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  1. Hello everyone. There's alot of good info here! We are thinking about taking our first cruise this fall. I was looking at the cabin descriptions and I noticed that each cabin has an iPod docking station. How insulated are the cabins? Do you hear your neighbors TV or music next to you? Also, the ships as crowded as the parks? Finally, has anyone taken a cruise in the spring? Is the temperature warm enough to enjoy all the water activities?





    To get peoples attention to answer your questions you need topost on the main forum page and you'll get answers. This is basically just for tips.

    But I can tell you we never heard TV's from our neighbors. If someone yells you can hear it or the toilets flushing. They are plenty loud.


    The ship is never clear full. And events are spread out all over the ship so NO it isnt as crowded as the parks. Remember they can only sell so many cabins whre the parks have thousands of people in them.

    You will find it a bit crowded around the Mickey pool for the kids and arrive early for the shows as they do fill up but there is always a seat for everyone, since they have 2 shows a night.


    We cruised in March spring break once and it was hot everyday. Swimming temps were great.

    Hope tha thelps some but as I said if you post your questions on the main forum others can help you too.

  2. Here is a couple on deck 10 and you can see the height of the wall.





    This is deck 9 and goofy . You can see the floor to ceiling plexi glass wall I told you about behind him and to the right. The whole deck is like this.




    Ok this is deck 9 where bars are. some bars at the corner are open others have plexi glass but you can see how close together they are.

    No kid is going through them.





    I hope this helps you some. Somewhere i have better photos but maybe these will help,



  3. We are planning to take my son and daughter-in-law on a 3-4 day Disney cruise (tied to visit to Disney World) next summer. The 3 children range from 4-13. My wife and I cruise a lot (never on Disney) and we have told them this will be a fantastic and memorable trip. My daughter-in-law is concerned about letting the 4-6 year olds to run around the ship. Falling over the rails, etc. Can she talk with Disney Lines and get a good, reassuring answer. Assume from your signature block you have taken many trips with grandkids on Disney. Any comments I can share with them. I understand and empathise with her concern.




    Please tell you DIL not to worry. With all the kids on Disney believe me safety is their priority!! One of my daughters was terrified until she got on board about her 2 little kids.

    Ok if you get a verandah room , there is NO way they can open that HEAVY glass door. It also locks at the handle and up high enough my husband always has to reach up and unlock it for me. I swear I have to really tug hard to open it. of course she ,may feel better NOT having a balcony which is fine.


    Deck 9 has a floor to ceiling plexi glass wall. Ever so often it will have bars instead of the wall but they are close together with tables and chairs for sitting. They are close together so kids cant fall out. I dont think I have ever seen a kid there by the bars?


    Mickey pool and the splash zone are both on deck 9 and i promise they are safe.

    Deck 10 is the top open deck but also has a tall plexi glass wall for safety. It is chest high on me. I usually rest my elbows on it to look over as we are cruising. Deck 4 is the same way.



    But kids usually arnt on the outside decks without parents or grandparents with them. There is nothing to attract them to these areas accept the pools on deck 9. Parents are there to supervise kids in the water.


    Kids clubs are deck 5 and that is where the kids will spend most of their time. The do move them around the ship sometimes for special events or to go to the buffet if you sign them up to eat with the club. But it is inside hallways and they use the buddy system as they walk the inside hallways with counselors throughout the line.

    The movie theater is also on deck 5 . They always have a kids show or two during the day.


    I think I have some photos of the plexi glass wall somewhere. If you think it would help I would be happy to find them so she can see them.


    But as far as I know DCL has never lost anyone overboard.

    I'm sure she has seen on the news where some idiot has fallen overboard off a cruise ship. Once they investigate they find alcohol was involved and doing something stupid like trying to walk on the railings. These mostly occur on what I call Party ships where most people drink most of the day and then do stupid things.


