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  1. I have just done a 200 mile round trip from Dorset to West Sussex and back to Dorset today to pick up my dog as he’d been staying with a friend whilst I moved. I think I passed only two petrol stations only that were open and had petrol (albeit with enormous queues). I’ve a third of a tank left and aim to not drive anywhere until this panic buying eases. Gill
  2. Sounds like you had a great 2 weeks Ann and I suspect you had good weather for most of the time. Gill
  3. Joy of joys. The new BT hub they sent me worked straight away so back online. Today has been a day of unpacking and wondering why I hadn’t thrown more things out…. Freddie is staying with a friend until Monday but his dog bed and toys were the first things I unpacked!! Hope everyone is having a good weekend and I hope you are not uncomfortable after eye op Graham. Gill x
  4. A long wait but finally exchanged and got the key at 3pm. Staying at a nearby hotel as couldn’t face making up a bed etc as I guessed it could be a long wait being in a chain of five. So am now relaxing with a gin and tonic - so cheers to all my CC pals!
  5. Odd day here. Being packed up by two lovely removal guys 😜. Completion day is tomorrow and the unpacking starts on Saturday (staying in a nearby hotel here tonight and another hotel on Friday night near to the bungalow). I may be without WiFi for a few days altho may be lucky and get good access at the hotels - but will catch up on everyone’s posts when reconnected. Gill x
  6. I’m so sorry to hear your sad news……. But I’m very pleased you got away and I’m sure it gave you time to process what happened. sending a virtual hug. Gill x
  7. Good luck Graham. Great that you are hopefully getting it done sooner than you’d hoped. Gill x
  8. Totally agree. Iona not for me either, but am really appreciating and enjoying everyone’s thoughts, reviews and photos.
  9. I agree about Tom Fletcher. Tilly mentioned her Dad too many times for my liking!
  10. Enjoy your anniversary weekend Sue. It’s frustrating re responding on this site at times isn’t it? No danger of forgetting my password!! 🤣
  11. Oh dear…. You have had such a stressful time. I hope you manage to really enjoy your much needed break away and enjoy having everything done for you…… Gill x
  12. Great news re MSC Jane and good that they admitted the incident took place and the crew member dismissed. That is an example of where CCTV is so very useful. Well done to you for reporting it and let’s hope that crew member is not allowed to work at sea again. Take care. Gill x
  13. I’m so sorry to read of your problems in getting thru to P&O. All I can suggest is to keep hitting the re-dial button minutes before they open…. Whilst it is most definitely not the fault of those answering the phones it must put you off booking thru them again. Good luck.
  14. I am so sorry to read this Zap. What a disappointment for you both. Gill x
  15. Thanks Harry. I access the forum via iPad. I’ve had issues with frequently not being able to ”like” posts And not being able to quote posts without the whole thread being included in the quote (needless to say I abandoned those). I've tried logging out and also clearing website data - neither of which makes any difference….. I agree with Dermotsgirl that it is sporadic as I’ve been ok this afternoon. Gill
  16. I would have thought the fairest way is to not open up onboard bookings until everyone is on board. Of course with everyone trying to access the system it will probably then crash! 🙄
  17. I’m doing a lot of culling and throwing out. Charity shops are doing well…!
  18. Hi Jane - so sorry to hear about your granddaughter testing positive. Hopefully she is not feeling too poorly. Congratulations on getting your first pension. I’ve 4 more years to wait. Good news here is I finally exchanged on bungalow in Dorset and move on 24th September. Thanks for your news - sadly not surprised re your issue. Have a good weekend. Gill x
  19. I agree John as it says Aurora’ s last cancelled cruise before April 2022 is R201 which was the world cruise.
  20. Good luck tomorrow Sharon and we look forward to having you quickly back on board with us all.
  21. I was on the Aurora Christmas Markets cruise in December 2019. Was a great holiday and little did we know it would be the last cruise for 2-3 years!
  22. Sadly Jean many feel that as long as they are enjoying themselves they don’t care a hoot about anyone else. It is their right and they’ve had a tough time in lockdown so they deserve some fun etc etc. Selfishness is the blight of our society at times…… Gill x
  23. Fabulous photos Graham and what a great way to celebrate. Pauline always looks immaculate and has great dress sense. Gill x
  24. Have a great cruise Bob. We look forward to hearing about it on your return.
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