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  1. I can cope with shortened versions of books as long as the main story is there, its when they start to change things that gets me. Take Harry Potter for instance, at the end of Deathly Hallows in the film he breaks the Elder Wand into pieces and throws them off the bridge but in the book he places it back with Dumbledore. Can't see how JK allowed that to happen its massive to the story. But yes I can see Grace being shortened down to fit ITV and all of the ads. John Simm should be very good though in the lead role. 😁
  2. Yes back to books. I have heard today that the Roy Grace series I mentioned earlier by Peter James has started filming today for his crime series for ITV starting with his first two books Dead Simple and Looking Good Dead. Can't wait!!
  3. If you fancy a good crime book try Peter James, his Roy Grace series is fab but you have to start with book 1....Dead Simple.... and read them in order cos there's an underlying story that continues through all of them. Apologies if anyone has mentioned him earlier I missed It!
  4. We are also giving Princess a try next year. Booked on Regal Princess for my 60th to make up for my hubbys Britannia 60th being cancelled this year. Got the full package...excellent prices....happy bunny 😁
  5. Wow, fabulous! Thank you so much 😁
  6. Great photos!! Do any of you out there have any photos of M723 on Regal, balcony or suite? Booked this for a special occasion next year 😀
  7. This was taken from Cunards website so yes, their policy is the same for FCC If your booking has been impacted by this announcement, we are sorry for any disappointment this may cause you. We’ll be crediting your guest account with a 125% Future Cruise Credit (FCC) on monies paid to date on your booking, which you may redeem against any voyage on sale now or on any new voyage that we introduce in the future. You have up until 31 December 2021 to make your booking.
  8. Don't know who emailed you but the 125% applies to all monies paid whether it be a deposit or full balance, that is of course if P&O cancelled your cruise and you did not cancel it yourself!
  9. Thank you both for your replies. Great news about the straigteners....less ear ache lol
  10. Hi it's me again, a couple more questions.... Can anyone tell me which dining room is used on Regal for full suite guests? Is the complimentary mini bar just a one off time in a suite? My daughter wants to know if she can take her hair straigteners onboard? Thank you Rup
  11. No harm in enquiring with P&O. There was someone on the Princess Forum who managed to do this successfully and got all of their future cruises transferred back to Princess, check it out its under TA service charge.
  12. Thank you cruzesnooze you have definitely made my mind up. Holidays are too important to go standing in a queue waiting to correct something that is not your fault. The old ways are the best!!
  13. Thanks both, we're not very techy people, a bit too long in the tooth for that so think we will stick to what we know best🙂
  14. Hi I am sailing with Princess for the first time next year on Regal and just wanted to know if you have to use this Ocean Medallion thingy or can you still do everything the old fashioned way? Thanks Rup
  15. Thanks dides, I think we will definitely use them as it is a Canaries cruise in October and you never know what the weather is going to be like! 🤥
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