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  1. Happy Birthday Mr P from a very overcast part of Stoke, I haven't been to Biddulph Grange before, hope you have a great time. I will be 60 in October and hopefully celebrating onboard Regal Princess, we will wait and see!! Enjoy your day 🍾
  2. That brings back memories. My dad and grandad used to have an allotment when I was a kid. My dad would cut me some rhubarb, peel it and give me a bag of sugar to dip. He then put me in the wheelbarrow and pushed me all the way to the farm to collect his manure. The only thing was when we got there the manure took my place and I had to walk all the way back! Happy Days 😀
  3. I won £75, hubby £25 and daughter £50. Happy Days! I wonder what the UK winner of the euromillions is doing this morning, £122m wow I wouldn't know where to start 😁
  4. We went to Trentham Gardens on Monday but we had an 8:30 slot booked. We walked around the lake and stopped for a coffee at the far end. It was beautiful just sitting there watching the birds chasing each other, much better going early. 😀
  5. BINGO!! the deposit refund for our July cruise hit our cc account on 9th even though we had booked through a TA. The refund for our excursions hit our account on the 4th, the day after cancellation!!
  6. Its a chance you will have to take. You will hit cancellation charges 3 months before departure at 25% then 50% a month later then 100% 1 month before your travel date. I know it is a pain but I wouldn't take the chance. We have annual insurance for 15 months, we have already had 2 cruises cancelled and left with 1 in October, if that gets cancelled we have lost our insurance premium. But at least we have been covered for anything unforeseen.
  7. OK, but certainly before you hit cancellation charges. My hubby worked as a TA for 43yrs and it was drummed into him so it is something we have always done.
  8. Exactly, I just don't understand why people do not take out insurance when the cruise is booked.
  9. Yes we have used them as well but if P&O aren't using coaches for their new cruises I was wondering if Eavesway would be.
  10. Eavesway are brill!! I suppose everyone is different but unless they NE have changed considerably we found them dirty and smelly, would definitely not use them again. If there's a delay with them and quite possibly will be you would miss the ship.
  11. these new cruises won't be an option for us unless Eavesway put on any coaches but then it has to be 7 nights or more. I've just seen someone mention National Express!!! Are you kidding? Yuk spare the thought!
  12. Am I thinking this correctly? Coaches are never available for cruises of less than 7 nights duration so are all of these British cruises going to be 5 nights or less?
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