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  1. Allstate rewards has the cards as well but are discounting them 12 % instead of the normal 10% , no limit on number of cards either, just got 2500.00 for 2201.77 including shipping
  2. Added it the way saint greg said , worked perfect. My 2500.00 in gift cards showed up today so I used those to pay for it, so saved an extra 12 percent (up from 10 to 12 on Allstate) so that saved quite a bit Extra so with gratuities for two people on a six day cruise out of pocket is 512.00 , not too bad !!! Thanks for the heads up !!!
  3. Originally won a seat for blackjack on the may 9 cruise on the magic which I was not going to be able to make, with the corona virus that cruise is cancelled of course, sent an email to ocean players club asking when it was rescheduled to. Turns out it is now the October 18 sailing of the Breeze out of Fort Lauderdale , 6 days. If you are thinking of rescheduling you have to contact them by April 9, only three days left !! Hopefully this helps other blackjack tournament seat winners !!!!!
  4. I would ask one simple question of the people who have a greater understanding of stocks than I do, if the company is as close to bankruptcy as many believe, why are quite a few of the top shareholders buying large quantities of the stock still? Are they throwing good money after bad or just speculating for a future turnaround? Personally I will lose Almost three times more in cruise next certificates than I spent for my 100 shares yesterday should they go bankrupt, but neither money is needed elsewhere in my life nor being the cause of a sacrifice to my family so why not gamble an extra 750 over the 2,000 in cruise next Is my attitude .
  5. On port days some ships offer a day pass to the spa, but the sea days will only be those who have the week (cruise length) pass
  6. Piano bar and comedy shows, getting to dive in amazing locations, time away unplugged.
  7. Joe 817, Did you miss this part? I prefer accurate over sugar coated any day, but that doesn't mean others have to.😀
  8. It is listed under vacation add-ons ,step six of checking in online for my Dec 1 cruise, that is where I was able to purchase.
  9. The other benefit of a suite is your cordless room phone works around the entire ship, so you can call other rooms as well as them being able to call you as long as you are anywhere on the ship. you can also call your butler / concierge as needed. We had a forward suite on the pearl and a rear accessible suite on the Gem , both ships had the reserved seating on the second level of theater left side. Concierge was there every night for early show and would let all suites use reserved area starting 5 minutes before show. There always seemed to be much better seats still available elsewhere but I suppose if you had 5 or 6 people in your group (all suites of course 😀 ) then it would be worth the ease of showing up late and having seats together although not the greatest view.
  10. I am toying with the thought of doing this, had the vibe last time on getaway and would like to get again, forgot to go online for specialty dining and make reservations for this cruise So only late times left and while I am diving in Cozumel gf has spa day planned, turn platinum after next cruise over so can’t see using it again after this cruise though, but boarding early to accomplish dining and vibe will make cruise a little more enjoyable so why not....
  11. OOPS. OOPS. OOPSAlways book direct no ta, l just checked receipts and I was mistaken. They did apply cruise next on board. They also noticed a fare reduction for New Orleans cruise but with one less perk, the $50.00 on board credit per person.In order to get lower fare I had to call and rebook once home so they then took that away which gave the appearance of rebooking for the cruise next, but reality is was for 230.00 per person fare reduction . I apologize for my erroneous info earlier !!!!!!!!
  12. I had bought 8 while on a cruise to panama, applied 2 to a cruise I booked that day to Bermuda in a balcony, I also had a cruise Already booked out of New Orleans For this coming December , I had to wait Until I returned from the panama cruise to apply two to the New Orleans cruise. They cancelled the cruise and rebooked us to apply them, Because the freebies being offered had changed from when I booked originally I ended up losing the 50.00 excursion credit per port for our cabin but I generally book my own excursions Privately so really lost nothing.
  13. They will usually give you a two category upgrade within the same class of room, free of charge. Occasionally they will have other minor incentives like obc or an extra free perk, usually the latter are for certain sailings. If you plan your cruises far in advance for a specific cabin it is generally worth booking on board, if you have flexibility and can plan closer to sailing it generally is more advantageous to wait and hope for price cuts.
  14. I tip all at the end of the cruise, ask the butler for three envelopes, leave the room stewards on the table and hand butler / concierge their envelopes while waiting to debark. Best tip would be that the cordless phone in your suite will work all over the ship as long as charged , so anyone can reach you by calling your suite or you can call anyone else’s room from the pool bar casino etc. ( same for daughters suite ). Second best is that all movies on the tv are free in a suite so your 6 year old can enjoy while falling asleep / sitting in room. Your concierge should be Anoupe , he will be giving you your cards in the suite / haven waiting area, if you let him know what you are looking for for dining ( the sooner the better) he will try his best to get for you, have had him on 14 day panama cruise as well as on the gem at the end of June . Butler gets you what you need for the room, extra / firmer pillows, ice , brings you daily snack plates as well. If you would like to have towel animals for your daughter make sure to ask either your butler or room steward as they have stopped automatically making them every night. Sure there are many other things others will add , enjoy your cruise and welcome to the suite life !!!!
  15. Cruising to Bermuda on June 21 and have ordered wheelchair assistance for boarding due to recently shattering my heel and having reconstructive surgery two weeks ago, is there a special area to go to or better time to get to port. I am on crutches with a non weight bearing cast so can get around a little but dgf will be toting around a carry on. Am in a suite (had to upgrade to get accessible room) if that changes the equation , any insight/tips/ help would be greatly appreciated. Had posted this in embarkation ports but no replies, thanks in advance.
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