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  1. since the kids aren't strong swimmers, if you want to try snorkeling I would suggest doing that at Castaway Cay.

    It is much less scary for beginners because it is closed in by a rock wall on one side and swimmers on both sides. There are no waves or drop offs to worry about. It gradually gets deeper.


    You can actually walk out quite a ways and just look down with your mask on the water and see lots of different fish. There is also a life guard out there sitting in a tall chair. But warn the kids there are a few large scary looking fish they might see. They wont hurt you but eels and rays can look scary if your not use to them.

    Its a controlled environment so much safer for beginners that being out in the ocean diving in off a boat.



    We have been to all the ruins you can see on 3 different islands. Only a couple are fairly tall because most are falling down. Many are a long drive to even get there so it would take up the entire time you are in port that day. I loved seeing them and hearing the history but the kids in the group seemed very bored.


    Hope that helps you some. On CC your family might like to rent the bikes and ride both bike paths on the island and climb the observation tower to look over the island. Makes for a great shot of the ship too. I would do it first thing before it gets too hot them snorkel in the heat of the day. There is ice cold water several places along the paths you can get a cool drink or refill your water bottle.

  2. I say


    GO FOR IT!!!


    You'll all have a great time but your memories of all the fun your daughter will have will be priceless!!!


    Take tons of photos and remember to take your camera everywhere, even to dinner. You just never know who you will see.

    Many times we have been in an elevator with Goofy or Donald Duck and of course we forgot the camera. Character seem to pop up all over the place.


    Been on 3 cruise lines and Disney is still the best!!! Have been on over 25 DCL cruises now.


    To enjoy it to the fullest be sure and join the Roll call for your cruise date so you get aquainted with others on your cruise. You might even find another 3 year old to make friends with your daughter to hang out with in the club.



  3. Usually they have a few saved and also people do cancel excursions once on board. .

    There is a shore excursion desk mid ship. Go there just as soon as it opens. Your Navigator paper in your cabin should list the time it will be open or there will be a sign at the excursion desk telling you when it will be open.


    Often they ask you to check back if there are no openings and sometimes they may make a list of first come first serve for excursion and then they leave a message on your phone.

  4. I believe it is referring to Orlando's International Airport, which btw, the correct code for is MCO. ;-)



    Your right, but we locals call it OIA still. Just a local abbreviation for MCO.

    Sorry about the confusion.



  5. We have flown in the night before a few times when we lived in Oregon.

    We spent the night at OIA in their hotel there. Rooms are spacious and it was very quiet. Nice roof top pool to enjoy too. Plenty of food available too.


    Next morning we went to the lobby area and checked in for the Disney Cruise line bus which left about 20 minutes after we checked in. Its a fun ride with TV screens throughout the bus playing cartoons and telling you about your upcoming cruise.


    We arranged for Disney to go to our room to get our luggage too, so we only had to hassle with our carry on bags.


    Then we took the Cruise bus back to the airport after the cruise. It worked great and was well worth the extra money it cost.


    Their bus will also take you to WDW after the cruise if your going there too.

  6. Photographers are all around the ship.

    There are photo times before and after both dinner times every night not just Formal night.


    They are also on Castaway Cay for photos too, so if everyone has on their bathing suits it would be a good time. Also at specific times along the way to the beach on Castaway Cay there are characters for photos opportunities too.


    The photographers are everywhere, so you can get family shots without being formal night.

  7. I agree with Moki's Mommy,



    Please get your daughters hair done on the ship.

    I have seen and heard so many horror stories of people who get it done on the islands. You never see them clean a comb or brush just shove them in a pocket and pull back out again for the next person.


    Also I have read multiple reports of people having to call the police or security because the braider demands 3 or 4 times what they had agreed on.

    That's not a fun way to spend your time on the island!


    You wont have that problem on the ship.


    I know someone here said to avoid the straw market but I think that depends on what you are shopping for. We look for the hand carved wooden products that are sold on the far end of the Straw Market and have always found great looking items at a reasonable price but be prepared to dicker the price.

    It's a custom there to dicker for prices and you get some great deals.


    I do agree it can be a very pushy area with all the vendors in there and a lot of what they sell is junk but there are also some good buys if you're careful about what you're buying.

    I find it a great experience of exploring a different culture.


    Have fun!!

  8. Not silly at all.


    Yes there is always at least one restaurant open besides the buffet.


    They always have a menu on the wall near the entryways so you can see what they are serving so you can decide if you want to eat there or the buffet or around the pool fast foods.

  9. Hi


    Thank you for your quick reply and all your tips and suggestions.

    We are from Poland, so kids speak Polish :-)

    Actually the older one speaks some English and little bit of German, so she should be fine. The question is if she finds there anyone at her age. I hope so :-). The younger one already knows few basic words and phrases in English - so I guess she also could communicate basics, but she would not understand more complex games, instructions, stories etc.


    We were on one cruise on Costa Concordia in 2010, but at this cruise both girls went to the same kid's club, now they would be separated.


    We know about European DCL crusies, but this cruise is going to be a part of our first ever Florida vacation.



    I'd like to sail on Magic, but at that time of the year they only have 7 days cruise. We can not afford that. Considering 3 or 5 day cruises - I'd like to be on a newer ship, but the cost per day seams for us too high, with 5 day cruise on Wonder the cost per day (for the whole family) seams more reasonable.




    I bet there will be crew members who speak Polish. But they may not be in the kids clubs.

    We were just on a 3 day cruise on the Magic a few weeks ago.

    They just did a huge remodel and it looks like a new ship right from the instant you step on board the ship. It is very easy to navigate the ship.


