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  1. There is an Asda supermarket nearby (owned by Walmart) www.asda.co.uk - the marlands-western esplanade, Southampton SO14 7EG
  2. Unfortunately one way tickets are really expensive. Norwegian fly from Gatwick to Fort Lauderdale and offer reasonable one-way fares for direct flights.
  3. Sorry not to be clear I meant UK time
  4. I'm presuming that we will find out about 5 oclock as that is typically when they have published stuff on Facebook
  5. Camofwilliamsburg, why else would you want a particular status if not to get the perks. My point is that if they don't match to Black then it really isn't a like-for-like status match. I don't think this will put me off personally as I like the European itineraries MSC offers but it may do others.
  6. Very disappointing if NCL platinum not matched to Black anymore as there isn't an incentive to change since I won't get priority boarding with MSC and a speciality restaurant meal.
  7. When I cruised on the Epic last year they did
  8. When I enquired about this on board the Epic there wasn't a benefit booking on board since they offer an upgrade within your current category and this isn't available in the Haven.
  9. Epic is my favourite so far although I know some people don't like the bathroom arrangement.
  10. When booking through the UK the drinks package is included as well as the service charge and a litre of water per day.
  11. In the UK it is a fully inclusive price - cruise + drinks package + 1L water per day + service charge
  12. I did a 2-day cruise from Southampton to Hamburg this year which means after my next cruise I will be platinum by 1 point. Have a look at repositioning cruises.
  13. 80s night is Thursday with the Glow Party on the Friday.
  14. Hi Jenna I am also from the UK in my experience the price only goes up. The T&Cs for us are very different so we can't cancel without losing our deposit which is what you would have to do if the price did drop. You would also lose any perks that were on offer when you booked.
  15. Room service drinks are not included in UBP even if you are in the Haven or a Suite
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