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  1. The point is: The music sound is at BLASTING level and IEM's are used for ALL things you listed but you FAILED to mention the Db reduction that these IEM's provide - it DOES protect the hearing of whomever wears these but DOES NOT protect the hearing of the audience.
  2. Please READ the internet for information BEFORE you mentioned in-ear-monitors {IEMs). Herewith is info DIRECTLY from the internet!!! NOTE the 'incredible' noise reduction!!! In-Ear Monitors (IEMs} reduce volume of stage instruments and block out noise. According to the wiki definition they decrease the overall volume onstage somewhere between 26 and 34 decibels of noise reduction!!! This means that loud onstage instruments, such as drum kit or large 8x10" guitar stacks, are less likely to cause hearing damage for onstage musicians wearing IEMs. Chris Martin, Bono, The Edge, Sting...
  3. The extremely loud music was experienced on the HAL NEW SHIPS!
  4. The point SO MANY people seem to miss: THE MUSICIANS & SINGERS DO WEAR NOISE-BLOCKING-EAR-PIECES!!!!!! OBVIOUSLY wearing those ear-pieces are not for their enjoyment but for sure: PROTECTING their hearing!!!.
  5. With an email addressed to the President of HAL, we DID express our dissatisfaction about the extremely high music volume. The way we understood the response: 'If you don't like it don't cruise with us'. Well, that is exactly what we did: Effective immediately, requested STOP sending emails and brochures since we will NO LONGER cruise with HAL. There are, after all , plenty of cruise lines and countless OTHER vacation choices.
  6. First, we were pleased to read comments from so many ‘Older Adults’ and ‘Younger Adults’ touching on the HAL R&B extremely loud music and singers screaming their songs with words that cannot be appreciated because it is so ear-deafening! We want 'Younger Adults' to know that ‘Older Adults’ DO enjoy R&B music but at ear-pleasing volume. We are sure that ALL cruisers MUST be aware that R&B music players and singers DO WEAR noise blocking ear pieces to obviously PROTECT their hearing!! Then the question is: Why should the audience be BLASTED out of the area?
  7. On recent HAL cruises, we experienced ear-deafening show music & singer volume. Also the B&R bands were blasting their music so loud that we had to leave the areas. Any cruisers having the same experience or are we, seniors, perhaps too sensitive?
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