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  1. I am toying with the thought of doing this, had the vibe last time on getaway and would like to get again, forgot to go online for specialty dining and make reservations for this cruise So only late times left and while I am diving in Cozumel gf has spa day planned, turn platinum after next cruise over so can’t see using it again after this cruise though, but boarding early to accomplish dining and vibe will make cruise a little more enjoyable so why not....
  2. OOPS. OOPS. OOPSAlways book direct no ta, l just checked receipts and I was mistaken. They did apply cruise next on board. They also noticed a fare reduction for New Orleans cruise but with one less perk, the $50.00 on board credit per person.In order to get lower fare I had to call and rebook once home so they then took that away which gave the appearance of rebooking for the cruise next, but reality is was for 230.00 per person fare reduction . I apologize for my erroneous info earlier !!!!!!!!
  3. I had bought 8 while on a cruise to panama, applied 2 to a cruise I booked that day to Bermuda in a balcony, I also had a cruise Already booked out of New Orleans For this coming December , I had to wait Until I returned from the panama cruise to apply two to the New Orleans cruise. They cancelled the cruise and rebooked us to apply them, Because the freebies being offered had changed from when I booked originally I ended up losing the 50.00 excursion credit per port for our cabin but I generally book my own excursions Privately so really lost nothing.
  4. They will usually give you a two category upgrade within the same class of room, free of charge. Occasionally they will have other minor incentives like obc or an extra free perk, usually the latter are for certain sailings. If you plan your cruises far in advance for a specific cabin it is generally worth booking on board, if you have flexibility and can plan closer to sailing it generally is more advantageous to wait and hope for price cuts.
  5. I tip all at the end of the cruise, ask the butler for three envelopes, leave the room stewards on the table and hand butler / concierge their envelopes while waiting to debark. Best tip would be that the cordless phone in your suite will work all over the ship as long as charged , so anyone can reach you by calling your suite or you can call anyone else’s room from the pool bar casino etc. ( same for daughters suite ). Second best is that all movies on the tv are free in a suite so your 6 year old can enjoy while falling asleep / sitting in room. Your concierge should be Anoupe , he will be giving you your cards in the suite / haven waiting area, if you let him know what you are looking for for dining ( the sooner the better) he will try his best to get for you, have had him on 14 day panama cruise as well as on the gem at the end of June . Butler gets you what you need for the room, extra / firmer pillows, ice , brings you daily snack plates as well. If you would like to have towel animals for your daughter make sure to ask either your butler or room steward as they have stopped automatically making them every night. Sure there are many other things others will add , enjoy your cruise and welcome to the suite life !!!!
  6. Cruising to Bermuda on June 21 and have ordered wheelchair assistance for boarding due to recently shattering my heel and having reconstructive surgery two weeks ago, is there a special area to go to or better time to get to port. I am on crutches with a non weight bearing cast so can get around a little but dgf will be toting around a carry on. Am in a suite (had to upgrade to get accessible room) if that changes the equation , any insight/tips/ help would be greatly appreciated. Had posted this in embarkation ports but no replies, thanks in advance.
  7. Was thinking of doing this but am on crutches due to operation on shattered heel , so as opposed to having gf drop me and luggage off then park large f250 truck and reverse process when back in a week I will just pay for Lyft and get out little quicker than waiting for traffic to drop off, thanks for info though .
  8. Going on Gem Boston to Bermuda on June 21st, just had surgery on left foot so am non weight bearing and using crutches, have got a handicap accessible suite as well as wheelchair assist for embark / disembark. Have no clue how this works and hoping someone in the know would share their first hand knowledge and explain to me as opposed to calling a ncl rep and hoping they are giving me accurate info. Thanks for any help !!!!
  9. Just had surgery on left heel, shattered into 3 pieces and multiple shards , two bone grafts, multiple pins plates and screws. Pain for first seven days after surgery pretty high so meds needed now day 10 and just one pill needed to sleep, was in your shoes but decided I would regret more staying home , leaving for cruise in 14 days. Will be non weight bearing for two months to come but will still have a week full of memories with friends and family on this cruise to reflect on for the remainder of my recovery, hope you go and make lots of memories for yourself to enjoy, best wishes on your recovery!!!!
  10. Tried to move to hc balcony but none available, ended up paying for a rear suite that was hc accesible, pvp mentioned scooter for 170.00 for week but looks more like 400.00 on Scootaround website, still considering since I am in an aft suite everything will be a trek , hoping doctor changes me to a removable cast so I can still use my spa pass, see him day before sailing for his final decision. Have wheelchair assistance for embarking / disembarking but no clue yet how that process works in Boston. Will have to search, thanks for the help !!
  11. I second what chengkp advised, except would put walk at hour and a half, only danger is the traffic while crossing streets. when uberring back to the seaport they have a legal seafood test kitchen right by the World Trade Center, if you like clam chowder that is where I would have Uber drop you off and it is about 15-20 minutes to walk back to ship from there, enjoy your trip and Boston !!
