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  1. My son had one of these cabins on Oasis. He loved it. The only drawback was at night. Because of the proximity to the bridge, he had to keep his black-out drapes drawn or lights off in the cabin.
  2. In my opinion, parking at the Cape Liberty garage is the only way to go.
  3. Yes and so am I. I'm not spending much time here on CC though.
  4. The only downfall would be, and I hope I' full of it, a breakdown on the way.
  5. They were Carol Well almost, only about 1/4 mile away. At night, with the cabin lights on in the plane, you can make out the passengers eyes.
  6. Carol, it's a shame you just can't swim across the little channel to Logan. That's a joke kids. If you've ever docked at Black Falcon you know what I'm talking about. They have to suspend take-offs and landing while the cruise ships maneuver.
  7. Hello Bill. Long time, no read (my fault not yours) I'm headed to ape Liberty in less than a month and usually stay in Elizabeth on International Drive. This time I'm going to try the Hampton Inn Airport. I have no need to exit the hotel until it's time to head to the ship so. I'll keep you folks posted.
  8. Carol, I will be on Anthem in late January, along with some mutual friends. If you remind me I'll comment on what I see in this regard. I will, however, be driving as I am visiting Pittsburgh the week before, so I hope to be able to check it out when we board, In which case I can answer then.
  9. I have concerns about the "ugly white box" for chargers. I don't know about you, but chargers I use make a fair amount of heat. There have been stories about people getting burned, or setting bedclothes on fire while charging a phone overnight. If I have to use this box I will do my best to keep it open and NOT have anything plugged in any longer than required. And simply unplugging your device won't stop the generation of heat, you must unplug the charging module from line power. I have no idea why the designers thought this was a good design idea.
  10. Elvis, my friend, I appreciate your loyalty and hear-by elevate you to Deputy Grand Poobah of the F.O.T.S.C.S.L.S.S. with all associated privileges and powers of The Grand Poobah, in his absence. BTW, next cruise is on Oasis of the Seas Oct and Celebrity Edge in Jan of 2019. I would be honored to have any, and all Cigar Smokers join me in the informal meetings of the Society held on those fine vessels. On a personal note, My best to you and Priscilla. I will be headed, for permanent relocation, to Atlanta next week.
  11. How about a holder they use for 6 bottles (sometimes 4) of beer. They fold flat and will hold "go" cups nicely. You will be advertising the beverage but for a minimal investment you have your holder.
  12. Maybe the thread should be renamed, "Celebrity Edge Cabin Locator Service" Just joking folks.
  13. You can ask for wheelchair assistance to board the ship at Cape Liberty and to disembark when you return. While you are on the ship you would need to make arrangements to rent a scooter via Special Needs at Sea, or Care Vacations. If you do that you would also need an accessible cabin. If you rent a wheelchair no accessible cabin is required however. For more information on this contact the Special Needs department of Celebrity and they can assist you.
  14. We cruised with some Canadian friends on Anthem of the Seas. They, eventually found Clamato for one of our friends. It seems that most bars stock it. Only the service bar for the Diamond lounge had to go find it for her.
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