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  1. Our October 2021 Symphony cruise had a small drop last week which we jumped on, then went back up this week to over our original price.
  2. My wife and I will have to get tested before our trip to St Lucia (replaced our November cruise). I wouldn’t expect sandals or the St Lucian government to pay for a test when I am voluntarily going there. If you want to vacation in this current climate, it comes with the territory 🤷‍♂️
  3. I guess I should have clarified, not special food requests. I meant more like special service requests. For example, we had a show too close to dinner and realized we weren’t going to have time for dessert. We mentioned that to the waiter while we were eating, he said just come back after the show and he would have us seated again to resume where we left off. That type of thing.
  4. We love CK if we aren’t doing a specialty restaurant. We’ll usually do all breakfasts, lunch depending on activities/ports, and most dinners. For us it really brings a “small-ship” feel to the Oasis-class ships. As others have said, the wait staff learn your preferences, for example you’ll quickly find your regular drink materialize in front of you after sitting down. We had a good experience making a couple unusual special food requests.
  5. We like deck or deck 8. We like 7 since you’re only one deck away from either the boardwalk or Central Park. We like to stay near the aft elevator bank.
  6. 1. Symphony 10/2/2021 2. Symphony 10/2/2021 3. Symphony 10/2/2021 We were booked on the upcoming 11/2 Vision sailing (11-night southern Carib) but we preemptively canceled before final payment to avoid tying up all those funds for another 12-18 months. RCCL hasn’t moved their cutoff beyond 10/31 yet but I’ll be surprised if it actually sails. Moved the FCC to the above listed cruise a week ago and reset our countdown.
  7. Don’t threaten me with a good time. You say that like it’s a bad thing 🤷‍♂️
  8. My Vision 11-night southern Caribbean in November had all of its cruise planner stuff drop in price last week. Deluxe beverage went down to 39, refresh to 19, and soda to 7.49, key at 12.99. All the excursions dropped, too. All told, cancelling and re-ordering everything saved a few hundred dollars.
  9. Is it the fact that you have 343 unread emails? 🤷‍♂️🧐🤔😁
  10. Yep, my wife and I sailed on her back in March. Great ship, lots of new amenities/upgrades, plenty to do or not do. We thoroughly enjoyed the sailing.
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