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  1. Well after our Cunard cruise was cancelled back in June for Alaska, I thought shall we wait until next year....but now we have taken a gamble and booked to sail this December 13.....If anyone hears any news for this date not sailing let me know.....🚣‍♀️
  2. Well, I thought a good way to start cruising to get going again....especially now there is a 14 day quarantine if you travel abroad....
  3. Hi ....has anyone on the forum sailed around the British islands....be good to see what they thought of the itinerary and if they would recommend it ?
  4. Has any one on the forum sailed around the British islands...?
  5. I have seen good reviews on ships sailing around the British isles and stopping at Cork and Guernsey.
  6. Hi My proposal and this could be a model for other countries... We know that restrictions will be enforced if we travel abroad and then have 14 day quarantine, possibly both ways. Why not have a period of time for cruise ships to sail from the U.K. and only visit U.K. ports, we do have this itinerary anyway. This would only be for passengers who do not need to travel from abroad and get the cruise ships that are docked in the UK sailing again. Checks would have to be in place for the crew and passengers before they are allowed to board any ship. Crew members travelling from other countries would have to have the 14 day quarantine before they could joint the ship, I think they would be glad to be back at work getting paid ? Other countries or different states could use this model? But it would work better I know on our Islands, as we are more contained. i over see Construction sites all over the Country and have all sites now working with different nationalities, who have reported on infections on any sites due to following the guide lines set out. Cruise passengers know the practice of washing their hands and using hand sanitizers. For Cruising to restart we need to start in the most practical way possible and I know we all would go around the UK to get back cruising again. This is a suggestion and would then require more careful planning and RIsk & Methods to prevent.....
  7. The damp flannel is a good idea...
  8. In the early years of cruising and we had inside cabins and state rooms with a window, we always ended up with a cough....but for the last 7 years, we get a balcony and I always leave the balcony door ajar and let enough fresh air in....I use safe contractions to achieve the door staying open ......no coughs and a good sleep, even if it’s cold outside....
  9. Brilliant....that’s very helpful, we will now book trips....and your so right, it’s a long way to go and not see as much as possible from land and sea... We have 3 days in Vancouver, so we will head for Stanley Park....not sure after that ?
  10. Hi.... On the inside passage (Alaska) cruise, could anyone recommend a good excursion to go ? Would it be best to book excursions independently or with the cruise line ? We sail June 2020...Would it be best to book early or wait and see what the weather will be like nearer the date. Appreciate any good tips and advice from anyone who has experience of sailing along the Inside passage of Alaska.....
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