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  1. I have done a fair bit of solo cruising with P&O and have always enjoyed every moment. It is always daunting before getting on board but like on here, most people are extremely friendly. When I have gone out on tour alone I always try and remember what a few people around me look like so i know I am in the right place and I always double check with the guide the time and location of pick-up. If anxious take a photo of the bus and where it is! I also get back to the bus a bit earlier than required. Take a mobile phone with you and the daily ship’s newspaper so in the very unl
  2. I have to say I cannot believe all those rushing to queue up outside in the cold to go inside a shop today! A hairdressers I do completely understand tho. I’m looking forward to a mooch around M&S or wherever but I shall be waiting another week or so.
  3. I think you will find there’s an awful lot of people feeling exactly the same. It’s been a scary year and I think the answer is to take re-emergence back into society slowly and at your own pace. Gill x
  4. Great photos. Thank you. And how lovely to see the photo of Aurora with her yellow funnel Bee-ess.
  5. It is indeed very sad news. Not unexpected, but such a great loss for the Queen......
  6. Happy Birthday Bob. I’m sure you will enjoy your Chinese today and then you can enjoy the Italian Restaurant when they re-open (so two celebrations this year).
  7. Unfortunately Freddie was not able to give his approval but it’s a much bigger garden so plenty of hole digging opportunities.......🙄
  8. Happy 60th to Mr Presto....... Have a great day and enjoy the champagne 🥂 🍾 Gill x
  9. After snow showers last night (more of a snowstorm for 10 mins) it’s bright here in West Sussex. Very cold too. Taken dog out but otherwise a lazy one after finding the right house to move to yesterday..... A few stressful months ahead I guess! (5ft 7 inches here too.....)
  10. Oh no. What a nightmare few days for you. Glad you having a nice relaxing afternoon - I think you certainly deserve that.
  11. I agree that Andy is missed by so many of us. I just hope it was due to him being fed up with some of the posts rather than anything else being wrong.
  12. Great that you’ve had such a positive few days and absolutely excellent news that everyone turned up. That is very cheering news indeed. Have a wonderful Easter. Gill x
  13. Don’t tell Freddie that..... 🐶
  14. I did 110 nights on Aurora. Loved every moment and didn’t miss home at all. Being retired with no family meant I didn’t miss anything or anyone! However wouldn’t do now as have a dog and wouldn’t leave him for longer than 14 nights!
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