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    1) SV Jenna's Journey 2) NCL 3) HAL 4) Princess 5) Costa
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    No particular place yet - tho' would like to check out the Med one day
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  1. Lolly Pop

    SpaceX Falcon 9

    Great shot @John&LaLa . We were staying with family while waiting to get back to Canada after an Emerald Princess cruise. The day this went off, usually we can see from where they are in Kissimmee, but it was slightly cloudy, but we did see the vapour trail ! You must live close in that area! Lucky!
  2. I am currently waiting along with all the other passengers to board onto the Emerald. They are being Mum about what happened. All I know is, I've never seen such a bad check in for a Princess cruise. So far, we are up to #18 for people to board, but the thing is ... no numbers have been called yet ... and the area for all the passengers to be in, is now packed to capacity. People who are mobile, are sitting on the floor, or standing. So not sure what is happening with not even the 1st group being called. Very bizzare. It's currently 16h00 - which is when the ship was supposed to depart. We had a check in time of 13h30, but for some reason Princess when we arrived, said it made no difference. They just asked Group #1 to board ... 16h01!!!!
  3. @Jenner9 - Greetings from Canada. I travel with a carry on for all my cruises (have done ones up to a month long). Like others, rewear, do spot clean ups if I dribble, do sniff test 😝, etc. I'm used to living in cramped corners on a 30' sailboat, so limited to storage space, so the cabins on the cruise ships I go onto, is like living in a chateau (and I don't have to make up my bed or scrub the deck down). One tips, silk or bamboo undies are the way to go. They are anti-fungal, wash up fast and dry fast. For a month a way, I bring 3 pairs, wearing one. I find the less I bring, the less stress. I mean, most people will only see you once or twice, and I highly doubt they'll notice if you're rewearing something and if they do ... who cares! As others have stated here too, how do you dress at home? I've been wearing the same leggings for the past week, crotch sniff, they're still okay. That's me though, a semi-minimalist who would rather save her back/arms from lugging heavy luggage.
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