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  1. 3 minutes ago, grapau27 said:

    Thanks Sandra.

    Pauline is only 5 feet 2 inches and I'm 5 feet 10 inches.

    Today is 3 years since Pauline's lovely mam died so we will be going to the remembrance room at the Crematorium later.

    It is currently 12°C and cloudy.

    I hope everyone has a nice day.


    Best wishes to you and Pauline on a sad day. Those anniversaries never get any easier.

    Gill x

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  2. Just now, Angel57 said:



    5 minutes ago, Megabear2 said:

    Yes, actually a totally fascinating picture being painted by people actually quarantined.  Well worth a read if you've got 10 minutes!  




    What I do find interesting is that Seabourn seemed totally happy for the guy in quarantine to post to the outside world, unlike some of the other lines. If all the cruise lines allowed this openness it would stop the worry and speculation as to what may happen to us.


    Very sorry to hear some ended up hospitalised, I hope they make full recoveries and get home soon.


    Yes, I have read it and very interesting and informative but it looks like that thread has now been locked. Be good if P&O could copy Seabourn’s example especially as all part of Carnival.

  3. 19 minutes ago, Megabear2 said:

    This is their policy:


    On Board:

    FCC worth 100% of the per-day cruise fare for the missed days and a refundable credit to their onboard account for missed pre-paid onboard experiences and shore excursions purchased through cruise line, and for the refundable portion of taxes, fees, and port expenses for ports visited after disembarkation.

    Onboard COVID-related medical center visits and testing of suspected COVID-19 cases will be free of charge.


    Reimbursement of expenses for COVID-related medical care including during any medically required shoreside quarantine period for guests and their immediate travel party if any such guest(s) test positive for COVID-19 during their cruise. This includes air change fees in the case onward travel plans need to change.

    Any shoreside meals will be covered by a per-diem meal allowance as communicated by the family assistance coordinator upon disembarkation (no receipt retention is required).

    Dedicated Family Assistance Program liaison for care and logistical shoreside support until medically cleared to travel home.

    Assistance opening COVID-related insurance claims (for those who are eligible under their insurance policies or travel protection plans)

    This program is not intended to replace insurance or travel protection there are many non-COVID related reasons for travel protection plans.

    Insurance may allow for refunds in some cases otherwise covered by FCC only.

    Insurance coverage is subject to the applicable policy.


    Guests with insurance will be reimbursed for reasonable expenses, as defined below, incurred but not covered by their insurance meaning that the guest must file a claim with their primary insurer, and submit any excluded or uncovered expense.

    This program shall not be applicable to a guest or any member(s) of their immediate travel party if such individual makes any false statements to the cruise line as to such individual’s COVID-19 vaccination status. The cruise line reserves the right to revoke any of the goodwill benefits provided in this program in the event of discovery of such false statements.

    This program is not intended to provide long-term care for issues arising from COVID-19 and there will be no reimbursement of any expenses incurred after guest is medically cleared to travel home.



    A bit wordy and confusing, but I think everyone will be covered due to "medically required shoreside quarantine period for guests and their immediate travel party if any such guest(s) test positive for COVID-19 during their cruise. This includes air change fees in the case onward travel plans need to change."

    Seabourn seem to be dealing with a bad situation as well as they can from reading their forum on here.

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  4. 8 hours ago, Purdey16 said:

    You must be quite close to me then , I live in southbourne now just 5 mins walk to the beach, moved from Christchurch a few weeks back , and really love it .

    went to Bournemouth on the bus today because we went for a meal also and had a bottle of wine 😋 shoe hunting was easy he ended up with 3 pairs so that should last him a while then I had my nails done for going away to London then we caught the bus home learned the new bus numbers to take and learned how expensive it is , in total the cheapest option cost me £13.70 🥴 




    Food looks lovely and well deserved after successful shoe shopping.

    I moved to Dorset three weeks ago and am a couple of miles north of Poole. I love it here too.

    Gill x

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  5. 2 hours ago, Purdey16 said:

    Good morning all bright sunshine here this morning off to Bournemouth for shoe hunting for hubby 🥴 very fussy person he is trying to get him a bit more relaxed every day walking shoes , but for so many years in service he still looks at hard chunky boots 😤.

    glad your a lot better Michelle because last time you were having a blip, and having to rest , lovely surprise for your grandchildren and a full day for you today have lots of fun and enjoy your curry tonight 😁

    Hope you successful with shoe / boot shopping! I’m only a few miles from Bournemouth and it’s sunny here so maybe a paddle to relieve tired feet afterwards….?