    We had an awesome time on her for 3 days and the price was reasonable. Not sure if the Magic will still be doing 3 day cruises by the time your ready to cruise. They remodeled the kids areas too.


    I live in Florida so if your vacationing here and have any questions about some of the attractions in the state I may be able to answer them for you.

    I have been to most of the major attractions in the state. Please let me know if I can help answer any questions for you. My e-mail is at the bottom of my post, feel free to write and ask any questions you might have. Just put something on the subject line so I know its you. Maybe Florida vacation questions. Other wise I delete everything I don't recognize who its from.



  10. If your 1.5 year old like to get wet be sure and bring plenty of swim diapers. They are required in the kids water areas and the Fantasy has a great water area for toddlers. Its safe and very cute and colorful. Easy to watch them or to be in there with them too.


    We thought we had plenty of swim diaper for our grand child but ran out about day 3. OOPS!! So had to buy more on board which is VERY EXPENSIVE!!!


    Plus they ran out part way through the cruise. Guess we weren't the only ones to not take enough!!

  11. I'm thinking about January 2015 cruise on Wonder. Actually, I even made a booking, but now I have secon thoughts.


    We are planning to go on a West C. cruise on Jan 18th, 2015 during our winter holidays. I have 2 kids who will be at that time 8 and 14. I thought it would be great opportuity for them to go to kids clubs and meet with other kids from different countries (but mostly Americans). Now I'm wondering if there will be any kids at that age during the school time. What is your experience ?


    The other thing is that my daughters don't speak English - only few words. How will they handle in a kid and youth clubls ? Have you seen a lot of non-English speaking kids there ?


    It would be our first and rather (due to the costs of cruise and flights from Europe)) the only one cruise on DCL. Will we enjoy Wonder ? I decided on 5 day cruise on Wonder to have time enjoy the ship, but maybe I should choose 3 day Bahamian cruise on bigger and newer Dream ?




    What language do your kids speak?? The counselors we have met are from all over the world and many speak their native language and English so they may actually have a counselor who speaks their language.

    But I would teach your kids as many English words as possible before your cruise. They are old enough to learn a lot in a short amount of time. It doesn't have to be full sentences but words like bathroom, want my mom or dad, feeling ill, important phrases like that. You'll be amazed how well kids seem to communicate with other kids. My granddaughter made great friends with a girl who didn't speak any English. A smile and nod was all they needed and a lot of pointing at things.


    My kids are grown but we have taken the grand kids many times and no matter when you go there are always lots of kids on the ships of all ages. People do take their kids out of school for a Disney cruise.


    Both ships have great kids areas but since the Dream is newer it has the newest high tech things for them. Greatest teen area around!!!

    I always go for the longest cruise I can get but if I had my grandkids with me I would go for the Dream. It has much more for them to do. Love the mini golf they have too.


    When you do book a cruise be sure and go to the Roll call section here and join on your cruise date. Posting there you will get to know others on your cruise and maybe find someone with kids the ages of yours and can start them communicating on line with some help from you parents for translation.


    Good luck and have a Magical cruise!!



  12. Finally booked our first Disney cruise! :D Disney Wonder December 3rd - 7th. Really looking forward to all of the Christmas activities/decorations and the pirate party. Also the ports we have never been to of Key West , Castaway Cay and Nassau. After 4 long cruises with Carnival we have actually never been to Nassau. From what I understand, I shouldn't expect much there.


    Now, if only Disney World will come out with a free dining promotion either before or after our cruise, we will be happy campers!




    Don't be too down on Nassau. There are some great excursions there and lots to do within walking distance. Plenty of great shopping if you like to shop too. Nassau has spent lots of money the last few years remodeling the buildings by the pier. I admit they are not as fancy looking as many islands, how ever when we cruise we go to see different cultures not fancy buildings.


    Some of the people seem aggressive to sell you stuff if you haven't experienced that before and that does offend many people. It takes some getting use to. For us its a different culture and we enjoy a different experience than we get here at home. That's one thing we love about the different islands.

    They are not nearly as aggressive as they use to be. Just say No Thanks and walk on. They will then ask the next person if they need a taxi or want their hair braided.


    Other ports are cleaner and nicer to look at but that doesn't mean Nassau isn't much of a port. Look at the excursions and find something that sounds good and go for it. We have found the people there to be very nice.


    Have a Magical cruise!!

  13. My daughter and her family did the 12 meter Regatta. They have been on multiple cruises and done all kinds of excursions but they said this was the BEST excursion they have ever done.


    It was unusual, and very exciting to do. They do give instructions and you better follow precisely or you can get hurt. She forgot something and got her arm hit and had a nasty bruise that stayed for about 3 weeks but she said it was her fault and it was still the best excursion ever!!


    I think they had around a 10 a.m. time and they did come back for lunch then back off the ship to go shopping.



  14. Would they like the Pirate Museum?


    Its only 5 minutes walk from the pier.


    Just google Nassau Pirate museum and there's a great site to tell you everything about it. Only takes 45 minutes to an hour to see it so you still have time to go to the beach is you want to.


    Our grand kids loved the Pirate museum.

  15. I enjoyed reading your report. Happy to hear you had a good time. I loved the pictures of the ships side by side. I have been on both ships and of course knew the Dream was a lot larger than the Magic but I hadn't seen them side by side like that. WOW!! You can really see the difference. AWESOME photos.


    Thank you for sharing.



  16. We love both ships but since the Magic just got a huge remodel I would advise trying it first.


    If it weren't for that I would say take the longer cruise on the Wonder because 3 days just seems too short.


    But the additions they made on the Magic sound AWESOME!!



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