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  1. It’s been 4 yrs since our last RCL cruise. I know I want to get the internet package for the entire cruise on 2 devices and we are diamond members. Is it cheaper to get it onboard or get it before the cruise? Thank you!
  2. One more question regarding PK Travel. I booked 3 tours with them. They told me to meet the driver at 7:30am when the ship is scheduled to dock at 8am. I assume the earliest I can get off will be 8:30am. I emailed them about this and then they told me to meet at 8am. What has everyone's experience been?
  3. Neoclassical Trilogy is Academy, National Library, First University of Athens. Acropolis Museum is part of the tour but I didn't include it here because I thought wouldn't need a guide for that.
  4. Thank you! I am sure we will need a guide for the acropolis but do we need it for these other sites? Temple of Zeus, Panathenaic Stadium, Hill of Lycabettus, Old Palace, Tomb of The Unknown Soldier & Changing of The Guards, Catholic Cathedral, Neoclassical Trilogy I have the option of getting acropolis only or full day.
  5. For those who have used PK Travel, is a private tour guide necessary for Athens? Thank you!
  6. Do we need to prebook this or will we be able to get it on the spot? Thank you!
  7. Is there any place to get my kids' shipboard card hole punched so they can wear it on a lanyard?
  8. I have read lots of recommendations for PK Travel and Private Greece Tours. I am leaning on the first one but are there others I should look into before deciding? They don't operate in some of the islands so I'd like to get recommendations pls! Our cruise will stop in Athens, Olympia, Santorini, Mykonos and Rhodes. Thank you!
  9. jvz

    Hike to Mt. Vesuvius

    Thank you! Yes, the description does say special 4x4 shuttle. How far and difficult is the walk from the base of the Grand Cone trail?
  10. jvz

    Hike to Mt. Vesuvius

    Thank you for the responses. I just read somewhere that there is a shuttle you can take that will bypass the hike for 22 euros for person. Anyone take this before? Does it really take you right to the rim?
  11. For anyone who has done the hike to Mt. Vesuvius in August, can you please tell me if it is super hot and unbearable? I am interested in booking a Pompeii & Mt. Vesuvius tour with Italytours.eu. The tour description says it is a 45 minute hike so I am afraid of the heat and humidity. Thank you for any input.
  12. If I do unlimited, can I send in 2 separate orders on the same day? 1 needs cool wash and cool dry. The other needs cool wash, warm dry. Is that possible? Thanks.
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