    DCL is safe. I was scared to crusie my first time. I dont swim so boats have always scared me. Before we even left port I wanted to rebook:D and bring the grandkids, which we did. The ships are large and its easy to forget your at sea.


    I am sure once your DIL actually sees the pool area and kids clubs she will feel safe and secure. The kids can't check themselves out of the clubs until they are 10 I believe and even then she can revoke that priviledge so they cant leave without her knowing it. So the kids wont be running all over the ship. I truly believe the only way she will get over her fears is to go and see the ship for herself..


    Nobody else can check them out of the clubs either unless she tells the counselors and that person must know the secret password. So nobody will come to get your kids out of the clubs accept her too and she will have a beeper so if your child wants you they will beep you.



  4. Hi! I'm new to this forum...My husband, myself, 6 year old daughter and her grandparents are planning our first Disney Cruise! My husband and I have never been been on a cruise, however my in-laws are pretty cruise-saavy (though not on Disney). We would like to go on a 7 day cruise but other than that are a bit overwhelmed by all the choices! Cost is definately a factor, but we would also like to know about best itinerary (Eastern Vs. Western, etc), best time of year, and best excursions :) Maybe some of you have a "Top Ten Things I wish We Knew Before Our First Disney Cruise" List? Any and all thoughts/ideas/suggestions would be welcome! Thank you in advance...Excited Mom



    Hi Excited Mom,

    welcome to the boards here. You will get more responses is you post your question on the main forum page instead of the tip thread.

    Just lick on new topic and write it out, then hit submit and thousands of people will see it, where here only a few will see your post.

    Be sure and click on Instant e-mail notification below before submitting your post so you will be notified anytime someone responds to you.


    Ok now for your question. Both itnearies have good points to them.

    We love to crusie in the winter months. Weather is great and NO humidity. The summer has so much humidity it feels twice a shot and can make it miserable to explore the islands.

    Usually we cruise the first saturday after Thanksgiving. It is usually a good price. DO not go over aholiday it will be very expensive. But the week before or after holidays seem to be a bit less.


    This year lots of their cruises are less than last year. One thing we found out. Other lines are cheaper to book but by the time you pay for all the extras it costs just as much as DCL. Example: Most lines charge extra for pop, DCL its included unless you buy from a waiter roaming by the pools.


    Water for swimming is slightly cooler in the winter but not enough to stay out of the water. All the islands are windy all year around and many will have an an afternoon shower, but they only last 15 minutes. It is a warm rain too.

    Temps on the islands only vary 5 to 20 degrees from summer to winter but as I said the humidity makes it feel hotter in the summer.


    Personally we love the Eastern better due to the extra sea day. So much to do on the ship or just relax. I also think there are a few more things for younger kids to do for excursion on the Eastern as opposed to the Western.


    As for things I wish I had knew before I cruised?They are all listed in the tips listed at the atart of this thread. Read them all, it will really help you.



    Eastern: for a child of 6 I would say The Butterfly Farm or a beach excursion but remember these are usually clothing optional beaches.

    But if you take the water taxi at the pier to the shopping area there si a nice beach to the left and right of the sidewalk there. Very low key and you rent chairs there. But it is nice for little kids to get wet where you can keep a good eye on them. But you will have a beach day on CC so I suggest the Butterfly farm. The ride there gives you a bit of the look of the island and soem tiem to shop at the end of the tour.


    St. Thomas I would say Coral world with a semi sub ride is awesome for a kid. You can see all kinds of tropical fish without having to know how to snorkel.


    On CC do a bike ride while your there to see the island. They have all sizes of kids bikes with and without traingn wheels and helmets are provided. There are 2 long paved trails and one has an observation tower for a great view of the island. So many people go to the family beach and never see the rest of the island or the grouper game room.

    No need to reserve ahead of time for bikes, snorkeling or tubes there. They have tons of them.


    Hope that helps you some,


    mom x4,grandma x4

  5. Sorry no soda water that i've seen. You might ask your waiter if they have any in the restaurant? Its not on the menu but it cant hurt to ask. I know they have ginger ale if requested for upset stomach. Some people use soda water for stomach acid too, so maybe they have it?


