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  1. Recently I have been thinking about changes I would like to see (especially related to my scheduled March 20 Trans-Atlantic sailing). Note that some relate to a very recent Cruise Critic News article on possible cruise ship entertainment changes. My thoughts follow: Some may be Marina/Riviera specific. 1. Sea day lunch seating, with spacing, in one or more specialty restaurants. This would include limited and possibly little of no related specialty menu items (ie. little or no Asian food at Red Ginger Lunch) This would permit greater table spacing in the Main restaurant and the Terrace. 2. One half hour before lunch at Waves clear out some deck chairs and widen the table spacing forward. Design a paper order form based upon the menu with a table number and changes section (ie "no fries) to limit lines 3. Evening reservation times for the Terrace. (6:30, 7:15 & 8:00 ?) 4, Bar service at the back outside of the Terrace after food service closes. 5. Show Reservations, including specifically assigned and spaced seats. (Also try specific seating times with front rows early and back seats later. 6. For production show staff, Marina and Riviera, two-four fewer dancers and add one singer-dancer. One singer- dancer would then perform at Horizon's while the production show is on in the main show room. 7. Consider a nose covering only mask, so one could eat/drink with the nose protected (I can already fold up and under a standard paper (one time use variety mask) to protect other from my nose exhales and sneezes). I would welcome any and all other suggestions (other than I quit making suggestions as my wife has already done this.
  2. Perhaps a lot of this back and forth can be avoided with a few extra words such as the following: 1. "please consider" 2. "weigh your personal situation" 3. "discuss with your significant other or travel companion" Unfortunately, most things in life (and cruising) are not "one size fit all".
  3. I have not seen the following suggestion - try a port intensive 7- 10 day Oceania European cruise, especially if you can compromise on lunches for local food. Consider any foods you especially like in the cruise schedule choice. My wife loves duck breast and had two excellent lunches outside Tallinn Estonia and Riga, Estonia. Both were at a local resort (seaside) location where the big city locals would spend on good/ great food. Another tip is to be nice to the top Oceana food and beverage officer on your cruise. I was and she gave us a excellent restaurant reference for our over-night stay in Bordeaux France. Finally, Oceania O class ships offer cooking classes. If you are lucky, you could learn how to cook and modify a personal favorite dish.
  4. B-2Bs Best In case you do not know - There is a very good Oceania Roll Call for this cruise. I believe it is up to 23 pages.
  5. Well, hopefully we don't have to worry about smaller seat sizes, fewer bathrooms, poorer foods and less food and bad passenger behavior that you can not escape easily. Edit out the poorer foods comment if you wish.
  6. Hawaiidan has topped himself with the first comment. His response is measured and thoughtful. Today's Wall Street Journal has an article about share prices of cruise line corporations and airlines having severe drops. Oceania will adjust and NCL, Inc. will also. Cancelling now all cruises in Asia (or some part thereof) until the third quarter of 2020 is a bold step. (If I remember right this involves 16 Norwegian cruises, 10 Oceania cruises and 6 Regent cruises.) As an individual passenger, I have learned not to evaluate a cruise line based upon a single cruise. Sometimes on this board, I have read a person who proclaims they have sailed regularly on Oceania. They have a poor recent cruise and end the post with "I am done with Oceania", "No more" or "I am switching to brand X, C, V, S, A or other." Personally, I had booked two Oceania cruises for most of April. Unfortunately, they involve a lot of Italian stops. I will try to make the best of the situation. In retrospect, I have generally been treated well by Oceania, its employees and my fellow passengers. This includes a few times I did not deserve such good treatment. The sun will continue to rise in the East and set in the West. At the risk of damaging Hawaiidan's reputation, I usually agree with his opinions.
  7. Just a thought - If you are considering, or have booked an upcoming cruise, have you gotten a flu shot since last summer? (this flu season) I have not seen any news comments about American citizens that have been confirmed to have the coronavirus that answers this question - Did they have a current flu shot ? My next Oceania cruise is in April (TA and Med) and I intend to get a booster flu shot to follow up on my October 2019 flu shot. It may not prevent the coronavirus, but may decrease the effects. As far as other issues discussed in this thread, I note the following. There are many times on cruises and shore excursions, before I start, that I remind myself that I am 75, not 25. (and plan accordingly).
  8. chrisrich68 - Glad you enjoyed your Oceania cruise. Believe you were on the Marina. Happy you enjoyed inter-action with the entertainment troupe. I have found Oceania entertainment troupe individuals from England, Scotland and Wales to be very pleasant, especially considering Oceania's somewhat older demographic.
  9. Thanks to "Rob the Cruiser" for the additional hygiene suggestions. These seem mild upon hearing that an entire China city is quarantined.
  10. Consider the following - 1. - If Oceania cruises in the past have been good to very good to excellent, are some expecting too much? 2. - Has Oceania been neglected by Norwegian Inc?. An example is new ships for Norwegian and Regent since the merger/acquisition. 3. - Has there been some ship specific, or cruise specific, changes to the Marina, that are not reflected on the Oceania fleet? Note the Viking board comments about the Viking Sky. 4. - Are Lawyers and lawsuits decreasing fun on cruises in general ? Will Oceania follow the Viking lead and not allow children under 18 to avoid lawsuits such as "open window" issues? Are we as Oceania passengers at fault for similar issues? How many of us ignore the shore excursion warnings often related to age mobility and strength issues? It has been my impression that more than half my fellow male Oceania passengers do not wash their hands or us the small tissue on the bathroom door handle when exiting. 5. If so many are unhappy, why do prices stay high and ships rooms often book up early?
  11. tote bags - Use mine - which I have received from many sources - at the grocery. I try to help the environment with less plastic bags and they work better with lots of canned goods. My wife puts her purse in one to carry more things in an Airline Personal item.
  12. To LHT28 (Lyn?) re: posting 11/21/2019 at 3:04. Based upon recent comments on this board (if not this topic), you may have all ready had your last "Oceania plastic straws". By the way, my middle name is Lynn, sorry if I took one of your "n's
  13. Re: Oars Since their are only passenger cabins of one side of the ship on deck three, unless the crew on the other side has oars, you will possible row the ship in a big circle. Warning - We had one of these cabins, which I liked. But when the waves got bigger, my wife thought the water level appeared to be higher than the porthole (even though the water did not hit the porthole), which she did not like.
  14. WHY? The passengers, the officers and the crew (short version - the people)
  15. Response for tocruiseguy - Something that may effect your decisions re: entertainment. On the Riviera and Marina, the Oceania production company (dancers/singers and singer/dancers) help with the deck games and possibly some other Big O points activities. If you are pleasant and aware of the age difference, you can, especially on longer and more sea day cruises, get to know them to the point that they recognize you. I like to see production shows, with my wife, where I know, to a small degree, some of the performers. This can, rarely, extend to a direct smile, look or point toward me during a production number ( a subtle hello ). Seats in the front row or on the aisle near the front work can make this possible. Keep in mind that these production crew singers and dancers are rarely "seasoned, experienced professionals". Usually they try hard and some will surprise with their advanced skills.
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