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  1. I’ll be outside. It’s not that cold in nyc, you’d be fine with layers. Even if it’s cold, more fun to be outside while you go under the bridge
  2. Bumping this up. C’mon family!
  3. You can get a plain milkshake in any diner on land. I don’t get it.
  4. Thanks for the details. I’ll be using an iPhone XR and new iPad Pro so the hardware will be ok. I’ll just suck it up and get the streaming version for $20 more. I work in Digital tech and I have zero interest in being disconnected.
  5. Thanks. Yes I know where to purchase, was hoping they had sales or promotions where the price was less. 🙂
  6. Too bad. Those sales from Royal makes Voom WiFi about half the price of NCL
  7. I’m thinking of doing that one too. Seems silly enough to do as a solo,
  8. Ok so I guess I have to pay. So regular or premium/streaming. Is there a difference in speed? Or just same speed but with streaming? (Buffered?). can you do WiFi calling with both?
  9. Does NCL ever have sales or promotions on their internet packages? Royal’s can vary by $5-$10/day with sales. Does NCL ever do that? The packages are pricey! also is there a speed/bandwidth difference between the unlimited packages. ( not social media, just regular and premium)? Or just allowing streaming, rather than pushing up the speed to enable streaming?
  10. in studio cabins on Anthem, it’s just a window view, not a virtual balcony, but yes it has curtains. And sound.
  11. Huh. So that’s new. I had one on Anthem which was great. I’ll see how it compares when I’m on Bliss.
  12. Virtual window? That’s Royal Caribbean, not NCL.
  13. Just booked, any lgbtq joining me?
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