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  1. we liked emerald beach. it's quick and easy to get to and not busy.
  2. does anyone perhaps have a picture of Patrick? we stop here at the end of November and would love to use Patrick the Taxi driver as a tour guide.
  3. Looked forward to following along! We board the equinox in February. Enjoy the martinis and the martini bar! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. We love the lazy lizard!! Is it up and running again since the hurricanes? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. We placed our towel, and sat, right under a palm tree. It was the perfect amount of shade. We also arrived at 9am, it was empty, left at noon and there were still LOTS of chairs and umbrellas available. No water toys available here. I did see a lady bring a floaty with her. (Great idea). Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. Hello everyone, we visited this beach on the 23rd and it was beautiful! we also snorkeled while there and also placed our towels on the sand. i did ask how much the chairs were and someone mentioned $7 per chair. we were there to swim and snorkel so no chair was needed. we saw lots of fish to the left by the hill. my husband also saw a bright green Eel. (glad i missed it). we took a cab there a back to crown bay and it was $4 pp/ew.
  7. I've read on other threads that emerald beach is open and that you can buy drinks from the hotel. no chairs or umbrellas though. We travel to St.Thomas next week and are planning on going to Emerald beach.
  8. Do you have to pay a cover fee to the hotel? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. is there a spot to buy drinks here? or should i look at bringing a small cooler and filling it before going to the beach? we're fine with a towel and sitting in the sand but would love a cold beverage to go along with it.
  10. We tried to rent a scooter November 2016 and couldn't because you had to purchase a St.Kitts Licence. It was way more of a hassle and to costly compared to hiring a local taxi to give us a local tour.
  11. You can always ask for a bucket with ice. They will give you this even if you didn't order the 4-6 beer special. We have done this in the past and then ordered a couple/few beers, shoved them in the ice bucket and BAM cold beer for a little while. (this was with a classic drink package.... go up with both cards, order two beers, turn around hand them off and order 2 more, repeat.) :)
  12. They do have MillerLite in bottles. And we've never had a hard time with a time limit. My husband has order two (one on my card and one on his) turned around passed the beers to me and turned back around and ordered two more. We've also been fine asking for unopened for our balcony. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. in November we discovered Raspberry Fiz. (on the non alcoholic drink menu) We then added Vodka or Rum to it. It was delish!
  14. if you book excursions online prior to boarding does this not come out of your OBC?
  15. You can get any daiquiri on the classic package. peach and mango are both amazing! does anyone know if you can get a "standard" class of wine on the classic package? every time at dinner in the MDR they always hand out the wine list but these are usually bottle prices or over the classic package price.
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