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  1. Hi, looking for anyone who may have traveled on this cruise in the past. I am a single female, late 50s. Don’t mind traveling alone. This particular cruise is very attractive to me - all ports that I have been to in past or would like to go to. The dates work perfectly as my intent is to be away for Christmas. A few friends who have been on SD cruises before have told me that it’s mainly couples and very few solo travelers. I don’t mind that, I am very friendly and outgoing. They still seem to feel that most couples are going to want to hang out with other couples and not have a third or a fifth wheel hanging around. I certainly wouldn’t just latch onto a couple for the entire time but it will be nice to have someone to eat a meal with a few times during the cruise. I like the small ship with 110 passengers versus ship with thousands of passengers, so would expect to have a small amount of solo travelers. Anyone care to share thoughts on this? Since I will have to pay 175% fair due to being single I want to make sure I could be prepared for spending the entire time completely alone.
  2. We were also on this same cruise and would agree with most of your comments except we could never find pool chairs on days we were at sea. Port days, no problem. We thought Labadee was way too crowded, only spent about an hour walking around and went back to ship. Felt same as you about Falmouth, other than shopping and the Margaritaville (playing no JB songs), there wasn't anything else to do there unless you had an excursion. In Cozumel, we did the Cozumel Bar Hop (off ship excursion) and had a great time. There were others on the Hop for their 3rd and 4th time, so it is a popular excursion. We had the best bar service in the Schooner Bar. The others were okay. Overall, the food was above average. We preferred the MDR over the buffets. A very very nice ship, but too big for our tastes. We'll try a smaller ship next time.
  3. Me and my SO will be on the same sailing. We are going to dothis, too. Will be fun! Thanks and perhaps we'll meet up with you at one of the stops.
  4. I've read a lot of reviews of a Cozumel Bar Hop. We are sailing on RC Allure of the Seas in a few weeks and they do not have a Cozumel Bar Hop on the ship excursions. Does anyone know of any independent ones that are reputable? thanks!
  5. Oh boy! That may explain why that method of going higher never works for me. That said, I have only ever been on a Windjammer Cruise (no way to get any higher) and a Seabourn cruise. Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone! Where might I go on this site to learn about cabin selections? My nephew and I are booked on Harmony of the Sea's "maiden voyage" from Barcelona in June, 2016. We are currently booked on the 14th Deck, all the way in the back of the ship in an Ocean View cabin with a Balcony. We booked this on the recommendation of a friend who goes on 4-5 RC cruises a year. She said to "go as high as you can go and go towards the back of the ship." I don't think we can go any higher or any further back. I see a lot of people book balconies that overlook the "Boardwalk" or "Central Park". Is having an interior balcony where you can look at the inside action more preferable than an exterior balcony with an ocean view? I get seasick and have always been told to "go high and look out over the horizon". Any suggestions or guidance is much appreciated!
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    Crazy question

    That's what we thought...but weren't sure. After we saw it was not going to be ready as planned in April, then May, we got to wondering. The trip is planned around the start of my nephews summer job, so hopefully will be fine. We are excited!
  8. NiceAunt

    Crazy question

    Ha ha ha !!!!!!! We are howling over your reply!!!! Ha ha ha!
  9. Greetings from a first time RC cruiser. We are booked on the now maiden voyage of Harmony of the Seas on June 12th out of Barcelona. The ship was supposed to have its maiden voyage in April. What happens if you have a reservation on a ship like HOS and it is not finished in time, such as those who booked for the April or May cruise? Our Christmas morning breakfast discussion! Thanks!
  10. Thanks, she did send me a copy of the deck plan. Not having cruised on a ship this size before (only other cruise was a 400-passenger Seabourn), I really don't know the pros and cons of being aft or forward, higher or lower, busy area or not, and such. I see that Deck 14 is the main deck for the childrens activities, so not sure how much "traffic" there will be on this deck versus perhaps Deck 12 that is just cabins. My nephew is 17 and I just realized he will be 18 by cruise day so not sure having our cabin being on the "childrens activity deck" is going to be a major consideration. It is indeed a huge ship and we are all the way on the opposite side of the ship from the children's play area, nursery, etc. Does anyone have any thoughts about being located on the same deck as the "main childrens area" if you are not traveling with children? So appreciate all the help!!!!! Glad I found this site.
  11. Thanks for all of the information! Our TA booked a specific superior Oceanview cabin on Deck 14 toward the back of the ship. D5 category. I think it's all the way back and the last cabin before the aqua suite. Not sure if this is good or bad, but am making a guess that if I do some more research and decide I want to book another location on that Deck, I probably can. Hopefully there are no room change fees. I really appreciate the replies and am off to scan the other topics in the forums now that the trip is booked.
  12. Thank you - I will check the site some more to see what decks we might prefer. I am definitely thinking I want to be able to pick my deck and cabin ahead of time.
  13. Yes, I believe I meant "cabin". Just checked her e-mail and she said "ocean view balcony guaranteed - cabin assigned the day before." So.......that said, a cabin is what I want, but I guess my question is it "risky" to do the option where it's not assigned until the day before versus actually choosing and knowing what you are getting in advance? Thanks!
  14. I am taking my teenage nephew on a Mediterranean Cruise on the Harmony of the Seas in June, 2016. Was wondering about the accommodations. Thinking a regular balcony suite - obviously with twin beds, but would a "family suite" be better - perhaps a little more room? My travel agent suggested we just do the "Guaranteed X Balcony" but a specific room will not be selected until the day before the Cruise. Not sure if I like that. I am willing to spring a few hundred extra bucks to be sure I get what I want. Also, should I opt to go ahead and just book a balcony suite now, any suggestions regarding the deck plans for either? I have never travelled on RC, but took a Mediterranean Cruise on Seabourn with my other teenage nephew last year. The "regular" suite was fine, a bit cramped, but it worked ok. Any suggestions are much appreciated! Thank you!