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    St Thomas
  1. We have 2 cabins sailing Aug 22. Bid starts for upgrade for the Owners to Deluxe Owners at $800pp Bid for 3 bedroom villa starts at $1500 per person. We are not moving on this cabin as we prefer the cabin in the front of the ship with 2 balconies...and don't need 3 bedrooms Outside Cabin (free cabin from a contest) -Bid starts at $75 pp to a balcony . We bid $100 ...waiting ....Current price difference $200 pp or a Club Balcony Bid Starts at $100 pp We bid $200 waiting ...waiting ....Current price difference $400 pp Has anyone else gotten the bid form? with the Ship hopefully sailing and going out at 60% I am hoping they will be looking for the extra cash
  2. We are flying in one day ahead in OCT. hope things change by then..and I cant change flights
  3. We booked with a Travel Agent. We will never book direct or with Costco
  4. We are sailing in an H3 Deluxe owners on Aug 22 on the Gem. We received a upgrade opportunity to the 3 bedroom Villa today for a minimum bid of $1500. We passed. What do we need 3 bedrooms for.
  5. I totally agree and learned my lesson posting an opinion on here. The people who respond to an opinion with “ I take your opinion with a grain of salt”, or elude you are looking for something need to think. You have no idea who I am. You don’t know me I could be a travel expert for Condé Nast or I could be a person on their first cruise. Either way an opinion is one person’s perspective, and should not be fluffed off or disrespected the was it is constantly done here. People jump out of their skin over what they may not want to hear. I’m done with Cruise Critic
  6. Was told yesterday by a ship officer passenger count is 1580
  7. Yes I agree with you and most of those Ritz Carltons and Four Season now charge a $30-$50 per night resort fee. We used to be diamond loyalty members with both . Putting up with it makes it appear ok to them. If I am staying at your resort at $600 a night then why the fee? My Partner and I stay at some of the best hotels in the world but balk at a resort fee… When will the ships add a ship fee..? this will include you towel service by the pool, tender service, destination surcharge etc….
  8. But what will the cruise lines cut next. Let’s do 2 meals a day and we will give you an extra loyalty point….Or book your cruise totally a la carte. With a pay as you go dining model. They are reducing service. and not putting something in its place, and prices are going up. Saying I only need housekeeping once a day is not the point. The lines will see how far they can push and cut the current experience to recoup their billions of losses over the last 18 months. What department is next? Let’s keep the gym open just 4 hours per day so we can cut the cost of staffing. Remember is not an important loss till it affects YOUR experience.
  9. Had lunch in Raw on five. Oysters and sushi were good. Lobster roll was lousy. Tiny pieces of flavorless lobster. The roll was buttered on the inside and they did forgot to toast it. So you had flavorless lobster salad on top of a very hard buttered roll. Also the meat onboard has been mostly good in the taste category, But has a very odd texture. Almost spongy. My partner found it to be off putting. The meats are all EXTREMELY tender and we just found out why…we spoke to one of the F&B people and was told they are using a sous vide method. This is basically boil in a bag at a low temperature, then finish on the grill or flat top. Keeps meat very tender. But gives it the texture of a sponge.
  10. Tomorrow a sea day lunch options are Raw on 5 (charge) dining room buffet Eden cafe le grand bistro (charge) mast grill we are doing Raw on 5. I’m in the mood for sushi and partner wants a lobster roll. We are Sick and bored with the buffet
  11. Yes we did speak to senior staff about the issues and they advised to bear with them through the “restart pains”. Posting on cruise critic was for others to know what is going on onboard. And others can make their decisions on what is good for them. Take away the varnish and the wow of ships being back for the first time in 18 months. Yes…That is great…and all of us can’t wait to get back on the ships , But let’s take the emotion out of it. Was I promised less of an experience when I booked? All I was told is “we’re back”. So we took them at their word, and paid our fare. When Disney world reopened after the pandemic they said publicly that it would be with reduced staff and that all things may not be open. Which is fine…Then the travelers have a choice to continue on with their vacation, postpone or cancel. We were never afforded that. We are on a ship and had a wonderful trip and know there are thousands of people who would love to switch places with us. But that still does not make what Celebrity did right. We will not be contacting Celebrity headquarters looking for a future cruise discount. We have chosen just to move on to other companies.
  12. We have not seen any separation of passengers onboard. In the dining rooms or by the pool or anywhere else. we did see 2 people in the casino with no bracelets and no masks playing craps. Nobody said anything.
  13. Yes we are from Florida. But there were so many other places that had restrictions so we chose to stay home. There are Worse places to be than South Florida. LOL We are very very fortunate. We are not the type to go to an all inclusive in Mexico or Jamaica We love cruising. We have done over 50 and been to all 7 continents by ship.
  14. All aboard was listed at 4:30. sail by 5. Sitting on the balcony and have not heard why we are late sailing out.
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