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  1. A couple of highlights from us. In Jeju our guide was Sunny - - and her name fit her perfectly. The best English speaking guide we have had on this journey plus she finished the day with a beautiful song (great voice). Our tour was the Tea Cluture and Market. I ended up being the one to prepare the tea at our table - (it is all set up for a right handed person - -of course I am left handed) - and managed to pour without a spill - -amazing to me!! Next we donned Korean wedding gowns as if we were getting married. Beautiful silk and funny hats. (I don’t know how to upload the picture). Follow this with our tour in Seoul where at the palace we were chosen to be the King and Queen. We sure have felt special. Our tour was the Grand Tour of Seoul. We had.. a typical Korean lunch where the food was cooked at our table - beef, noodle and vegetables with all the condiments too at the market in Insadong. Met the protestors for the release of the president as well as saw pictures of the “Little Rocket Man” = (North Korea). One of course had to see the socks - -done with pictures of our presidents, cartoon figures, etc - bargain, only $1.00 a pair. The tour of the National Museum was extremely interesting and of course we could have spent hours there. Happy to have a sea day today to relax. Park our guide was the second best speaking English guide and full of humor - -had us all laughing!
  2. Catching up and wanted to share our fantastic tour in Tianjin. We took the Historical Heritage tour (8 3/4 hrs). Began with seeing the last emperor’s house called Jing Garden. A video of Puyi’s life, his excile from Beijing and influence from the Japanese was shown. He was excited to the Soviet Union for 10 years and upon his return he was rehabilitated and worked at a gardner. The concubine revolution started during his time in Tianjin — first time a woman ever left the emperor - -From there to the museum at the beautiful Astor Hotel - underground and filled with antiques. Lastly we toured Prince Quing’s mansion. The most interesting part is the story - -the concubine’s euchinic built this beautiful home, but with 18 steps —9 up and 9 down he used the emperors number. Decided to sell it to the Prince and built another home for his safety. Finally we joined the locals and walked the circuit in the reclaimed soccer stadium (finding toilets with seats!!). Passed many a fish farm on the drive to the back from the city. Our guide did give us some history of the People’s Revolution explaining how Chairman Mao came power.
  3. Funny—you made me look and I found the same picture in our room!! Our beginning was a little different - -our plane was delayed two hours in LAX so we didn’t get to the ship until after 7 pm!! Jet lagged and had an 8 hours tour in Shanghai which was fasntastic yesterday. Today was the cruise critic meet and mingle which I attended for all of 5 minutes and simply said hello before joining hubby at a bridge class. Because of our late arrival we have a muster drill at 4;30 today. The sun is shining and it feels wonderful to just relax. Here’s to a wonderful trip.
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