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  1. If our grandson wants to go to the kids club area on the island will he get off the ship with us then we go to a specific place on the island to check him in?

    Any info about the island and kids club would be appreciated.



    The above poster gave some great info.

    If you do have permission to take your grandson to and from the clubs, then as you asked, on Castaway Cay you can drop him off at a check in spot for the kids area on the island and pick him up there too. They will even take the kids to lunch if you ok it. They have a large picnic area for them.


    Depending on the age of the child there are different areas on the island they can go to. You will have a map of the areas and the kids clubs on board can tell you all about it.


    They do have different events for the kids like building sand castles, water fights, crab races and much more. You can sign them up for these activities in the kids clubs.

    Kids get their own section of the Navigator paper that lists the events.


    The counselors are great about telling the kids about stuff too and in return they will be all excited and tell you too. One way or another you will be informed about events on board and on the island.:)



  2. Are there hidden Mickeys on the Dream we should be searching for?

    I know at a few of the resorts they will give you a check list of the areas to look for them at to so a Hidden Mickey search?


    Just checking to see if anyone has found, looked or done a search on the Dream?



    Yes , They are everywhere!!!

    I believe I found 33 or 34 on our cruise.


    Many in the WD Theater and at Cabanas.


    I will give a clue about Cabanas, look low under things for several of them. They are hard to find in there.

  3. Hi Laura,


    I felt bad today when several of the e-mails I sent you with door signs came back to me saying undeliverable.


    I must have written your e-mail down wrong or something.


    I have many signs to share with you.:)


    Please e-mail me again with your e-mail address so I can send them to you again before your cruise next month.


    I hope you read this. I feel terrible that they came back and I have no way to reach you.:(





  4. Hello! I'm new to this, looking to book a Disney a Cruise and have a couple basic questions to start. There is so much to read and look at! I have a 4, 3 and 5 month old - what are thoughts on length of trip 4 - 7 days?? Also, which cruise ship is the way to go? Why do people choose the boats they choose when booking a trip? We've never done a cruise, would love some insight at what to look at and where to start. Thank u!!



    My first Disney cruise was a 4 day. The first evening I knew that was too short of a cruise to enjoy all the ship had to offer.

    Being its your first cruise many only do a 3 or 4 day to make sure they are going to like it.

    If you love Disney that wont be long enough for you!!


    Al the ships are great. It depends on which itenary you want to take.

    The Magic was just refurbishes last month so most of the public areas are like a new ship. Some of the rooms need a it of sprucing up.


    The Fantasy and Dream are both awesome ships. I like the Fantasy best due to the adult areas are just a bit different than the Dream, plus it goes for 7 days not 3 or 4.


    As young as your kids are a 4 day would probably be a nice introduction for them. It can be exhausting for kids. A 7 day they ,might be pretty stressed by the end. But the short cruises only go to Nassau and Castaway Cay. So if your looking forward to exploring islands then go for a longer cruise and make sure the kids get a good long nap everyday.


    You wont be disappointed in any of the ships themselves. Each one has something special the others don't. Take time to just walk around the ship and enjoy looking at all the areas.

  5. I am in your age range and have cruised Disney, Carnival and Royal Caribbean.

    My biggest fear before going on the Fantasy and Dream was the idea of how many people would be on them. But we never felt crowded accept at pirate night and of course the Adventures away party as you leave port.


    Since I have been to so many of those parties I just go to the adult area at the front of the ship on deck 14 and relax and watch fireworks from up there. Its not crowded at all. Since you don't care about characters you wont miss not having gone to the parties.


    After that the only crowds I noticed was the kids and family pool areas but it has been like that on every ship I have ever cruised on.


    Disneys adult only areas are awesome. Love the large hot tub on the Fantasy and the adult pool is never crowded. Satellite falls is a very quiet place to sit and enjoy the cool water on your legs and feet and sip something cool.

    The clubs on deck 4 are well away from the noise of the kids areas and after 9 p.m. is completely kid free. During the day they do have some family events in those clubs but it was never crowded with kids. Just a nice place to go and relax a bit.


    Last trip we went to pirate trivia in the sports bar and we were the only people who showed up even though it was a family event.


    If you go to DCL's web site you can order a free DVD and you can watch it and see the adult areas to get a feel for the ship.


    Also if you go during fall when kids are in school there are not as many kids. Still plenty of them but not as many, mostly the younger ones.

  6. Is this still being done on the Dream?



    On the Dream they had alarm clocks but you could still do a wake up call and I'm sure its still Mickey or Goofy who wakes you up. Also if you go to your online reservation page there is a link to arrange a character call to your house before you cruise. Since you set it up you know when to let the kids answer or be ready to use the speaker phone setting on the phone so they can all hear it.

  7. Last month on the Dream they had one evening for Officers pin trading. Which means the officers had pins ot trade and anyone on board who wanted to trade could come and trade with them or others who showed up. I also noticed a CM standing outside of one of the stores with pins for trading on a black sachel at his side, not a lanyard and he would trade with people.


