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  1. My upgrade to Premium Economy for the return on our upcoming Caribbean cruise was way better than I'd expected about GBP 160 each, Much, much cheaper than sending 2 bags back by White Star or the equivalent internet services I'd researched
  2. We're on the Caribbean cruise, which is a TA and then the Caribbean, booked as M938A will this be two separate legs with two separate Internet time allowances like a back to back TA ?
  3. We're on the QM2 travelleling to NYC before carrying on to the Carribean in November and was wondering what happens to passengers not departing the ship in NYC - We have a walking tour booked at 12:00 around Brooklyn, but my missus is worried we're going to get forced off the ship go through immigration earlier than that.
  4. We are on the QM2 for Thanksgiving, (M938A) sailing out of NYC to the Caribbean and was wondering what to expect ? Also I can't find a Role Call for this cruise am I looking in the wrong place? I'm sure I saw one a couple of months ago. Jimbo
  5. We did the trip back in 2015, but with different ports - Dubrovnic is lovely and I'd not bother with the Cunard shuttle into Venice again, it was very busy, and expensive, I'd make my own way to St Marks if I were to do it again. We did Cartagenia last year - https://blog.rakkor.uk/2018/11/11/11th-november-cartagena/ it was very nice indeed, well worth a walk around Jimbo
  6. We're on the TA/Caribbean cruise in November flying back from NYC rather than continuing back on QM2 and I was wondering what our luggage allowance will be and what options we would have to increase it if required. Having only sailed Southampton - Southampton we normally include the kitchen sink in the packing, and don't get me started on the fact that we need a separate bag just for shoes! Anyway, since we're on board for 19 nights and having to cater for both warm and cold weather I can see us having a need for a lot of stuff which a Ryan Air 15KG luggage allowance will not cover. All and any suggestions appreciated
  7. We're on this cruise as well, but flying back from NYC post Carribean. Apparently 26 nights would have been too much, although I'm not sure how that is possible 🙂
  8. rakkor

    Guest lecturers

    Seeing the list of guest speakers on my November TA/Caribbean cruise on QM2 has just made me more excited about the whole trip - I'm sure I've heard Michael Kushner speak before on Bletchly Park (A QM2 Barcelona cruise in 2010), but if I have I'm more than happy to hear his lectures again because he was the most interesting Insights lecturer I've seen.
  9. We had the same issue in November on Victoria, Fencing was replaced by Zumba, which was a shame. I'm curious to know if the gym refit has gone ahead and all the old broken gym equipment has been replaced? - it was a sorry looking area with treadmills out of position and half the bikes not working. https://blog.rakkor.uk
  10. Sorry, I can't remember. Who ever it was, they did a very good job as every meal was excellent.
  11. Eggs Benedict are certainly available in the MDR for breakfast, I had it on my November cruise - the only exception is on disembarkation day where the menu is limited
  12. I'm with Camgirl on this one - I'm just off the Victoria and I had reservations about the new menus, but once on board I found the food in the Britannia to be excellent for all meals. The portions were perfectly sized and I'm a big lad but I never left the dining room feeling like I could eat more. My only dissapointment, and this is a minor criticism, was that the petit fours lacked a little imagination. Also the warm canapes served in the Commodore Club were the best i've had on any cruise, I really enjoyed them. I scanned the menus from our cruise and placed them on my blog - there's a link below if you're curious
  13. Hi All - We're not long back from our Iberian Adventure cruise on Victoria - 5th to 16th November and we loved it as always. This was our first cruise after getting to Platinum, and it was nice to be directed to the priority line for embarkation. Unfortunately that was as good as it got because when we got to the check-in desks the computers started to fail, first ours, then the queue we got moved to, we were only delayed by 15 minutes or so, but it was still a bit of a faff getting moved from the front of one queue to the back of another, and then the back of a third. But we were soon back on board and although this was our first on Victoria since the refit, we had been on Elizabeth and knew what to expect with the new layout, I still miss the old Chart Room though. We were in 4151 - one of the Glass Fronted balconies on deck 4 rear, These are huge balconies and will always try for one of these or the ones at the front of the ship, because of their size. . Dinner in Britannia was as good as always, and I didn't have any issues with the new menu format, I had plenty of choice, so much in fact on one night there were 5 Entrees that I really wanted to have and it was very difficult to choose just one. - I posted the menus on my blog - link below in my signature I have only one complaint about the ship - The state of the gym equipment - half of it was unserviceable and the placement of the treadmills meant there was only one I could use - I'm 6'6" and the low ceiling means I hit it with my head when running, There are some machines placed under a recess in ceiling, but this is worse because if the ship pitches you get thrown forward and bang your head on the angle of the recess - I did this on the Elizabeth last year and cut myself quite badly. It's not all bad news though, the staff said the gym was about to be refitted so hopefully things will get better. Everything else was great - I thought the Lido deck was going to be a pain with the new chairs and loungers taking up all the space of the sunbeds, but it was fine - The drinks were expensive, but not much more expensive than we have here in London, and the waiting staff were brilliant everywhere, from the bars and stateroom to Nick and Gideon who looked after us so very well for the whole of our voyage in the Britannia. We had eight of the nicest people for dinner that you could want on our table of 10. Jim
  14. Please do - I posted the menus as well, albeit with one missing - https://blog.rakkor.uk/blog/britannia-daily-menus/v833-november-2018-dinner-menus/
  15. Hi - Just back from the November Iberia cruise on the Victoria - I loved it - I've posted the Daily Progammes on my Blog which have all the opening times printed on them - you can find them here - https://blog.rakkor.uk/blog/daily-programme/v833-queen-victoria-iberia-nov-2018/ Jim
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