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  1. We have been told that our cruise is now swapped over to the Q E.....but I cannot see this on the Cunard web site and our friends now want to join us on this late November 4 night, but cannot find the cruise under Q E to book ?
  2. I wonder if they are basing the cancellations by staterooms.........every other cabin will now not to be occupied now due to the lowering of passenger numbers......this would leave a space of a stateroom either side. only a guess and that’s how the passenger gets to cruise or cancelled
  3. Just checking on the list of requirements to get onboard.....let me know if it’s missing any items. 1. Booking reference 2. Two vaccine injections and proof 3. Get insurance that covers seacation in U.K., ( any votes on the best one ) 4. Go on V P....add a photo, .....plus ? 5. Are Health questionnaires been sent out on separate emails ? 6. Get boarding time 7. Go to Mayflower Terminal for pre lateral flow test before parking 🚗 8. Drop off cases at shipTerminal 9. Park car or they park car 10. ........TBC
  4. We got our stateroom by email.....our friends who are on this cruise are still waiting for their room number.....
  5. We are on the 4 July and got our stateroom number a few days ago 2 ago......makes you think it might now happen....🛳🛳🛳⛴⛴⛴⛴
  6. Looking forward to reading thedaily reviews ......
  7. We on the 4 day inJuly 4......we always go to Sindu, but not sure now after seeing the comments.....but will defo do the glasshouse.....enjoyed Madalen Bell in the lime light, food ok in there......
  8. Thank you all so much for sharing so much information........⛴⛴⛴🚢🚢🚢🛳🛳🛳🛳
  9. HI.....please keep us all posted from your cruise....🛳
  10. I would go with what Richard has put......we stay there all the time now after paying to much at the Grand Harbour hotel....let us know how the cruise goes with the new restraints......we are on the Regal Princess in September.....
  11. Do you just book the car park and add WELCOME BACK21..... to get the discount.....
  12. It makes you wonder how they was able to travel in the first place with restrictions from India
  13. Have they now secured crew for the cruises around the British isle cruises for this year.....? Or is this still a risk thats not been mitigated yet ?
  14. 🚢🛳⛴🇬🇧🕔✖️👶✖️🗣😉...............😄🙇‍♂️
  15. Looks like the early discussions of cruising around the U.K. has been taking “onboard” and now we have cruises starting from Southampton and as stated, you will need to have the vaccine ( 2 ) jabs to be able to cruise. The next situation now will be the crew .........looking at the regular countries that the ships crew normally come from.....very high infection rates...
  16. Portugal doing really well getting their infection numbers down and now they are off of the no go list. So thinking about Portugal and Madeira could be another sailing destination for the cruises to start......it will be interesting to see when the next announcements comes out ? 🚢🛳⛴⚓️
  17. I think a lot can be learnt from countries like Singapore who have started the process with residents from their own country......interesting that they have had no problem in getting people to cruise with the restraints....
  18. Have they actually started the cruises in Singapore, based on this protocol...you mentioned
  19. We Now thats a good point.....MSC stop and take on passengers, as the ship cruises around. That could be an idea for a British Isle cruise and stop at places like Falmouth and take on passengers and other ports from Britain, that would cut down on the mass boarding at Southampton? plus all passengers and crew must be vaccinated?
  20. This would probably be based on U.K. residents......due to restrictions on travel....at this time.
  21. I know we do not have all the answers to the questions regarding the protocol of sailing with covid restrictions ? i just wondered if Cunard said for example the following........5 night voyages sailing from and returning to Southampton, around U.K waters, but not stopping. There will be a few short cruises to test the water ( excuse the pun ) and this will help cruising re start. I would guess that masks would have to be worn inside the ship until you sit down at a table to drink or eat, the waiters would have a mask on. inside the Buffett, you would wear a mask and you would not serve yourself, a server would serve and have a mask, when you sit down you can remove your mask. The theatre now that would be a logistical problem ......masks would have to be worn and every other row would not be used, you would have to start a seating process that leaves a minimum of 3 empty seats......so not sure if this would work, so they might close the theatre. Other venues would have table gaps and masks worn until you sit down, servers would have masks. I know a lot more would be required, but based on the above would you cruise ?🛳 i
  22. So many people try not to fly for one reason or another....when I had conversations with cruise passengers from all round the world on the Queen Mary (Transatlantic ), they said they use the New York to Southampton as a means of travelling on....then going on another cruise ship from Southampton for other destinations....plus from New York to other destinations.... Plus there are a large number of passengers who stay on the ship, for the return Transatlantic cruise without leaving the ship ? That means the people who leave from the port of exit return with out leaving the ship ? Could that be a way of ..........testing the waters ? so at present Cunard have a massive existing clientele who use this means of travel without flying........Commercially a good money spinner and a service that I feel, will continue with the style and formality of this cruise line.
  23. Hi.....interesting thread and good questions and answers. i was able with a strong core team..... to keep major house building construction sites open around the country and along the way many lessons was learnt. The cruising industry has been watching and asking all the right questions from other major industries and will use all the data to get cruising going.....later this year. i think Cunard will mitigate as many of the risks as possible...so the first cruises will be mini cruises and test the way. We live in times that all of us have to adapt and I think this will be the way for awhile and along the way, there will be quick wins and sometimes 2 steps back...But the important thing at present..... as we all know is keep our guards up and hopefully the vaccine will be available to all soon.
  24. 29 March 2021......Q E Cunard.....here’s hoping.....just a mini British Isle cruise, no stops.
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