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  1. As Canadians, we are very disappointed to know that some travellers don't want to stop in Canada on their way to Alaska. Stopping in the beautiful, welcoming cities of Victoria and Vancouver should be a highlight of your trip. Canadians have supported the Alaska travel season for years, many returning time and time again to our friendly neighbour to the north. We love it that we can board a ship in Vancouver, travel to Alaska through our gorgeous inside passage and return home to Vancouver without having to take a plane ride. I can assure you this family will not be travelling to Seattle to get on a ship. Please don't hold it against us that our idiot government 4,000 miles away wouldn't let you stop here during the pandemic.
  2. I have a cruise scheduled for April, 2022 from San Diego to Mexico to Vancouver but may have to cancel. At the present time, HAL is not allowing passengers onboard who use supplemental oxygen, even though I bring my own and rent a machine for backup. That is supposed to end as at Dec. 31/21 but could be continued. My final pay date is January 3/22 so if I don't get assurances that I will be allowed onboard I will cancel. I also have a large FCC that I will ask to have back in cash if they won't allow me on their ships. I am 77 so don't have time to wait.
  3. They may have posted it but it was very well hidden. I just spent quite a bit of time trying to find it. A couple of months ago I heard from a HAL employee that they were not going to let anyone on board with a pre-existing condition. As I had a deadline to book our flights for our cruise next April I wrote to HAL and asked them if my use of an oxygen concentrator was going to be a problem? They were certainly aware of it because I filled out their forms when I booked. They never answered me, now I know why. I think that is a shitty way to treat customers, quite frankly.
  4. I contacted the Holland America Health Desk because I had previously filled out their form notifying them about my oxygen requirements. I asked them to confirm that I would be allowed to board as I need to book flights and hotel. This was there response: "We have received your on line SRI form and processed it. You're all set as far as any paperwork for our department." so no answer to my inquiry.
  5. Thanks for all your responses. The person who told me this didn't have any details but you have made some good points. If Cunard is doing this, maybe Carnival will follow. I certainly hope not. I would have backup anyway as I intend to rent a full size concentrator to have in my room at night. I had thought about renting a backup for my portable as well -would make sense. Please share if you hear anything more about this.
  6. I was told today by someone who works for the Carnival lines that they will no longer allow anyone who requires supplemental Oxygen or has pre-existing respiratory conditions to sail. The only exception is those with C-pap machines. I am sick about this as I am booked to sail with Holland America next April. I have cruised with Oxygen before, many people do. It doesn't make sense given that I will be fully vaccinated by then and no more at risk than anyone else. Has anyone heard this?
  7. Just a warning abut Allianz travel insurance. We purchased it for some flights we booked with Alaska Airlines. When we had to cancel Allianz refused to honour it because it was caused by a pandemic. We went back to Alaska and they gave us credit certificates but I'm not sure we will ever get to use them.
  8. Ginger Mule. I love anything ginger.
  9. In addition to all these changes that will definitely reduce the pleasure of cruising, there is also the reports that "shorter" cruises will be offered more. From where we live it can take us up to three days just to get to a cruise. Why on earth would we want to go on a cruise shorter than 7 days? or even 10 days? I think we just won't be doing as much cruising in the future.
  10. Was scheduled to cruise on the Zuiderdam on March 18th. The day before it was cancelled I phoned and took the Future Cruise Credit. The Taxes and Port Fees were refunded to my credit card today, June 3. I still have a refund coming for a deposit on a September cruise that we cancelled a few weeks later.
  11. I spoke to them two days ago and they said my refund was in progress. I had a cruise booked in September but cancelled that about a month ago. If they credited my taxes and port fees to that cruise then they have to return it along with my deposit. I agree. If I wait much longer that will erode my trust in taking future cruises with HAL.
  12. I was willing to take a cruise credit but have now been waiting 61 days for the return of my taxes and port fees which I was originally told I would receive in two weeks.
  13. Well, I've read all of your comments and appreciate the views of you knowledgeable, experienced HAL cruisers. I was a dedicated loyal NCL cruiser. Unfortunately, NCL started expanding with bigger and bigger ships which do not appeal to me at all. Added to that were poor Pacific Coast itineraries and I had to find an alternative cruise line. The first line I tried was Princess. Great California coast itinerary, good excursions, loved the wine bar, but that was about all. We were jammed in like sardines. If you didn't get there really early, forget it, all the seats were gone. Not keen about sailing on Princess again. Then, last summer. I sailed to Alaska on the Nieuw Amsterdam. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Loved the music venues, especially the Lincoln Centre stage, enjoyed the educational talks and videos, thought the Test Kitchen was a waste of time, found the Exploration Lounge pretty boring. I hope to sail with HAL again but I do have concerns that the offerings could become a little dull after a few trips. So I do hope the powers that be are listening to you because I think HAL just needs a bit of tweaking and it could be perfect.
