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  1. Thats crazy to fingerprint and photograph all non US....never heard of that before and makes me a little nervous because traveling with a non US citizen.

    We started disembarkation at 9:30 and we exited customs at 10:15. Disembarkation today was awful. They had a US and Non US line and they were fingerprinting and photographing all non US. 20 plus cruises out of Terminal 18 and they have never done this.


    I asked a port agent and they said they were treating this cruise as an open looped sailing. Why the heck would they do that? He didn’t know either. I also asked if they had a Global Entry line and they put us into a much shorter line but even then it took a while. Typically 20 minutes from cabin to airport for us. Good thing is the flight doesn’t leave until after 12.


    Just to add to my sadness, we had to walk through a 3 inch river of water to get to the taxi line. Soaker!! At least the rain stopped.


    Currently our flight shows on time. Lisa has her last HM episode to watch on the flight home. She’s excited.

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