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  1. Great article! 🙂 (but i am biased). As much as I am thoroughly a Melbournite, I do think Sydney is the better city for visiting - particulary short visits. Its an extraordinarily photogenic place. However, if you want to immerse yourself in the local culture and have more time to spend in a place, then I think Melbourne has the edge.
  2. When i booked our November cruise on Voyager, I was given a refundable option, but the overall cruise cost around $200 more. I took it purely for the flexibility and it was a good deal anyway.
  3. They might have calculated it as though paid credit in Singapore Dollar or New Zealand or even canadian dollar. Regardless.... what a nice little bonus! 🙂
  4. They are clearly after the 18-40 market! I havent seen any stats, but I would suggest the 18-40 market is probably the most under represented market in cruising out there. So, rather than work to steal passengers from other cruise lines, they are trying to encourage people who have not cruised before and get brand loyalty that way. As for the price, its clearly inflated because its the first round of bookings and I would think it would drop as their other 2 ships start coming into service. Also... There are no extra dining costs on board.... so its a fair assumption that your onboard account might be a little lower than another cruise line. Also... they will hopefully then start to look at the Australian/NZ market and make it a bit cheaper for us down here to get access to the cruises.
  5. I recommend getting something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Portable-Charging-Carrying-Universal-POWERGENCE/dp/B075282TD1/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1550033577&sr=8-4&keywords=universal+adapter+power+strip I have one and it has the USB as well as power. Its all you will need in singapore, sydney and on the cruise. The great thing is that its NOT a surge detector so the cruise line wont freak out about it.
  6. @punkinlr Do you know what games you wish to attend? The game itself usually determines the urgency of whether you should buy tickets or not. For example: If you are in town on Thursday March 28th, that night is the Richmond V Collingwood game. For that game, you will definitely want to buy your tickets as soon as possible as there is likely to be 80 - 90,000 people going to that game. (the atmosphere at that game will be great too). Alternatively, if you were going to the Hawks (my team) V bulldogs game on the sunday afternoon, I would suggest a crowd of around 45 - 50,000. The urgency for purchasing tickets to that game would not be as great.
  7. I was thinking about that. CUB have tank bars now where they deliver directly into the tank.... something like that would be awesome. Not sure how it would go on a cruise ship though.
  8. hahahahahah Or at the least.... one of the black t-shirts with a bow tie/shirt printed on the front.
  9. HA. I agree with you about the "big". I was more thinking about the branding aspect! (the dreamer side of me was slipping away and the financial side of me was taking over! 🙂 )
  10. I see that coffee is clearly sore point for a lot of people. We were talking about this before.... if we went for the big American style cruise liner and had "branded" outlets, we would have something like a St Ali coffee on board. Complete with Melbourne hipster barista's as well! HA!
  11. AND.... Lolly Cake. I became obsessed with it when i was on a NZ cruise a few years ago.
  12. HAHAHA.... A streamlined check in process would be great. A good bakery on board would be a must. As everyone has said: Pies, Vanilla Slice, Pav's etc.... it would be a winner. And the variety of restaurants idea is a great one! On our recent cruise (P&O) my wife commented on how good the curries were. This is obviously down to the background of the staff on board.... so let it shine!!!! We also said there should be a tattoo parlour (not that I would be a customer) but I notice that the impending "Virgin Voyages" have that idea on its way.
  13. Hey all, Recently my wife and I were on a cruise and we were joking around about what we would do if we started a cruise line based out of Australia (that would be specifically aimed at an AU/NZ audience). As the cruise went on, we would have little brainwaves as to what features we would add to our ships. While creating my own cruise line will never happen, I would love to know what ideas you would love to see on a cruise. To get it started: Bunnings style Sausage Sizzle on the pool deck every day. TWO UP in the casino. Mandate that bread is NOT sweet. YUM CHA/DIM SUM for lunch (at least once per cruise and on a sea day). In the real world, they probably wont be financially viable, appeal to the masses etc.... or if they do exist, you have a unique spin on things. I am interested to see your responses. 🙂
  14. I assume they would be doing that too. We were on the Eden over NYE and they seemed to be lacking on some general maintenance in some of the staterooms. Considering they were never upgraded when the ship was handed over to P&O they are getting a bit tired.
  15. I just had a look at the CMV website and they arent seem to be doing much to her at all after a minor refresh in Singapore. https://cmvaustralia.com/ship/vasco-da-gama The only main differences I can tell are that Angelo's and Dragon Lady are being renamed "Waterfront - Mediterranian" and "Waterfront - Eurasian" thats about it.
  16. Also.... once you are in the CBD, the trams are free. (CBD grid and docklands only) so you can be just about anywhere quickly. You will want to do some research on hotels too. The Australian Open is on during the last 2 weeks of January, so hotel prices can skyrocket. I would book something when you can that allows you to cancel and then keep shopping around through the year and change where needed.
  17. however.... its worth noting that while Snapchat will work.... our experience recently was that the internet on the ship was terrible. If you have an iPhone, turn off automatic app updates and switch it to "low power mode" and it will help. Also... recommend this to anyone you see with a phone as the more people who do that, the faster the connection will be.
  18. Hi All, I appreciate that some people who this maybe aimed at are already at sea.... However, we leave on Sunday on the Pacific Eden for the New Years cruise to Noumea (there is no Roll Call for this cruise) Is anyone going on this cruise (Departs Sydney) or have experience on a P&O New Years Cruise? I am struggling with what to pack!!!! I just want to go casual/smart casual and the better half is looking at stuff for the gatsby night etc..... This year.... they P&O are also doing a "gold" theme for new years eve... which I can only assume is just accessorise with gold? I am welcome to any thoughts! (yep... this is a really opened ended question).
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