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  1. Looks like my days of cruising from the US are over until they change this 😭 Luckily the ones I have booked are not from the US. Glad the EU are being sensible about it.
  2. Am I the only one who hoped there wouldn't be a go kart track?
  3. I sailed on the Grandiosa last year in a YC inside and loved it. Admittedly it was a November cruise in the Med but I didn't miss the balcony as the YC area is so big and I just used the cabin to sleep in. I've sailed NCL Haven before but think YC is a better product, the service is second to none
  4. I had hoped they would forego the go karts on these ships
  5. I did a TA last year on the Star in 12068. DIdn't miss the balcony and if I had seen your post earlier I would have suggested deck 12 as you walk out onto the pool deck. The room is massive, I struggled to find the bed the first few nights.
  6. Hi Dave Just seen this post. So sorry to hear about Judy I have such wonderful memories of our Getaway cruise together and lots of laughter with you both. My thoughts are with you and your family Jane xxxx
  7. I'm on this cruise too and have started wondering whether it will happen as the Epic is now in Europe. I would be happy if you scenario was plan b but only time will tell. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as it does give me some hope that this TA will go ahead even if it is just speculation
  8. I spoke to NCL UK customer services today and they said that the announcement is delayed until next week. Not sure if that is good or bad 😄
  9. If it helps you can book 2022 cruises with FCC
  10. Yes they can. This is from the UK website Once the FCC is added to the guest profile, FCCs can then be applied to any existing booking or newly created booking.
  11. I've booked this cruise too on deck 10 but an inside cabin 10671
  12. This is NCL's response to the media reporting
  13. Just wanted to say thank you for your detailed review. I will be boarding this morning and your posts have been invaluable.
  14. Which MDR was this as I would like to avoid it when I board next week. Thanks
  15. This cabin was my first Haven experience and I absolutely loved it. The room is lovely (especially the rainfal shower) and perfectly situated for the spa. A couple of things to be aware of: 1. The bed is round so if anyone is really tall could be an issue but perfect for me at 5'8" 2. Others don't like the fact that there isn't an enclosed bathroom but in the Haven Spa suite the toilet is in a frosted glass cubicle so not an issue Look at cruisedeckplans dot com for videos of the cabin. To get to the Haven itself is really easy: walk up the stairs one flight to the Lido deck (deck 15) and then get the exclusive lift by the outdoor buffet (one on the left as you look at them) either to the Haven itself or Posh sundeck, couldn't be easier. As others have said the spa is amazing and the only one with an open balcony and the Haven itself is the biggest in the fleet and has a proper pool. With regard to noise from the deck enough I didn't really notice anything significant and I always bring ear plugs just incase but didn't use them. You will have a fantastic time. I'm back on her in May can't wait.
  16. Thanks for posting in the menus. I too am boarding on the next cruise and always head straight the MDR.
  17. Unfortunately not only those in the spa cabin have access
  18. I usually book via the US site for the offers and when booking a long way ahead as the deposit is refundable. I used IP Vanish as my VPN which is really easy to use. I also use Skype to phone NCL US as it is free.
  19. There is an Asda supermarket nearby (owned by Walmart) www.asda.co.uk - the marlands-western esplanade, Southampton SO14 7EG
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