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  1. I have been drinking bud for 40 years, but won’t be drinking them on carnival anymore lol not the end of the world, we can speculate all we want the reason why, but ultimately only the people at the board meeting where this decision was made know the reasoning behind it. I enjoy reading the knowledge based fact of some posters and the “creative “reasoning of others..... cruise on lol
  2. As stated earlier benefits vary, Bermuda cruise out of Boston during June never go down,price generally goes up as ship seldom fails to sail full. Made it worth booking onboard to get the same class upgrade, midship balcony for price of rear or forward balcony, would not be as wise to book something in an off week of December in Miami this way. Those prices tend to fluctuate so you can often find better value by watching prices, Those that are traveling during a school vacation week or out of a less cruise intensive port like Boston would most likely get the most value by booking onboard, otherwise I would suggest buying your cruise next certificates and taking home to watch prices or talk to your t.a. You still get 250.00 credit for 125.00 spent, and if timed correctly may get to use two certificates on 1 room if booking early enough or if they have that promotion running.
  3. Yup 25 minutes out of 15 days to save over 600 on a cruise I new I was going to take, I’ll take wastes of time like that anytime lol
  4. Booked a June 2019 Bermuda sailing while on a dec 2018 sailing , got two level upgrade in same category (balcony) got a third free at sea offer but cruise was listed for only 2 with balcony, and got to use two cruise next vouchers for our deposit. Ended up with midship balcony for 400 per person cheaper and one extra free at sea perk than those that booked same cruise same room at home. Cruise next saved us an extra 125 each as we bought them on the cruise and wouldn’t have had them to use if we were booking at home prior to December cruise.
  5. Pearl and gem have same layout , saunas and steam rooms in men’s and ladies areas. Common area has the thelasotherapy pool and hot tub(jacuzzi) as well as heated loungers and regular loungers.
  6. You can use the carnival gift cards from Allstate or aarp for cheers package as well, just used a 500.00 to pay my 490.00 cheers package for me and girlfriend, so in reality cost 441.00 for both of us, (only a four nite cruise)
  7. Taking it one step further doing first cruise out of New Orleans after hanging out two days getting on Norwegian Getaway for seven days, fly out next morning to Miami and get on Carnival Victory for a four day with friends from home, couldn’t find a second cruise from Miami and love New Orleans so got creative lol
  8. Landshark is where the bartenders told me their bosses lease was expiring as of dec 31st and they were being kept on by ncl and would be able to work 44 hours a week whether busy or slow season, They and the boat that brings you to the mainland were both aware of Norwegian taking over everything as of Jan. 1 of this year, I have no clue about the original occupancy / ownership agreement of the island so won’t speculate on it, but hoping people can keep asking as they visit and report back the changes if any.
  9. Vibe is purchased once onboard and sales are limited, being in haven you get vip boarding and are more likely to be able to purchase if you board early enough. While they are escorting you onto ship tell them you are interested in purchasing vibe passes.
  10. Was just on pearl and stopped at harvest caye, while having a beer at one of the bars I inquired why the captain had called it a “semi private island” and asked if there were other cruise lines that stopped there ? Bartender informed me that although Norwegian owned the island vendors had a lease on the booths up until dec 31st of this year and Norwegian would then own everything, all employees are being kept on for 45 hours a week available to work year round ( even in slow season) . When I took the ferry over to the main land I sat up top with the driver(there are five seats) on the return trip, they were unsure if Norwegian would buy the boat they use and keep them or just use one of their own tenders. Am curious if in the future we will get to use our ship cards for food and beverage while there once they take over , has anyone found any info on this ?
  11. Just got off the pearl this last Sunday but while on board did the following, we bought 8 - $250.00 cruise next cert. , they charged the account $2000 then gave $1000 in on board credit to account (leaves account with a $1000 owed balance after the credits are applied ). Then signed up for a 7 day cruise in a balcony next June. The benefit for signing up for another cruise while onboard is you get the top category at the lowest category price for the type you are reserving, this does not include "sailaway" rates. so we get a mid ship balcony for the forward or rear price and got to use two certificates for our deposit. Cruise Next stated that ANY RESERVATION WITH A BALANCE can use one per stateroom. We are sailing with roughly 20 other "couples" so we will end up transferring the other 6 certificates to the first six that give us the $125.00. and they will get $250.00 off their cruise for the $125.00. Realistically we end up potentially saving $650.00 roughly , the 250 from the cruisenext and roughly the 200 each for mid balcony upgrade from rear or forward price. Generally the Boston to Bermuda sells out during summer months out so seldom see any price drops, if anything they generally creep up in price as sail date gets closer. We also got all the "free " packages (except double latitude points) where as the other couples that signed up online are only getting choice of two "freebies" Not sure if that was a benefit of signing up onboard or a latitude rewards benefit though. Wish I had known about the casino voucher for 25 extra missed that one. On another note, this was approaching the Gatun locks, the rowboat beat us in line lol The Pearl drops down a line which they bring to the shore where the mule(electric locomotives) attaches their 1"steel cable for ship to pull up and attach to the ships cleats.