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  6. 2 hours ago, Adawn47 said:

    I miss the silver service, I've never liked the plated method. It was much nicer being able to choose what went on your plate and how much. Admittedly it produced waste, but food is still wasted now, especially in the buffet. 

    The things I miss foodwise in the MDR is Cherries Jubilee, which was lit at the table, and Baked Alaska which was also lit, alas no more due to health and saftey😏(so they say) The version they offer now is a very poor imitation of the original.

    I also miss the lovely after dinner-mint or chocolate that we used to enjoy with our coffee and liqueur. Most of them are now replaced with those horrible dry biscuit 'things' which are then wasted.


    Oh yes. The flaming cherries jubilee were lovely and a great favourite of mine since my first cruise P&O cruise 30 years ago……. Suspect the amount of brandy poured in became too costly!

    I also heard that the Baked Alaska was withdrawn due to H&S (one fell on a passenger apparently 😂).

    Altho silver service is lovely if on a small table it often meant on a table of 8 that your meal was cold by the time all the veg had been served.

    Gill x


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  7. 11 minutes ago, ccpm said:


    Not a good day for me today. My eldest dog died yesterday. He has been a little unwell but the previous day the vet said he was so much better. Not to be he had a heart attack as he came to see when I was going to ever be getting to his dinner. I have kept myself busy with planting and can report I only have 5 feet to go whoopee.


    Oh no. I am so sorry to hear about your dog……they are so precious and such loyal friends. 

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  8. 7 minutes ago, Josy1953 said:

    I hope that this thread doesn't get closed down, I rarely commented on any threads before this one.  I feel that I have got to know so many of you and would love to be fortunate enough to meet some of you on my future cruises.

    I just had a call from the Novavax trial team changing my final appointment from 22nd to 26th October, it doesn't feel like only a year since the vaccine trials started.  I am astounded by how quickly the various vaccines were developed and deployed.  I am happy that I have been lucky enough to take a tiny part in the effort to get back to a more normal life.

    Everyone who took part in the trials etc are absolute heroes in my book. So thank you…..

    Goodness knows what life would be like without the vaccine.

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  9. 10 minutes ago, Adawn47 said:

    The more I read these threads, the more disillusioned I'm becoming about cruising.😟


    Sadly I think we have to forget what it was like pre Covid as it is never going to revert to what we loved and enjoyed so much.

    Because cruising is such a wonderful way to travel, I will cruise again, but not yet. As a solo I want to be sure that I can sit at a table for 6 or 8 and enjoy other people’s company without worrying I may catch something that might end up curtailing my cruise.
    My guess is the booking of restaurants and other venues plus theatre via the “app” is here to stay.

    I would not do a long /world cruise again but am hoping to return to my beloved Aurora on a cruise before she is retired.


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  10. 30 minutes ago, Eddie99 said:

    Sharon did hint that it was nearly time for this thread to be painlessly pts a while back 😳 Alarming thought!

    (Hope you’re feeling ok Sharon.  Fingers crossed it’ll be 3rd time lucky for your op)


    Still crazy lovely weather for mid-October.  Short sleeves kind of thing.  We’ve been to the beach, which was very busy with walkers, doggy and non-doggy.

    This thread had been great and it has been so wonderful to get to know all of you and long may it continue! It has helped so many of us during the ups and downs of the last 18 months and given me many chuckles for varying reasons 🙄

    Gill x

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  11. 2 minutes ago, bee-ess said:

    We can now book shows 14 days before our cruise starts - how many will just book every show and decide on the night if they want to go or not thus leaving empty seats ?

    That was just going through my mind. Sometimes we opted for the later show because dinner was taking longer or we fancied going up on deck for a stroll.

    Life is controlled by apps and doing everything online these days and to be honest I really don’t want that, but perhaps I’m a bit of a dinosaur…..

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  12. 10 minutes ago, bee-ess said:


    Sorry I disagree - we have been on all the P&O ships for the last 22 years when they have been full or nearly full and have never needed to pre-book a show or restaurant or use a smartphone. So why now ? What happened to spontaneity ?

    I agree. I’ve never had to wait for a table on Freedom Dining (always happy to share) and as long as I got to the show 15 mins before start in the main theatre I always got a seat.  However Covid has changed things and has given P&O the excuse to change how things are done.
    I’ve not sailed since Dec 2019 so cannot comment if these changes are in anyway beneficial to the passengers - but I somehow doubt it…..

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  13. 35 minutes ago, jeanlyon said:

    It's a nightmare frankly.  I shall be going nowhere on a ship with all this going on.


    By the way is anyone else having the problem that when they try to post, they get all the other posts in their box where they type?  I have to log out and in again to clear it.

