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  1. Just a few comments...I was on the Jan 12-17th cruise also. There was discussion on Facebook regarding the soft serve ice cream and it was confirmed that it was not free by someone who was on the cruise at the time. There is a machine at the bar on the pool deck but when I asked, they said it was $5. The cups are $3 (or 3.50) and $5.50, you can also get a waffle cone of gelato for app $6.50 after the service charge. There is food that is free in the Sports Bar, but only during certain times and they may not have something in stock. For example, I was ordering a warm brownie with i
  2. If you sign up for the UPS My Choice (free), then you can see what shipments you have coming to your address. It also allows you to change the delivery location. If you order over $500 then you have to sign for it - if your not going to be home to sign, you can always change the delivery to go to a local UPS store. This is what I did...took about a week and I went by the store after work, showed them my ID and signed for the envelope.
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