    Also there is Preludes by the Walt Disney theater where they sell snacks at show time. They sell cans a pop, you could ask them too. It is all coke products on board.


    You can bring your own in your carryon bags, they wont say anything. many people bring Pepsi because they dont like coke. Just DONT put in checked luggage, keep in carry on or it will get broken and make a mess.


    I know if your flying you cant bring that much liquid but they might have it at one of the eateries at OIA. If your spending the night before you can probably find a store close by and get some too.




  6. Thanks again kathy...we are going on the Disney Wonder 4 day cruise June 7th!



    I dont know what you like to do but here are my experiences at Nassau.

    First dont be put off by the old buildings and run down look of the port area, there is plenty of great stuff to see and do there.

    be aware as you go through the port security building there will be a few people asking if they can braid your hairs or if you need a taxi, just say No thanks and keep walking. Many are upset by this but it is just their way to make a living.


    Never have these people braid your hair. Have it done on the ship or Castaway Cay. I have seen the ladies at Nassau do someones hair, then use the same comb on the next person without washing it out. Plus they throw all the combs in their pockets with others that have been used already. Yucky!! The ship is sanitary.


    Ok the buggies are often kinda shaggy looking but it really is fun to take a horse and carriage ride there. You cant miss them. As you walk to the first road on the sidewalk they are on your left. They charge by how long you want to ride. You dicker back and forth and will average 15 to 20 dollars per person for about a 30 minute narrated tour. Traffic is loud in some parts and makes it hard to hear but this is something you normally dont expeirence.

    I always look for things I dont get to do at home.


    Also, everyone will talk about the straw market which is under a big white canvas and can be spotted from deck 10 on the hsip. Again when you walk to the first road, turn right and walk down about 4 blocks, you cant miss it. Be warned this place is crowded, small rows and everyone says they have the best deal. But if you like to dicker prices, this is the place to go. If you buys clothing, check it over carefully, i have seen a few open seams, but for the most part it is good stuff. They sell things made from hand carved wood that I love. Its the far right as you face it. Usually the man is there carving for you to see and sometimes a painter is there too. Fascinating to watch them work.


    If you go out the back of the straw market and walk 2 blocks up you will see a big purple building. That is the pirate museum. It is a great museum and allow an hour to see it all. You buy admission tickets in the gift shop. Last time we went it was $12 per adult, and $7 per child.


    If you want to just shop as you exit the back of the straw market, turn left and you will have blocks and blocks of stores and look down side streets too. Many cheap small stores there and there are 2 other open air markets if you watch for them. If you go to Atlantis side, it gets very expensive for souvenirs.


    Also the 2 hour historical city tour was great, not boring at all, I was surprized. we went in a 10 person van, our driver was great and knew everything about his country. We saw 2 forts, one was a guided tour, Queen Annes staircase, a couple of historical houses you cant go in.


    Plus each place had people selling souvenirs too.


    We did the glass bottom boat excursion and didnt see a darn thing.:(

    Plus the boat was dirty and the jar the free punch was in looked gross. It may of changed now, I dont know. I do realize there is no guarantee you will see any fish on this type of excursion but that is what you pay for. Plus it was too windy to go out to see the ship wreck. So I give a thumbs down to this one, although others have seen oodles of fish.


    The Harbour tour is a relaxing scenic boat ride out the harbour and you see lots of famous peoples homes and yachts. They tell you whose houses they are and then you get to feed some fish at the turn around point. This is not exciting but if you just want an easy quiet boat ride it was nice and I enjoyed taking photos of some of the houses . The guides were great.


    Atlantis aquarium is awesome!!! I dont usually like aquariums but this one is an A+ in my book. The tours do move fast but you can go back on your own after its over and really go at your leisure. The windows are almost floor to ceiling so kids can easily see. The these is great .