  14. I cancelled on the 13th of March for our cruise due to leave on March 18th.. Was told my refund of taxes and port fees would be two weeks. Did not receive it so contacted them to see what was happening and was told it would take 60 days.
  15. With regard to the bailout issue, every cruise I have ever taken included taxes and port fees including ports in the US, and there are dozens of them. Most people get off in the ports and take an excursion, which costs and employs people, and/or enjoy a meal, and/or shop. This is revenue. I suspect Alaska may take a big financial hit along with the U.S. ports on both coasts, and ports in the rest of the world. It's a multi billion dollar industry. When we are through this, many people will spend their travel dollars elsewhere but for some, like me, cruising is the only viable option. So I hope the industry survives.
  16. We were scheduled to go on the 18th as well and cancelled today. There were 10 of us. I am so sad about it because we probably won't ever get to do the trip as it isn't being offered in spring break next year. However, I appreciate the FCC, they didn't have to do that. Now to tackle the airlines as we have cancellation insurance for both but we are concerned just the same that they won't give us back our money now that WHO has labelled it a pandemic. As for Princess, it's too bad but seven people died. They changed crew with another ship and spread it around. I just don't believe they were careful enough.
  17. These are tough decisions, that's for sure. We are sailing on March 18 out of Ft. Lauderdale to the Panama Canal area. I have health issues and catching the virus could be serious for me. However, I could catch the virus right here at home as there have been a couple of cases in my city. My attitude is that I'm not going to sit in my apartment waiting for the virus to pass because it could go on for months or even years and I could catch it anyway. My daughter's family, on the other hand, have jobs and school and don't want to be stuck in quarantine for weeks so their reasons are different. At the moment, we are going but that could change depending on the situation.
  18. I got a prescription for the Prevnar 13 pneumonia vaccine yesterday but the pharmacy wouldn't administer it because it has only been about 6 months since I had the first one and apparently you have to wait a year before you can have the 2nd.
  19. The thing that jumps out at me is that his doctor says he is not fit for travel and he would probably not have any insurance. I had a stroke a few years ago while travelling. It was a mild one and I only spent one day in hospital but the bill was $16,000 for the day. Fortunately, my daughter was with me and could help me get home. He would be alone if they put him off the ship. Some questions he needs to ask if he doesn't have someone travelling with him and sharing his room are: how is he going to handle his luggage, bathroom needs, who will get meals for him in the buffet, how will he feel staying alone on the ship when you all go off on excursions and he can't go because he doesn't have a scooter? Of course, physical therapy can do wonders for stroke victims. I have cruised many times since my stroke. I am now on supplemental oxygen and am still cruising. I hope you will encourage him in his desire to go cruising, it will give him something to look forward to and work toward. Just not yet. And he has to accept him limitations, whatever they may be. Good luck.
  20. My friend just got back from this cruise and took the excursion to the Embera Village. She told me she loved the excursion but had a very sore bottom from the canoe. Hope that helps
  21. Thank you for the video - it was very enjoyable. I expect to be on the Maasdam in September - my first time on her. My trip is 16 days. Have never been on one that long. How did you find the 14 day one? Was there lots to do? Can you tell me if the rooms have refrigerators for medication?
  22. Thanks for your comments. I hadn't thought about the heat and humidity. I'm going to check out those limitations with the manufacturer. I will definitely take an umbrella with me. I rented one of those shade clamshells on the private island but it doesn't have a table. However, It does have an extra chair so I could put it on that. Maybe I will have to cancel that and come up with another plan like sitting inside the bar. haha.
  23. I am taking an eastern Panama Canal cruise. Many of the excursions involve beaches. My Simply-Go is on a cart but I can take it off the cart and carry it for short distances (it weighs about 12 lbs with batteries). My concern is how to protect if from sand getting into it. Especially walking on sidewalks that could have sand on them. Any ideas? Has anyone gone to a beach with this machine and what did you do?
  24. I'm really sorry to hear that. Is there any dancing? disco? if not, not sure my group would want to go.
  25. Are you saying that the Maasdam doesn't have the Lincoln Stage, or any of the other offerings? We are planning a trip to Baja next year and I was looking forward to them, especially the Lincoln Stage which I loved on the Nieuw Amsterdam.
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