  12. Underwater she will be neutrally buoyant , so while you feel the gear and weight belt it does not really impede your mobility. Getting into and out of the water is where you bear the full weight of the scuba equipment and is the most challenging portion. I would say it’s a safe bet that the dive shop would assist her if necessary as well it should be a walk in walk out water entry which will definitely help as well. Short of any medical red flags ( my girlfriend had a spontaneous pneumothorax one time 20 years ago so she can never dive period) I would say go for it and enjoy, have had many divers in there 70’s on the dives I’ve booked and the oldest was 87 years young ,
  13. Hopefully you don’t open her drawers in the dark by mistake .......lol i simply ask what am I wearing today honey ? Keeps her happy as my sense of style has been challenged since I outgrew “garanimals” 😱
  14. That’s a lot of metal Son of a son, did my surgery yesterday nerve block still working on lower leg and ankle, and throat sore from respirator ended up with multiple pins, multiple plates and two bone grafts . Doctor told girlfriend after surgery that I “smashed the (poop) out of that heel” Surgery took about 35 minutes longer than planned, but he thought it went great. He will check on it June 4 and have me come back again on June 20 to make a final determination on type of cast and whether I can do the spa T. Pool and jacuzzi or should keep out of water, KneeRover go hybrid should be arriving today but I am staying in a recliner for 48 hours to keep leg higher than chest, have modified a aircast cryo. Meant for rotator cuff surgery to keep foot and ankle cool to reduce swelling, keeping fingers crossed, thanks for advice and help!!
  15. Lol girlfriend received new one when it arrived and didn’t mention old one returned my bad lol
  16. When your passport expires you send the old one in to receive the new one, I suppose you could say it was destroyed or lost but imagine that will add to the timeline. Perhaps taking pictures of each stamp and photo merging into a collage would have the desired result as well and look neat hanging on your wall, a local photographer could do for you if beyond your abilities.
  17. Latest update , tried calling the access desk but they have normal work week days and hours. Called the normal number and explained my dilemma to the agent, after much searching she determined no accessible balconies were left. My only option would be to pay just over 1,000 and upgrade to a mini suite on deck 11. Having travelled in several mini’s already knew the chance of late night or early morning noise was pretty high as these are right under the great outdoors area. So for 1700.00 I was able to upgrade both of us to an accessible rear facing penthouse with balcony on the 9th floor. Should be quiet and will have the added benefit of sit down breakfast and lunch at Cagneys so won’t have to navigate with a tray. Also got wheelchair service on and off ship. Since this is all the way back on ship am leaning towards a motorized scooter as several have suggested. Hoping that I am able to get the additional latitudes point per night for booking the suite at full price, literature says for booking initially you get extra point, but not for bidding or upgrading. They did add free 250 free internet minutes which I didn’t have in balcony because it came with penthouse so hopefully points added too. Again thank you all for sharing your knowledge and thoughts with me, greatly appreciated. Here is the foot complete with fracture blisters, and yes it absolutely was as painful as it looks lol picture removed sorry Cole
  18. Went to see specialist today, recommended surgery to include plates, screws, rods, and bone grafts. Surgery next Wednesday . If I needed to fly for cruise he wouldn’t have cleared me but live close to Boston so I get to go. Use of thermal spa will be a last minute decision based off how the foot is doing. Picked up the Iwalk 2.0, been using around house and have gone out once, like it other than my foot sticking out while standing still and people might not notice and walk into it. Do have a couple questions for you all, should I get wheelchair assistance for boarding ? Will the metal they use in my heel set off the detector at the cruise terminal (or airports) and if so do you bring a letter explaining the surgery from the doctor or just let them wand you? Thanks for any help!!
  19. Bought 8 cruise next in dec, used two while on ship , sold other six to friends and family to put towards their rooms which were already booked. All six rooms got to use them , my sister had paid her room in full and they applied cruise next and refunded 150.00 to the credit card she had used to pay off room . I would call back and try again with a different representative.
  20. Quick update, Back from orthopedic surgeon, he said I am on the borderline of needing surgery or not. He wants me to go see his friend who is highly regarded for foot /ankle injuries. Given my active lifestyle he is thinking surgery would leave me with the least impact down the road but thinks his friends opinion carries more weight given the chance for complications. Did manage to talk to him about a removable cast for the purpose of diving while in Bermuda (with only one fin) as well as to use the thermal spa, he was fine with both as well as using the iwalk 2.0 ., and had them put on a Jones cast, turns out he is a rebreather diver, told him I still make bubbles but am starting trimix diving in two months. So in Two or three days go see new specialist, and hope things stay on track for me. Thanks for the help all!
  21. Ironically my dad crushed his heel in the early 70’s, he had to give up being a cop and walked with a major limp and constant pain till he passed many years later. I have found one of the iwalk 2.0 for sale locally used and have contacted seller. Hopefully the extra time at home to get familiar with it will give me an idea of my limits using one as far as distance and terrain. Now to pick out a knee scooter as well for “ship” use. Doubt they will let me do the behind the scenes tour as some of the crew stairs are pretty steep and hoping I can talk orthopedic surgeon into a removable cast instead of a plaster one so I can still make use of our thermal spa pass we purchased, time will tell. Thank you all for your input I truly appreciate all you have shared with me !!
  22. Not showing me picture , can you describe ?
  23. Thanks , fortunately have a mid ship balcony right next to the elevators so room should be good, have always used stairs on last 12 cruises to help work off the extra food and drink but will definitely be waiting for the elevators this cruise. The cart definitely makes sense on the ship but going ashore while in Bermuda was thinking will need both(crutches and cart) probably
  24. Sailing on the gem in June to Bermuda but have just shattered my left heel. Going to see an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow to see if I need surgery to remove fragments of bone. At best I will be in a non walking cast so I am trying to figure out what to bring to get around both on the ship and on the island. Have seen the knee carts on the ship being used, but thinking that stairs are out of the question with them, crutches seem better on stairs but after two days of use I am definitely feeling sore on the sides of my rib cage. Don’t know if there is a cart that holds crutches maybe ?Hoping someone that was in a similar situation can share their experience with me as well as any issues that arose for them that they didn’t expect. Thanks in advance for any help or tips !!
  25. Sailed Pearl in 9002 forward suite last December, did not see one on sides or bottom, there is probably one on back but only couple inches to access.
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