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  1. Having done both trips, I would choose the Panama Canal trip because it is so unique going through the canal. I also read a great book about the history of the building of the canal before the trip and it put me in awe of the whole trip. The book is The Path Between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal, 1870-1914 by David McCullough
  2. The “Sweet Sixteen” cabins on Celebrity’s Millennium-class ships are a little-known anomaly: 8 cabins on each side of Deck 6 offer double-deep balconies for the same price as their otherwise-identical neighbors. For some reason, the Sweet Sixteen don’t appear on the deck plans (which depict the cabins as having shallow balconies just like the others on that deck).
  3. I suggest that you do a google search for photos of the different cabins. Some of them on the Eclipse have a pole in the area of the bed. If you don't get up in the night, it might not be a problem, but I am afraid of one of us running into the pole in the dark. Have a great cruise!
  4. In response to the comments about the large shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel, here is a picture of our shower on the Edge last May. I have no idea of how easy or difficult they are to use since I bring my own stuff but my husband never complained, soI doubt they caused him any trouble. I really took the picture to show how I used a stretch line for drying the clothes I hand washed and wanted to have them drip into the shower rather than on the bathroom floor.
  5. Cruiser Mickey: We went to the Tuscan the first night and loved the menu, the selection and the food were wonderful. We were impressed by the staff and ambiance. I did like the set-up of the room, we were not closed in but the room was small enough that we did not get that feel that comes from the two story MDR "one room seats all" from other ships. Since the Normandie photos seem to appeal to you, then I hope you get your wish...see above posts about sending an email to request a specific dining room. My photo of the Tuscan Dining Room: Here is my photo of The Normandie Room:
  6. When we booked the Edge, we decided to have the Select dining option, so no set time or MDR. It worked out well for us, since we were in Europe and our body clocks were out of sync with the local time. We found ourselves wanting to eat around the time the Select times opened up, so we had no more than a few minutes wait to be seated. On our cruise, the Select seating actually opened 15 minutes before the traditional seating opened, so we had the staff to ourselves for a few minutes before they got busy. The tables were close, but most people seemed to respect each table's privacy and were still friendly enough to smile and say a word or two of greeting. We wound up loving the Tuscan MDR, with the Normandie and Cosmopolitan tied for second. We did not see anything on the Cyprus menu that appealed to us, so we did not try it. I have read other reviews where they loved the Cyprus, so a lot just depends on your own taste. With the traditional seating, you will be assigned to a specific dining room, but you can ask for reservations in other rooms if they have room, and/or you are willing to take a different time. And, you might be able to see the Maitre d when you board and ask for a switch to Select, then you could choose between the four MDRs. No matter which dining room you are in, the food and service should be great. The idea of the four seperate MDRs is great because it seems so much less hectic and noisy. By the way, your assigned dining room and time will be noted on your room key card. Bon Voyage!
  7. We were on the Edge in an IV in May. The inside of the shower does not have magnetic walls, more of a plastic. Suction cups worked a little, but for anything weighing more than a tissue, they just slid down and fell off. I took an elastic travel clothesline (purchased at Amazon) that takes up about the same amount of space as an iphone in my luggage. I was able to hang about five days of underware for two of us to drip dry into the shower (no wet floors, like there would be if you used magnetic hooks on the bathroom walls). The line was easy to hang by stretching between the showerhead and two small hooks inside the shower. See the photo. Enjoy your adventure on the Edge!
  8. You do not tour the military base, you will be driven from the dock for a short distance to the center of town. I like to go to www.maps.google, put in the town name and bring up a satellite map that shows exactly what the neighborhood looks like. It looks to me as there will be some commercial property, some tourist areas, and some residential areas for the shuttle ride from the Navy Pier (also called the Outer Mole Pier). Also, we don't get a choice of docks, that is handled by the people who schedule the use of the docks (government).
  9. Pickels...I kept missing it too. The letters for Blu on the deck plan look like another table set in the entry way. The map almost looks like it was made up for the planners who need to know how many tables, sizes, and locations so they can plan for taking reservations. I would prefer they dropped all the table placements and just printed the names of the restaurants and bars so we can find them more easily. It is especially difficult to see the names on a small screen, such as the iPhone we use for the Celebrity App.
  10. Mark_T: There is NO equivalent made in this whole world that tastes like Bailey's! I have tried them all and found that the substitutes are lacking that special flavor. Even when I have mixed drinks, I can taste the difference between Bailey's and NOT-Bailey's. If you are concerned about only one brand not being in your classic package, there should not be a problem with the cost difference, but if there are scotch, wine, bourbon, brands that you want from the upgraded package, then it might be in both of your interests to upgrade. Usually you can upgrade once you get on-board, that will give you a chance to look at the menus at several bars and determine if the upcharges vs. Premium Package cost are better for you. Enjoy your cruise!
  11. When we got on the Edge in May, it took about 2 minutes to go from dropping off our luggage to walking across to the ship. The best part of having the cabins available for carry-on drop-off is not having to drag your luggage around the ship AND not having to dodge other people's luggage while looking around the ship or having lunch or a drink. Our cabin steward was in the hallway when we got to our cabin and I got the feeling that he was keeping an eye out for his assigned area, not only to meet the people, but to watch for others who might want to pick up someone else's SeaPass. Remember, most of us have already uploaded our photos, so they know (sort of) what we look like. As far as the original question about Sea Pass cards being at the cabin door, I suggest looking up a roll call for the most recent Reflection sailing and ask on that board. Since they are on the ship or will soon be, they will be able to find out for sure for you.
  12. I agree with Gut2407. Been there, done that, loved it all and want to do it all again. If someone starts complaining about some cruise or other, I just smile and think about the fact that they are on the X line again, so it could not have been that bad. Some people do seem to be happiest when they are complaining. Not me...it is all good, no matter where I am or who I am with...
  13. Hey, ChicagoPaul: Loved reading about your cruise to Alaska on the Eclipse. I had also followed your Edge Birthday cruise earlier this year. I noticed that you have another Eclipse cruise in April 2020. Is it the one on April 10, going to Hawaii, or the one on April 20, leaving Hawaii? We are on the April 10th sailing, and cannot wait until we sail.
  14. We were on the Edge in May and had an infinite verandah for our 10 day cruise. I enjoyed the extra "room" space that the IV gives you by having the space usually outside (balcony) inside so you get to use it more. Opening the window made it seem like the whole room was a part of the outside. I would suggest that you make sure you get the bed placement where you want it. If you like having the bed near the bathroom, you get a large, continuous sitting area. If you have the bed near the IV, you have a cut up sitting area (one before the bed, one after the bed), but you are closer to the outside if you want to lay in bed and see outside. I know you asked about traditional balconies, but since that was answered above by cruisestitch, I just thought I would share my opinion about the IV. My attitude is: there is no bad cabin, someone else will clean it, someone else will cook for me, and there are a lot of people wanting to entertain me. Enjoy your cruise.
  15. This tool might work around the pool, but it won't keep someone from picking up the lounger and moving it all to another location. I doubt it would be of much use in the theater...still have to send the kids or an adult who puts twelve sweaters on a row of seats to save the best front row seats for those who come in after the show starts. Thanks for sharing this valuable tool with all of us!
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