    What I have done in the past is join a roll call thread and then ask if anyone wants to do a Pin trading meet, let me know and then I set up our own little meet. Usually the 2nd day on the ship, early morning so not to interfer with peoples excursions unless its a 7 day then its a sea day.

    I got 23 new pins last November just from our meet.


    But unless its the meet time in the Navigator you dont see people walking around with pins on their lanyards like in the theme parks.



  8. Some of these tips are out dated like arriving early to get an early boarding pass.



    Thats true, but this thread was started in 2008 and back then it was correct. Maybe we need to try to update this thread for 2012 ?:confused:


    Hopefully people will look at the dates of the posts.:)

  9. We are headed for our first cruise in Feb 2012. Our kids will be 6, 5 and 3 at the time of sailing. Are there other options other then the 8:15pm assigned seating? Thanks!


    Yes there is. The buffet turns into a small sit down restaurant from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. all but the first and last night. Many people with young kids go there because it is much faster and more relaxed atmosphere.


    You can also use room service. Food is free, tip extra.

    Lots of food options around the pool area too.


    Plus when you check in they give you a welcoem aboard paper and it will say when and where to go and make dinner reservations for palos or Remy's depending on which ship. You can also request a change in your dinner times at that place. They will do there best to get you to an earlier dinner time. Just tell them you have 3 small kids so late dinner would be really hard on them. Lots of people try to change dining times and many succeed.


    Good luck!!

  10. Thanks for the info.... my family will be staying Saturday nite. What hotel do you recommond to stay at???



    We like the Radisson. Its an older hotel but clean, nice pool and live tropical music in the evening around the pool area. Nice italian restuarant next door with great pizza and McDonlads is right across the street as well as their own restaurant. Thye have a shuttle to take you to the port if needed. Make a reservation when you check in for the shuttle. 5 minutes drive to the port.


    If you want a new place Country inn and suites is nice too. You can google either place to read up on them.

  11. momx4 grandmax4, Is there a way i could email you direction questions about DCL? I am going on the disney dream with my 11 yr old son in july and have so many questions. i see you post a lot and seem to know your stuff. there has been lots of talk about fish something and decorating doors but i still dont understand and i have questions about shore excurstions, pirate night, etc.



    You sure can and I am happy to help with what I can.

    my e-mail is sixtoedfrog@yahoo.com


    Be sure and put something like DCL questions on the subject line so I dont delete you. I dont open anything that I dont recognise.


  12. I would've thought tips would be handled behind the scenes by now, between ships mgmt and staff, since it's coming out of your room account. Do you really still have to actually hand the staff envelopes with tips?




    No but you may feel akward at dinner the last night when the others around you are all handing out tip envelopes and thanking the wait staff.


    On DCL the wait staff does a parade around the dining room the last night as a fare well to their guests and then its tradition to hand them the envelopes and than them.


    It's up to you.

  13. Yes you can. The OBC is applied to your on board account.

    So just go to Guest Services and tell them you want to put your gratuities on your account. They will ask how much for each water, head server, assistant server and room host you want to pay. Then ask for the receipt for each. Then on the last night of the cruise you put the receipt in the envelopes (delivered to your room the night before) so you have something to hand to your wait staff and room host the last night like everyone else will be doing.

  14. Hi all

    Thank you for all your wonderful tips!

    My daughters and I will be cruising for the first time September 2011 Mexican Riviera Disney Wonder...I wonder if my 12 year old will be allowed to go to the teen zone?

    Also any tips on swimming with the dolphins?

    Much appreciated!




    If you post your questions on the main forum page ( same page this link was on) Not the tip thread site, hundreds will see it and you will be more likely to get answers. Basically people only go here to read tips people post.:)

  15. hope this helps.



    ONE box per stateroom, no exceptions.

    • The package must have the guest full name, ship, sailing date, stateroom number or GTY if you have not been assigned a stateroom number.

    • The package also must have a packing slip attached to the outside of the box that details the contents of the package. For prescriptions, a copy of the prescription is sufficient. Your list may or may not be read but it must have one. Write packing slip on the outside of the envelope.

    • NO FOODS/DRINKS OF ANY KIND, LIQUOR OF ANY KIND, FIREARMS, ETC.. Items that cannot be shipped to the Disney Cruise Line Warehouse and delivered to the ship include: food products (any and all food products including baby food/formula), beverages (liquor, water, etc.), chemicals, and luggage. These items will not be accepted at the warehouse and will be returned. This may cause the dogs to hit on your box and that would be a bad thing.

