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  1. I would have thought the fairest way is to not open up onboard bookings until everyone is on board. Of course with everyone trying to access the system it will probably then crash! 🙄
  2. I’m doing a lot of culling and throwing out. Charity shops are doing well…!
  3. Hi Jane - so sorry to hear about your granddaughter testing positive. Hopefully she is not feeling too poorly. Congratulations on getting your first pension. I’ve 4 more years to wait. Good news here is I finally exchanged on bungalow in Dorset and move on 24th September. Thanks for your news - sadly not surprised re your issue. Have a good weekend. Gill x
  4. I agree John as it says Aurora’ s last cancelled cruise before April 2022 is R201 which was the world cruise.
  5. Good luck tomorrow Sharon and we look forward to having you quickly back on board with us all.
  6. I was on the Aurora Christmas Markets cruise in December 2019. Was a great holiday and little did we know it would be the last cruise for 2-3 years!
  7. Sadly Jean many feel that as long as they are enjoying themselves they don’t care a hoot about anyone else. It is their right and they’ve had a tough time in lockdown so they deserve some fun etc etc. Selfishness is the blight of our society at times…… Gill x
  8. Fabulous photos Graham and what a great way to celebrate. Pauline always looks immaculate and has great dress sense. Gill x
  9. Have a great cruise Bob. We look forward to hearing about it on your return.
  10. Well, I was getting withdrawal symptoms as couldn’t get onto the forum at all for the last few hours. Thankfully all seems ok now.
  11. Great review Tom. Thank you for posting such a clear and interesting review. Gill
  12. What I find a tad annoying is those who sit in the middle of a row and then 10 mins before the end of the show they want to leave in order to get good seats for the next show in another venue.. Having said that, I have been known to walk very fast along Aurora’s prom deck in order to get a seat in Carmens once the theatre show has finished……
  13. Oh gosh. How traumatic and utterly devastating for you. There are no words are there…….😘 My heart goes out to everyone who has lost someone dear to them. Gill x
  14. I agree that Jimmy James was always very good. I also enjoyed Clem Curtis and saw him quite a few times. He would often perform a few impromptu numbers at the deck parties too. We also enjoyed Jonathan Wilkes and he was very friendly with all the passengers. One tribute band we did enjoy was the Bootleg Beatles. Gill x
  15. Happy Wedding Anniversary Graham and Pauline and best wishes for the next 40 years. Hope you celebrating in style. Gill x
  16. I also had access issues altho it didn’t log me out. I realised there was an issue when I noticed none of us had posted for an hour which is most unlikely during the day!
  17. Totally agree. There could have been a much worse outcome if the proper protocols had not been in place to deal with this scenario.
  18. Best part about returning from holiday is the welcome our dogs give us. Bet Teddy has given you a thorough wash and cleansed you from anything MSC …..🐶
  19. Oh goodness - hope all goes well with pre-op. An anxious time for you. Best of luck Sharon. Gill x
  20. That comment about Frank made me laugh out loud…… I hate ironing. In the winter it is easier to avoid. I hide the pile waiting for me in the spare room so I don’t need to look at the growing tower….. Gill x
  21. Good grief. That’s certainly a very valid reason to cancel…..
  22. Oh no. I hope you’ve had a relaxing bath and have some arnica to rub into the sore parts 🙄 A magnum sounds a good idea - but maybe something alcoholic before too long! Gill x
  23. Oh what a shame re the access- but I just love your attitude. The weather has been dire here this morning but it does seem to be brightening up for the moment. Have a fab time. x
  24. I hope the wedding was fabulous and the weather behaved itself. Gill x
  25. Have a wonderful time Jane - you certainly deserve the break away and Happy Birthday for Sunday. Hopefully the weather will be better than predicted. I’m sure Teddy will have a great time on his holibobs, but if you are anything like me you will hate leaving him. Bon Voyage (and how nice is it to be able to say those two words again). Gill x
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