    I also get that problem intermittently altho not had it for a few days.

  14. 11 hours ago, Purdey16 said:

    Well it’s been a hectic day today , well really been a hectic two weeks since MIL died lots of planing etc , but today was extra busy welcoming people arriving from Scotland at different times of the day and getting them booked into the hotels I booked for them I’ve only just stopped now to come to bed to relax, making last minute decisions for printers for the service tomorrow and corrections , so funeral tomorrow morning , organised all 21pick ups and transportation to lunch after ,  because Scottish people have a sit down hot meal for funerals , dad is of to fuerteventura for 4 weeks on Monday to stay and basically stay there for all the cold winter back here and to take pressure of us now , I think we will be a little bit lost now with out them both , been looking after them for 23 years down here in south but major looking after them for past 10 years, , my husband says we’re have our ( breakdown melt )next week when they are all gone and it’s just us to grieve and get on with clearing their flat and belongings, but time will tell , looking on the bright side dad will be in constant company now in hot sunny climate watching football and horse racing 🤦‍♀️and his daughter keeping a eye on him , a long awaited rest for us sort off but still lots to do , good night everyone, have a lovely day tomorrow and enjoy what the sun brings you 😎

    Hoping everything goes ok today…….x

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  15. 12 minutes ago, Cruisemeister2002 said:

    Thanks for the revue of Iona. As far as Oriana and Aurora go they were both great ships in their day. Sadly as with us oldies they grow tired and loose their youthful gloss. I think I'm right in saying Oriana first sailed in 1996 and Aurora in 2000. We sailed on Oriana three times to the Caribbean and Aurora four times up the East coast of America and Canada. The only time I can remember any real problems was a fire on Oriana whilst leaving Miami which meant we had to miss a port call in Key West, which myself and wife weren't too bothered as we had visited before. But many were annoyed. Anyone remember Victoria ? She was formerly tha Sea Princess and when bought by P&O the Kungsholm. That was our first cruise and although by todays standards wouldn't be accepted was a beautiful ship. The cabin had a port hole and me and the wife had separate beds. The dining room had lovely etched glass mirrors and wood panelling. I believe she was bought by a German cruise company and called the Mona Lisa, but had a serious fire onboard and I think no longer exists know. She was built in 1966. 

    My first cruise was on Sea Princess/Victoria in 1992. She was a lovely ship. I remember my cruises on her very fondly. No tea and coffee making facilities- The steward would would bring your morning tea/coffee and biscuits at requested time!

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  16. 49 minutes ago, LynnForestgate said:

    Thanks for explaining.

    I dont have the funds to do a world cruise, and see that it is "Broken down" in what you describe as "Legs".

    I sure it is wonderful to pack your bags for several months and have a great time.

    well done 🙂


    It was a fabulous adventure and a retirement present to myself.

    As a solo passenger I would never have been brave enough to visit all those wonderful places on my own. I made lifelong friends and loved every moment. The world was a different place in 2012 tho. No Covid and no security issues (altho we did have a problem with a couple trying to smuggle drugs into San Francisco  and then another guy trying to smuggle 30kilos of cocaine into Sydney -  all added to the excitement tho… 🤣).

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  17. 19 minutes ago, LynnForestgate said:

    Changing direction slightly ... Quick question on this, regarding the Waiters/ Cabin crew. I have never been on a world cruise myself. On cruises that are 7 day and 14 day, the crew  are tipped at the end of the cruise. How does this work on a world cruise ?

    The 3-4 months duration of the cruise, would be half the waiters / cabin crew contract isnt it ?

    I mean how do they get paid?

    We tipped at the end of each leg (5 legs over 15 weeks) but that was before gratuities were included and we were at a fixed table every night in the MDR.

  18. 7 hours ago, wowzz said:

    I know this seems a bit trite, but we always cook a Sunday roast (on Sunday, obvs) as it differentiates one week from another. 

    (And, if I'm honest, because cold meat and chips or jacket potato on Monday is one less meal to worry about)

    And to digress - how many your mums had a mincer that clamped onto the sink. The left over lamb or beef was minced up to be reheated on Monday for cottage/shepherds pie. Never chicken - much to expensive in the 50s, early 60s.

    Yep, my Mum had one of those mincers that clamped onto the table. There were different discs for fine mince or thick mince……!! 🤣

  19. 3 minutes ago, Britboys said:

    The lady is saying that two pax tested positive, so two couples removed from the ship. She also says that the P&O Care Team has been very good so far.

    Dreadful situation but very pleased to hear she is getting supported by P&O.

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