    Part of this excursion takes you outside to see more large fish under a small eating area. There are a few steps there, so if you have a stroller make sure it can be easily folded up, like an unbrella style.

    Afterwards take time to explore the hotel lobby area or the casino.


    The huge statues are great photo ops and some of the huge chandeliers of blown glass cost 1 million each make beautiful photos.

    I will warn you the snack bar there is very expensive!!


    There is a beach within walking distance of there too. If you want to stay longer than your tour bus its no problem to grab a taxi to get back to the ship. Its very close. They usually have buses running every 30 minutes most of the day, or close to it. Also if you walk down to the harbour from Atlantis you can get a water taxi for $11 that lets you off right next to the port. We have done that many times too.


    I advise you take a bottle of water for each person from the ship. They sell them ice cold as you exit the ship. There are NO water fountains anywhere. water is precious there and very expensive to buy.


    Also take in your purse a travel size, toilet paper, seat cover and hand sanitizer. many times the bathrooms are out of supplies and no soap or towels. Plus many have an attendant if you tip them you get some toilet paper:D Not all bathrooms but a few are like that.


    The bathrooms in the upstairs of the port building are usually pretty clean, the one in the pirate museum is ok too. Of course Atlantis is spotless.

    But the public restrooms you see signs for are NOT up to our standards.

    Or you could get a cork and not have to worry about it. Ha Ha!! Sorry I couldnt resisit!! Many times its just a porta potty.


    I havnt done the Ardasta (spelling) gardens yet. It rained us out but people say it is very nice.

    I havnt done the snorkeling there, my daughter and her family did it and said it was good, not spectacular but worth the money.

    You see more snorkeling at Castaway Cay in her opinion.


    Thats all i can think of for Nassau for now. As you can tell I have been there many times.



  7. Here is some that were printed off the computer and I added writing.














    I will have to look for the ones made from stickers. I dont seem to see them right now but I will look later and if i find them I will post them too.



    Another fun thing to you, especially if you have kids but I do it for myself is to make a countdown chain to hang in the house.


    I cut loops from plain old construction paper and wrote the numbers counting down to how many days before we cruise.

    I add disney stickers on special days like birthdays and at the month and week m akrs to celebrate another week or months closer. Then the last day I have either a sticker of a plane and a cruise ship or a car full of luggage with Goofy driving it headed for the port.


    either when I get up each morning or before i go to bed I will remove one link for each day. I am a gluten for punishment. I do them a year out and string it all over my place:) But its so exciting as it gets shorter and shorter.


    kids love to make these. With my grandkids when it starts to get 3 months away one link (when theya re over) they take off and it sends them on a Pirate scavenget hunt. It leads them to a treasure map then They get eyepatches, bandanas, pirtae candy, what ever i can find and they save non edible things for the cruise.

    Also we do a tropical beach party hunt for new beach clothes (mom helps) sunglasses, suntan lotion, disney themed hair brushes and barettes, disney pens to write postcards with on the ship. just what ever you want.


    That helps to pass the time, and it keeps the excitement at full speed ahead too.


    If you havnt already done it go to the DCL website and order the free DVD and have a Disney movie night. watch your favorite Disney movie and then surprize them with the new DVD.



  8. Thanks x4.....I was thinking more for the storage of luggage....also, do you suggest decorating the door. I've seen posts about magnets? Do you buy them, make them? any info would be great!



    There is a large closet to hang clothes and beneath the clothes you can put suitcases. We had 2 large ones in there. On the other side by the safe you can put a small suitcase. If they are not too large they will slide under the bed too.


    Decorating the doors is a lot of fun. every cruise we walk every deck to see every door, just to look for door magnets. They are so much fun to see, plus late at night when your tired its much easier to find your room. If you have kids, they also will find your room easier.


    Plus it is really alot of fun to do.

    I buy magnetic sheets to make mine. DCL will allow magnets only . You arnt allowed to attach them any other way to the door due to damage it could cause.

