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  1. True. But then again, so are cruises to a private island that will have 2 sea days each way (from sydney) I wouldnt think they will abandon it either. That said, I do notice on the current itineraries they have a pacific island cruise with the bay of islands thrown in. They will probably do both together.
  2. Agreed. Mystery Island is probably the big loser. From an overall itinerary perspective, I think they will also have less of the 3 day "cruises to nowhere".
  3. I reckon it will be a staged approach. Start with something good but not over the top and then continue to develop it as the needs arise. Royal are banking on a massive expansion in their market share with this investment. You would have to think they would have to be looking at having at least 2 ships running year round to support this in the long term. It would be also interesting to see what their overall itinerary strategy is with this. Will they effectively push most cruises through Lelepa? Will they effectively abandon full NZ itineraries and leave them to Celebrity? Interesting times ahead I think.
  4. After the announcement yesterday..... I would suspect that one of the main reasons Gavin is back is to manage the development of the "perfect day at Lelepa" resort. The architects are Australian and the resort would likely be heavily geared towards the Australian cruise industry. It would make sense that the project would be managed out of the Australian office and in turn, having an experienced operator at the helm would be beneficial to RCI. Furthermore, if he has been a big proponent of expanding facilities in Sydney, he would want to get back in that game for the increase in traffic they will have as a result of the new destination.
  5. It has been rumoured. Regardless... its still massive news and a big investment. It would effectively guarantee that Royal will be doing year round itineraries out of Australia too.
  6. Voyager goes into dry dock next week... so i would suggest there will be no one (from next week) until mid October when it next sails.
  7. My November 16th sailing was deleted too. Signed up again and hopefully it sticks this time.
  8. yeah... thats how i looked at it. Spend $200 to potentially save $200.
  9. On our booking with Royal Caribbean (via their AU website), we had a choice: 1) Fully refundable deposit until final payment date (but the cruise cost $200 extra). 2) A non refundable deposit with a cheaper cruise cost. So it exists... i think it just depends on the cruise line.
  10. I am a smoker and I am more than happy for there to be _no_ smoking inside. two reasons: 1) I smoke less if i have to go to a location to smoke. 2) You realise how much it smells when its inside.
  11. I think the announcement was fairly disappointing too. While the skypad doesnt interest me much, the lack of Hooked Seafood, Bamboo Room, lime and coconut and playmakers was a real surprise. Its clearly a play for the asian/chinese market compared to the Australian market. Oh well.. you cant win them all I suppose.
  12. While the enforced dress code is largely "smart casual", what people wear seems to depend on the cruise and the time of year. We went on a new years cruise on Pacific Eden and it was generally casual, however people did make the effort for the white and gatsby nights. If you are travelling outside of school holidays, then i would suggest the clientele will probably dress up more. Thats just my opinion though and I am probably wrong. 🙂
  13. We did the Chef's Table over New Year on the Pacific Eden. I cant recommend it enough. I think the P&O extra's are a bit expensive sometimes, however this was well worth it for the wine alone. It is all very civilised and the food is just damn superb.
  14. I got it recently for our November cruise out of Singapore. AUD$57 including service charge. At current rates that works out to about USD$39 per day.
  15. Great article! 🙂 (but i am biased). As much as I am thoroughly a Melbournite, I do think Sydney is the better city for visiting - particulary short visits. Its an extraordinarily photogenic place. However, if you want to immerse yourself in the local culture and have more time to spend in a place, then I think Melbourne has the edge.
  16. When i booked our November cruise on Voyager, I was given a refundable option, but the overall cruise cost around $200 more. I took it purely for the flexibility and it was a good deal anyway.
  17. They might have calculated it as though paid credit in Singapore Dollar or New Zealand or even canadian dollar. Regardless.... what a nice little bonus! 🙂
  18. They are clearly after the 18-40 market! I havent seen any stats, but I would suggest the 18-40 market is probably the most under represented market in cruising out there. So, rather than work to steal passengers from other cruise lines, they are trying to encourage people who have not cruised before and get brand loyalty that way. As for the price, its clearly inflated because its the first round of bookings and I would think it would drop as their other 2 ships start coming into service. Also... There are no extra dining costs on board.... so its a fair assumption that your onboard account might be a little lower than another cruise line. Also... they will hopefully then start to look at the Australian/NZ market and make it a bit cheaper for us down here to get access to the cruises.
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