  12. Bringing bottle of cristal, we have done last eight cruises so now a ritual, but will save it for going through gatun locks on our forward facing penthouse balcony.
  13. When they drop prices for available rooms they also adjust the scale of your bid to the new “full price”, I was barely in the good range initially and they dropped prices and took my bid. Ended up couple hundred over the new lower price, with on board credits I got was only 40.00 over per person but would have lowered bids had I noticed the price drop.
  14. I sail on the 9th of December and am in a penthouse as well. I will be on ship early, so will post the status of the Spa as well once on board and sure either way.
  15. I had never been to a spa period, got a spa mini suite so tried it because it was free, have bought the spa pass every cruise since. The tholasso therapy pool is great as are all the different saunas, you will enjoy it .
  16. So I ended up calling again and the help desk says that it is a typographical error and both Pearl sailings will begin spa services on embarkation. I would guess the same for you on epic Parislady40, as long as it’s open on the sea day the girlfriend will be happy. 🌊🌊🍻
  17. My price same for starting on the 11th no change like yours.
  18. Still waiting for a reply from Norwegian , will call them tomorrow when time allows.
  19. That as stated is the crews only " outside area" for them to use during their time off. I believe there are several times the ship does allow regular passengers to go out there. When you are doing a panama canal cruise for example and entering the locks, or possibly an Alaska cruise (but not sure on the Alaska cruise) . Anybody that is assigned to the ship for a contract period is not allowed to eat, drink, lay out, or hang out in any of the ships passenger areas , The exception to this are the musicians, entertainers and comedians who can freely roam both crew areas and passenger areas but sleep in the crew area at night.. The behind the scenes tour is a great experience as you get see not only the ships main kitchens , laundry, engine control room,backstage and dressing rooms, but all the crew areas , sleeping arrangements, as well as their galley and bar area. Usually done on a sea day and lasts several hours, generally you get some type of memento for taking the tour. We have a picture of the tour group taken out on the bow in a frame they had dropped off to our room , have received snack plates from the head chef dropped in room thanking us for touring his galley, Baseball caps with the tours logo , backpacks with tours logo etc.
  20. No word back yet from Norwegian, Hopefully they figure out soon.
  21. Two separate sailings have the same price and the same delay in starting till the third day of cruise, if it was typo the concierge would have figured that out I would hope. The fact that it is taking over three hours to figure out would lead me to believe it has either been incorrectly entered into their website, or the spa area is undergoing some type of change little by little on a portion of each cruise instead of shutting down for 3-4 weeks at once perhaps. This way Norwegian and the spa employees still make money as opposed to closing and making zero, but that is just pure speculation at this point .
  22. It would be very odd that they need to close down every other week for half a week for maintenance on just this one ship, not saying impossible or wrong just very odd, perhaps someone sailing prior to us can chime in with the dates of their access starting. Would think Norwegian would know of scheduled maintenance or "partial upgrades requiring closing" as well, has been listed this way since it became available for the Dec 9 cruise.
  23. After noticing this on my booking I called the pre cruise concierge desk to ask why not starting on day 1 like my last 3 cruises with Norweigan, 20 minutes later she confirmed not normal but no answer as to why. Said she will move this up the chain and contact ship via email to find out why and get back to me. Anybody have an answer as to why this is or ever had the pass start on day 3 on any other sailing with Norweigan ? Once I hear back I will post the response and results …….30 days lol
  24. Since I have bid up to a penthouse suite I called the pre cruise concierge desk. After I explained about thermal pass not starting till day 3 at 5:00 pm to her and asking why that was the case for this cruise,I spent 20 minutes on hold (with her checking in every 3 or 4 minutes to apologize for delay) she could not figure out why our thermal pass is listed as starting on day 3 for this cruise, she said every other cruise starts on day 1, She is feeding this information up the chain and they will contact ship via email to figure out what is going on. She took down my info and will get back to me once they have an answer. I will start a new thread so as not to hijack (side track) this one.
  25. There has not been in the past, and if it's exactly a round number, it sounds like they are maybe doing $40/day, which is about what they typically charge for a day pass. But that's much more than I have ever paid in the past per day for the cruise-long pass, and as someone who has purchased a pass on every cruise up to now, I would never pay $280 for 7 days. At that price, I know I would feel obligated to spend as much time as possible in the thermal suite, to the exclusion of other activities on board and on shore, and that would be a real shame, especially on a short cruise. For my upcoming 14 day Panama Canal on pearl it is $250.00 each for us. But it is not showing from day 1 it is showing from day 3 at 5:00 pm as a start...………. anybody have this on Pearl and get the late start ? Can call the cruise line but figured someone here must know why.
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