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  1. If you have booked a select fare and chosen your cabin number it will be on your paperwork from P&O. You will find your cabin type on My P&O under.... before you sail....holiday information.
  2. If you have chosen select your cabin number even on select fare it should show on your paper confirmation. It will still only show as type of cabin on My P&O.
  3. As Bin man quoted on an earlier post you can access and input passenger 2 details by logging on in their name and DOB. . Still having problems with insurance telephone number but next of kin etc is fine.
  4. If you are talking about the new My P&O it only shows the type of cabin you have ie inside, balcony, suite etc and not the cabin number. If you are still on the old CP then it should be under accommodation.
  5. Exactly, you won't know unless you try! We have no doubts whatsoever. We are really looking forward to her, it is a new adventure, something different. Just go with the flow and enjoy πŸ˜„
  6. This was the response from P&O when I queried it with them a few weeks ago....... Good Afternoon, I am sorry to hear your future cruises are not reflecting on your account. Unfortunately, we are experiencing some issues and currently do not have a time frame for when this will be fixed. I would like to reassure you that your cruises are reflecting correctly on our system. Kind Regards, Kirsty & Yazzy | My Account Team | Carnival UK 100 Harbour Parade | Southampton | Hampshire | SO15 1ST
  7. Can always rely on you Brian to put a smile on our faces 😁
  8. What a charming man! Why do people think its OK to behave like this? The mind boggles. Sorry this is a reply to Lottie A.
  9. Are you travelling in January because I thought that all January bookings were still on the old CP? See below Which cruises will go live on My P&O Cruises: From the below 2020 cruises guests will use My P&O Cruises, when it goes live. β€’ Britannia - Friday 14 February 2020 (B004 >) β€’ Azura - Friday 21 February 2020 (A004 >) β€’ Iona - Thursday 14 May 2020 (G003 >) β€’ Aurora - Friday 28 February 2020 (R002 >) β€’ Oceana - 16 February 2020 (E004N>) β€’ Ventura - Tuesday 17 March 2020 (N004 >) β€’ Arcadia - Sunday 12 April 2020 (J002 >) Before My P&O Cruises goes live, these guests will still be able to use Cruise Personaliser. However they won’t be able to book any shore experiences, Select Dining or spa treatments in Cruise Personaliser – they will need to wait until My P&O Cruises is live.
  10. They have put a message on under personal details as follows We are currently experiencing a technical fault on this page, which may prevent you from editing your details. We are working on resolving this as soon as possible and apologise for any inconvenience caused.
  11. It just goes to show that some of us "Brits" are still living in the dark ages. Its 2019 for goodness sake not 1919, if I want to hold my knife like a pen then I will do so it's how I feel comfortable. If I want to cut my bread roll rather than break it then I will do so. It will not stop me from using my manners, I have always said please and thank you it's how I was brought up. Some people just think they are better than anyone else, but not realising what everyone else is thinking about them.
  12. I used to work in retail where we will already have been receiving Christmas stock since June for it to go on sale at the end of Sept beginning of Oct. Stores are now into Easter, they have already had Valentines Day and Mothers Day so Christmas is already in the past.
  13. Surely this does not matter anymore. You hold the knife how you feel comfortable. To do otherwise is like forcing someone who is left handed to write with their right? No not anymore those days are long gone!
  14. Told you, the sun is shining, makes a big difference 🌞
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