    Some places sell the magnetic paper in a roll, that doesn like to lay flat and is more diffeicult to work with, so dotn buy it unless your experienced working with it.

    Just get a package of the sheets. They are the same size as a sheet of paper and you find them usually with the speciality computer paper, Like forms for making cards, business cards, iron on transfer etc... I think there are 5 pages per pack and will cost about $11.00 depending on where you get them.


    I have found them at some Walmarts, not all. Stpales and Michaels crafts store. You might even google search on line and find them that way too.


    Then you have 2 good easy options to make them.

    since they come the same size as paper you can print off a picture from your computer and they look professional.


    here is a site for a few that work for that size, you have to save them to your documents and print from there.



    There are hundreds to choose from if you keep your eyes open. Some of these have blank places where if you have a paint program you can write a message on them too. Or just buy letters that are stickers and put on the signs.


    You can also look in craft stores orscrapbook stores at stickers and make up your own design and stick them on the magnetic sheet to amke a sign. I have done it many times. They have tons of Disney stickers, tropical stickers, even some with the names of some of the islands you go to.


    Just lay it all out before applying the stickers because there is NO fixing after that. There are some 3D stickers that really look great but they are more spendy.

    Kids and grandkids love to use the stickers to make their own signs too. Your door will hold 4 or 5 signs if you place them carefully or change to a new one each day.


    I made oen for Pirste night and put it out on that day, one for Castaway Cay and put it out the night before we arrived there etc..


    Some people will have a Happy Birthday or Anniversary message on them too.


    Remember there is NO right or wrong. Just make it any way you like and have FUN with it!!


    If you want i will post photos of a few signs, I think I still have some on my laptop.



  9. Wow, thanks for all the suggestions/tips....here's one I didn't read....do you suggest brining alcohol and bottled water in your suitcase? Also, are the rooms real small?



    Do NOT pack water or alcohol in your checked suitcases or I guarantee they will be broken and all over your clothes. Put them in you carry on luggage and you'll be fine:)


    Different category rooms are different sizes.

    But compared to other lines DCL does have more square footage per room.

    We have always had enough room and I have been in an inside room, ocean view and all 3 verandahs rooms. I tend to feel a bit closed in sometimes but I had NO trouble on DCL. Plenty of drawers for storage too.


    Of course you'll find your not in the room accept to change for dinner and to sleep, unless you have a child who needs to nap. So the room really doesnt make any difference to many people.

  10. Thank you so much for this thread - great information! Fantastic, in fact!


    Some additional questions:


    1) Is there any charge for room service? Assuming it's available 24x7?

    2) In Palo's, can you order more than one meal? I'm a good eater and love to try a bit of everything on a cruise.

    3) I believe there are fridge's in the room - are they enough to cool down drinks and water?


    Thanks so much!





    Room service is free and 24/7 accept the last morning of the cruise. They do have a few extra items you can order that cost extra, but they are off to one side and clearly priced for you. We take soem ones for tipping for room service.


    Not sure about Palos.

    The fridge is cool enough for us to keep water in or pop. If you want extra cold beverages ask your room host for a ice bucket full of ice and put your drinks in it to get icy cold. You can even ask them to bring new ice everyday at a specific time if you want.

  11. Hi...this is the first time we have cruised. The tips are very helpful but have just one question:


    In the Booklet we received from Disney, it is suggested that we check in on-line. Is this a lengthy process? It is also mentioned in that you "make a copy" and take it with you??


    I haven't attempted this as yet but wondered if anyone can give me suggestions about this. I believe I have to insert my Reservation# and date of birth and then proceed?


    We're truly looking forward to this cruise (key west, castaway, cozumel, grand caymans). On Disney Magic Cruise.


    I understand some of the excursions are already filled up. Does this mean we cannot get on those particular excursions when we are on ship?


    Thanks for the help!



