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  1. For us its worth a shot. I agree its a slim prospect of going in Sept. If we get further in the summer and it gets canceled we will just get our money back. But if it does were going. As far NJ banning a vaccine passport that was all about politics. The representative that proposed it is in the minority party trying to make points with the voters. There is no way that would pass at the moment. If after the election in November the minority party is in power that could change.
  2. Hello All, We booked a cruise out of Cape Liberty for this September. We had one canceled last year and now that we are vaccinated we wanted to cruise again. We chose this one because we live in NJ and did not want to fly yet.
  3. Hello All, I've been following this thread and had a question. I wanted to know if tips are included with the specialty restaurants?
  4. Hello All, It has been some time since we sailed out of San Juan. Way back when the ship left from the Pan Am Terminal. We just booked the Summit to NJ next May and was wondering if it still leaves form the Pan Am Terminal or does it go from Old San Juan? I know its early but I just want to get an idea where we should stay for the one night since we will arrive on May 1st.
  5. They made it out to be that we would drinking water through out the day without having to purchasing it. We would have been fine with the trade but that’s not the way it worked out.
  6. Just want to add my two cents on pearl island. We took an excursion there while on the Jewel in January. The island is beautiful. We didn’t do the cabana and we didn’t lack for relaxing space at all. For us it was the little things that would prevent us from going there again. We were supposed to have champagne when we arrived (not a big deal for us) they told us they were substituting water during our stay. That was not actually true, regular drinking water was in short supply and the bathrooms had none. The food was not consistently filled so there were shortages, and no one was taking care
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