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  1. Great, thank you both! I figured it would be refunded, but just wanted to double check with others. Appreciate the quick response!
  2. I was in this last group of cancellations from carnival (mardi gras, nov 14th) and I had purchased cruise cash through the fun shops when they were offering a percentage off. (I got $500 cruise cash for $400.) In the cancellation email it says all fun shop purchases will be refunded, so I'm guessing that means I'll be refunded my $400. I'm just hoping someone can confirm or clarify that for me. I'd also be ok with it being moved to whatever cruise I rebook (I took the fcc/obc offer). Thanks!
  3. I got the email and I have Mardi Gras booked for nov 14th.
  4. I'm also already booked on the Nov 14th sailing and I have the same worries! I'm also trying to be realistic about the fact that this sailing could get cancelled also. I know for us, we'd be greatly disappointed, but it's still far enough out that we'd be able to figure out other plans.
  5. I also don't have it popping up for me or my husbands accounts. I'd love this promo as i'm booked in Nov 2020.
  6. "Toothless (baldheaded in the mouth)." OMG this line almost made me spit out my coffee while at work. Now that would not have been a good look.
  7. My DH and I shared one of the twin size beds the first cruise we went on together (long story). While it wasn't the most comfortable thing ever, it really wasn't as bad as one would think lol.
  8. Your review has just saved me from complete and utter boredom at work! Great start to your review as always!
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