    Howdy, on line check in is really easy to do. Just have your reservation number and birthday and name and your all set. Yes you need to print it off, sign a couple of places and bring it with you. Or you can just fill out the documents you received in the mail about 10 to 14 days prior to the cruise and bring them with you. Either way will work just fine.


    Usually there are still a few opening for excusrions, once you board go to the shore excursion desk on deck 3 atrium area as soon as they open. Your Navigator will be in your room and it will list the time for it to be open. The people at the shore excusrion desk can tell you if an excusrion is filled up or not and can book you.

    Some people do cancel once their on the ship, so dont be afraid to check back even if they say its going to be filled.

    But have a second choice in case it is filled.

    Ones like swimming with the Dolphins are usually full and stay that way.


    we just returned from a Western cruise about 6 weeks ago, it was great!!!

    Be sure and look on the roll call thread here for your cruise date. Post there to get aquainted with others on your cruise. That is always a lot of fun. If you dont see your date, then start a thread yourself and others will join you.


    I have done a ton of DCL cruises, just look at my signature, so if I can help with any questions please ask. If I dont know the answer someone else here will.

    People are very friendly and helpful here.


    mom x4,grandma x4

  12. Could anyone post how much the laundry is? And if it takes quarters or dollars?

    Also I know Castaway Cay has life jackets for kids, but does the boat have them too?


    I have heard it's great to take a surge protector strip to plug in all your stuff.

    And an over the door hanger is helpful (anyone know where to get a cheap one at?)



    I can answer a little bit of your questions.

    Laundry takes quaters. They have a dollar bill changer in the laundry room. But be sure to have really flat un torn bills. They wont take it other wise.

    If the machine is out of order or wont take your bills go to guest services and tell them it didnt work and they will sell you quarters. They have a machine for small boxes of deterdent and fabric softener too.

    Iron is free. Sorry I dont know how much it costs to wash, I think it took $1.0 to get the dryer to work but I dont remember for how long.

    I try to avoid the laundry on vacation:D


    Door hanger, wal mart, k-mart have great prices.

  13. i would like to add for those who might use a refillable mug as suggested above. Be prepared for a crew member to ask you to pour the beverage into a clean unused cup and then pour into your mug.


    They try to stop the passing of germ on board very seriously and if you drink from your mug, then press it to the dispenser to get your pop the germs can transfer to the machine, then the next person puts their cup there and bingo, germs are spread.



    So to save being embarassed you might want to fill their new cup and pour into your mug. Some will correct you, others are too shy to do this but I can say they prefer you to do it this way.



    We are getting some great tips here. If I can think of any thing else I will be sure and post it here:)


    mom x4,grandma x4

  14. Hi I iwll be posting this report in a series of posts due to the amount of photos it will include, so please be patient as I post each section. I will get the entire report posted soon, Thanks.


    4/5/07 Trip Report

    Originally we had booked deck 2 ocean view room. We decided we didn’t want to spend the extra money for a verandah for a short cruise. More money to spend on souvenirs!!

    4 days before our cruise we received a call from DCL saying we had been given a free upgrade. YIPPEE!! We were given cat 6 verandah. It was room 6152 which was as far AFT as you can get without being in a handicap room. Because we were on the curve at the back of the ship we had an unusually large verandah. At the widest point it was about 8 feet from front to back and as it curved it gradually got smaller. But the smallest point was still larger than a regular verandah. it was great. No steamer trunk in this room. But we had plenty of closet space for the two of us.

    I tried to show how big it was



    This room did get a little vibration, but never enough to bother us and when you docked you felt the thrusters pretty good, but again it never bothered us. It was all just apart of the experience and i would love to have the room again. NO foot traffic that far back on the ship. There was a set of stairs just outside out door that we zipped up one flight and we were at the secret verandah on deck 7.

    deck 7 verandah


    Some may not like it because you did have to walk the entire length of the hall to get to the Aft elevators, but it only takes a minute to walk it for us.

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