one too) and called to see what it meant. She was told that it was just an automatic reply sent when the excursions, purchases, etc were cancelled by RCI. She was told to ignore it.
  14. This area has been on my bucket list a long time. For those that have cruised this..what was your opinion? Best month? Doesn't look like RCI is offering the Norwegian Fjords in 2021. Is it gone from RCI for good?
  15. Is the difference just the speed? If I buy one device can I use that on multiple devices by logging out (one device at a time)? Just how slow is the Surf package? Is it good enough for just email, social media, news?
  16. Has anyone heard anything about the folks living on ships?
  17. I can't seem to get a clear answer. Can you book a REFUNDABLE deposit cruise on board? If so, what is the deposit for a 7 night and an 11 night?
  18. Some of the bars/lounges are empty during the day so that might be an option.
  19. Last 2 cruises we ate exclusively in the windjammer and will probably do the same on our next in april. Didn't feel like we missed out on anything from the MDR. What we liked about it was that we could eat early and still make it to the early show and then go back and get dessert after the show. Always had hand dipper ice cream and usually a hot cobbler of some kind.
  20. We cruised Royal Caribbean in December. One sea day we were in the solarium when a couple came in and sat in the loungers next to us. They sat a portable speaker on the floor and turned up their music so loud you could hear it all over the solarium. Officers and staff of every description and level walked by, looked at it and kept walking. That was a first for me!!!!!!
  21. Can someone please explain Persian gardens?
  22. Thank you for this review. We're considering Princess and have been looking for a comparison like this.
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