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  1. We've just booked the Carribean out of Southampton this November/December and the remaining choice of staterooms was very limited, so people seem to think there's a possibility of sailing.
  2. We joined the club - no clotted cream though 😞
  3. This port has been on here already, here's my view of it
  4. Mazybe this will be more of a challenge ?
  5. It is indeed Korchula -2014 QV Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. I had to repost, as I couldn't edit the originals
  7. I shall try again - An easy one
  8. This should be easy for the eagle eyed cruisers
  9. Remember though the Tux is good for 8 or 9 night's dining , combined with a couple of dress shirts, it seems like a good use of packing resources. Stick them in a cheap suit carrier and Bob's your uncle, not a lot of extra to pack and carry. Plus you have the added benefit that even a fat old knacker like me looks pretty damned good in a DJ.
  10. You can rent a Tux on board, but you will pay heftily for the privilege. You'd be better off getting a cheap Tux from one of the on-line men’s outfitters on your side of the pond rather than renting a tux for 8 or 9 nights on board. Either that or take along a dark suit and tie.
  11. Finally booked a cruise for September, not Cunard unfortunately (well not unfortunately), but have hired a narrowboat for a week on the Oxford Canal over my birthday. It's something I've always fancied trying so quite looking forward chugging through the Oxfordshire and Warwickshire countryside at 3 miles an hour. Now hoping the weather holds out.
  12. We did a Walking Tour of Brooklyn in November on our TA/Carribean cruise - I wrote about it here https://blog.rakkor.uk/2019/11/27/day-eight-brooklyn-brownstones/ This wasn't a ship arranged tour, although we did one through Cunard in Lisbon that used the same company UrbanAdventures and because we'd enjoyed it so much we thought we'd give it a go here. Very glad we did as it was excellent. We arranged it here - https://www.urbanadventures.com/new-york-tour-neighbourhood-eats-brownstone-brooklyn EDIT : I thought we'd arranged it direct with the website, but
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