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  1. You can book the comedy shows and escape the big top at the box office. Our luggage tags for when we got on were also marked priority and I assume that's why we got them early.
  2. First time cruiser on Norwegian. Have been on RCL and CCL previously. I am a 39 year old married female and traveled with my 31 year old married female friend. Girls trip. This is a detailed review and the first I’ve done. We cruised the Norwegian Breakaway Feb 1-8 out of Port Canaveral. I do cruise again Feb 29-March 7 on the Carnival Breeze so will be able to do a good comparison I suppose after I’m back. I did do this review with pictures but had technical difficulties so they are not included unfortunately. The itinerary for this cruise was Great Stirrup Cay, Ocho Rios, George
  3. Ok guys you win. Waving the white flag. Definitely me failing to make my point. It was not my intent to blame others but just simply point out that this tread went down the wrong road and into complaining territory about what others post on their reviews that you don't agree with. I'm clearly in the wrong though. Have a great day. Please be kind to one another even the ones you don't agree with in life and I'll try my best to be better as well.
  4. Oh my you guys are HILARIOUS! You take one sentence out of my paragraph to pick me apart. You are missing my point and that's ok. Have a good day and carry on.
  5. It is complaining about complainers. That is my opinion. You were the one arguing the semantics of what I was originally saying. You don't have to agree with me. All is good. I don't feel it inappropriate in anyway just pointing something I found hilarious out.
  6. This is exactly what I'm talking about! You feel the need to call me out because you don't agree with me or are triggered by my statement. Can't you just not agree, roll your eyes at me and scroll on by? All I'm saying is complaining about the complainers is calling the kettle black is it not? Also, what I was meaning by my statement of get off your high horse was don't think your better than others and make fun and complain about them. Maybe I should of just said that instead.
  7. Should I of used the words "making fun of"? Does that make it better?
  8. I was not saying that specific instances people were pointing out were hilarious but rather the people complaining about people complaining are hilarious and yes I agree that was not the intent of the original thread but that is definitely what it turned into. Get off your high horses people :-) Before you jump on me, I agree with most every one of you but would never point it out or put people down for coming on a forum called Cruise Critic and voicing opinions and posting reviews that they are entitled to do. Think of this for every question or review you post, I guarantee their are plent
  9. ok well, the definition of complaining is "the expression of dissatisfaction or annoyance about something". Is that not EXACTLY what you guys are doing? Expressing your annoyance about the complainers? So yes this is a thread devoted to complaining about the complainers and I do think it's hilarious. I'm not saying it's wrong or anything but lets call it what it actually is.
  10. oh this is hilarious 😂 A thread devoted to people complaining about people complaining.
  11. If this is in reply to my question, I know what a Caesar is and I know that it is sometimes referred to as a "Bloody Caesar" (just learned this today) but is it still commonly referred to as a "Bloody" Caesar in Western Canada as it is not in the East? I am simply just curious.
  12. I'm from Canada and love Caesars. This is the first time I have ever heard them be called "Bloody" Caesars. Every menu I've ever ordered off of from Ontario to the East Coast has listed them simply as Caesars. I've seen them be called the Classic Caesar or the Ultimate Caesar (extra garnishes such as bacon). Curious if adding the word "Bloody" is a Western Canadian thing?
  13. ummm food is very subjective. Of course people will have vastly differing opinions on that, no surprises there?
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