    • The required size of the cartons you are shipping down have to be about the size of a record storage box 12 inches on a side and should not weigh more than 20 lbs. (This has been asked personally by Dave Adams who is the owner)


    Address your package(s) to:

    Disney Cruise Line Warehouse

    Guest Name / Stateroom # (GTY, if you don't know what it is when you send the package)

    8633 Transport Drive

    Orlando, FL 32832

    Phone: 407-566-8196


    In the bottom left corner of the top of the package put the following information: ATTN: HOUSEKEEPING


    *Sail Date


    *Stateroom Number

    *Packing slip that details contents of the package (for prescriptions, a copy of the prescription is sufficient)

    • Packages must arrive by Friday by 3:00pm for the 7-Night Cruise on the Disney Magic (Saturday).

    • Packages must arrive by Friday by 3:00pm for the 4-Night Cruise on the Disney Wonder (Sunday).

    • Packages must arrive by Wednesday by 3:00pm for the 3-Night Cruise on the Disney Wonder (Thursday).


    If your box is hit on by the screening dog or chosen for additional screening they will open the list and the box and look through it. They will close it back up and provided nothing bad is in it then it will be in your room as usual later after boarding. These boxes will be coming on the ship with the crew mail among other things so they may be in the staterooms later then they were before as they are low priority in the scheme of things for Disney.


    Boxes to Send Home after Cruise - Information provided by Shirley

    These guys are great and right off Highway 528 - Shipping Depot located at 211 Crockett Blvd, Suite 103, Merritt Island, Florida, Phone 321-453-2558, Fax 321-453-0161

    Hours - Monday thru Friday 9 am - 6 pm, Saturday 10 am - 2 pm

    Email - shippingdepot103@aol.com

    If you DO NOT want to concern yourself with the carrying of ''stuff'' home that you have purchase or too much to take on the plane, you can take it over to their place of business or they will be more than glad to pick it up from Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral and they will ship anywhere and everywhere. They are UPS and FEDEX office. Owners are Raul and Dwane - super nice folks to work with and very accomodating to your shipping needs. Must mention this board for discount.

  16. Hi All,


    Thanks for all of the GREAT tips! This is our first Disney Cruise (with our four-year-old son) and we're travelling with another family of first-timers. We have a few questions:


    We were wondering if it's okay to bring bottles of wine on board and to drink our own wine at dinner. If so, does Disney charge a corkage fee?


    Also, a few of you mentioned the over-the-door shoe holder and how great it is for not only shoes, but other small items. I happen to have one of the shoe holders you can hang in your closet (it's basically a long thin column of cubbies on a hanger). Is there room in the closet for this or is it just better to go out and buy the over-the-door kind? (We have an inside stateroom, if that matters).


    My husband and I didn't book any excursions, because we figured a four-day cruise is so short and we really just want to de-compress. Our son doesn't swim yet, so we are limited in the water sports department. Also, I tend to get a bit sea-sick as it is, so I'm not keen on getting off the ship and onto a small vessel of some sort. But, having said this, is there anything that our four-year-old son absolutely should not miss? Or is there a grown up activity that's so outstanding that we should try to squeeze it in?





    Yes you can bring your own wine in your carry on and there is a corking fee if you drink it at dinner. I believe its $35.00.


    I think you should be able to hand a shoe holder inside the closet. There is actually a verry arge closet in your room and some luggage can slide under your bed to make more room in the closet of needed. With only 3 of you there should be plenty of room.

    I have had an inside room before and it was quite nice.


    The reason most use the over the door shoe holder is for convinence of having it on the bathroom door so they can easily reach deodorant, toothpaste, hair brushes etc right from the bathroom while cleaning up.


    Gosh, there is so much to do, just read the Navigaotr and pick whats best suited to your interests each day.

    I would say dont miss any of the shows and your 4 year old will probably like them too. Especially when the characters show up on stage which happens in every show.


    The toddler splash zone is great for toddlers. If he is too big for that but doesnt swim the Mickey ears are great for little kids who like to splash around but not get in the kiddie pool. You can be right next to him. The club is great fun for kids and if he is unsure about it you can check in as a visitor and stay with him until he adjusts if you want.


    They always have a great variety of movies too. All the kids in the kiddie shows talk and make noise so its a great place to introduce your son to movie theaters without worrying about disturbing others around you.


    All the adult venues are great. The adult comedy shows are awesome!!


    Both deck parties are fun too. The Adventures away party as you leave Port Canaveral is a must and get as close to the stage as you can with your 4 year old. Characters will be on that stage towards the end of the party. He will get up close to see them that way.


    Pirate party is late night but the fireworks are great and watching Mickey repel down off the stack is fun.


    If you post your questions on the main forum page for Disney you will get lots of answers from many different people. Thats the best way to get lots of opinions.


  17. the Navigator is the ships information paper. There will be one waiting in your room for you.

    Then every evening a new one will be delivered for the next days events.

    Sometimes its slid under your door other times its left by your room host when they turn down your bed.


    Extra copies are on a table by guest services if you loose yours.


    You can find copies of the Navigator on line to see what they are like. Just remember the events can and do change often.

    This site is for room reviews but if you scroll down alittle ways and look on the left you will see the word Navigator. Click on that for sample Navigators to look at.







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