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  1. Similar thought here. If you have a FAVORITE restaurant at home, don't 'comparison shop' aboard for that type of food. Two outcomes: 1. Ship restaurant doesn't measure up to your land fave. Mmm, this was ok/blah/sucked (expected result, not good) 2. Ship restaurant was superior to your land fave. Now you go home with a diminished view of a place you've always loved (unexpected result, not good) This is why we stay away from Moderno; we've always been fond our local Churrascaria.
  2. Embarked from Boston last fall aboard NCL Dawn on day of World Series Game 1, Sox v. Dodgers. Straight to Guest Services to inquire whether it would be shown on big screen in atrium (?) "No sir. I'm sorry." "So I'll have to watch it in my cabin?" "Umm, no sir.... I'm afraid we haven't contracted for that feed. It won't be available anywhere on the ship." "Oh Man! You're Sh*tting me!! Oh MAN!!! I'll tell you what buddy, I don't want to be YOU explaining that to 2,000 Boston fans for the next 6 hours." No Broadcast ANYWHERE on board that night. Next morning>>> Captain's Announcements: "As a result of feedback from our valued passengers, we have purchased the satellite feed for the American World Series. You will be able to view all remaining games beginning this evening." Ask nicely. All of you.
  3. Agreed. But if you're booking a private excursion, outside of the ship on which your cruising, not all excursioneers are fellow passengers.
  4. Used this KYSS bag on excursions AND aboard, on pool deck. Very secure, lockable, fabric is cut-proof. Very pleased with this purchase (saw it first here on CC). http://kyssbags.com/
  5. Cozmic- I like to pay a little bit on my NCL account in each week leading up to our cruise, including prepaying DSC, any ship excursions booked (rarely), spa (once), and specialty dining above/beyond promo package. That way when I disembark last day, I have a $0 balance due. Also, I usually pre-purchase OBC=on board credit --> prior to embarkation day. My room account actually begins with a credit balance for incidentals (photos, room service, gift shop, classes, etc.). They mail you a check if you don't spend all your (refundable) OBC and disembark with a credit balance . If you do your research carefully (as you are now), there will be no surprises.
  6. No problem with "body touching" in the elevator....unless it's the creepy guy from the other thread going to breakfast with his open bathrobe exposing his man parts or tighty-whities. Nope. No thanks.
  7. We skipped the opportunity to rent ($5 ?) the prerecorded headphones offered by a vendor on the way up to Brimstone. Thenford gave a short spiel in the parking lot at the top, and said "we'll meet back here in 50 minutes. Me "You're not coming along while we walk the fortress?" "No, usually I stay here & wait for guests to return after doing their thing on their own." Me "Ohhh....." (obviously disappointed).... Thenford "If you'd like, I'd be happy to come along with you today." Only 4 of us of the 16 on the bus. And Thenford. An hour in the fortress. Awesome! We took good care of him w/ tip$. Best tour-type excursion of our four cruises.
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