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  1. We just booked with Best Guides too. Two years ago we did the a private tour with Alla Tours, they were great. So this year I wanted to book with them again, but I waited too long and they appeared to be completely booked for the private tour we needed. But nevertheless they were very kind to recommend BestGuides-SPB to us. Luckily Best Guides did have the availability for our date. So we are booked with them for a private tour to go to Tsarskoye Selo where we can see Catherine Palace with famous Amber Room and couple more things. I expect great experience based on the reviews on Tripadvisor and Alla Tours recommendation. Feel excited already to come back to St Petersburg!
  2. Thank you VERY MUCH for the information! I forgot about THE DRILL :) With the customs - I remember we needed to go through the passport control only in St Peterburg in Russia. Otherwise I don't remember anything about customs or anything like this. I am sure our passports were checked though when we got on the ship at the embarkation. But it was not "customs" as far as I remember: they were checked by the cruise company employers, like it happens with cruises to the Bahamas etc. Our cruise will start in Europe and end in Europe. Like I mentioned before - we did the same kind of Northern Europe cruise in 2017. Maybe I forgot already - but I can't remember any passport control or customs in any port except for Russia. We would just scan the cruise card on the way out from the ship and coming back. I remember I was impressed by that. I would always take the passports with us, I always do no matter what. But nobody ever asked for them (except for Russia). Hopefully we will be fine anyways. But all this stuff is good to know!
  3. I actually called Royal and asked them. I have a feeling I can't 100% rely on what they say :) But the rep told me that there is a check in due time on the first day, even thought ship is staying overnight. She told me that if we would be late for the check-in due time, but ship still would be in port, we would be able to get on board. But for that we would need to call Royal emergency line first, let them know we were late etc. I was just curious if anybody indeed was in the situation where they needed to contact emergency line to get on the ship when they were late to get on the ship the time they were supposed to? Thank you in advance for any information!
  4. I am going to add to my thread as I have one more question, sorry :))) I am planning the flights. And I have a BIG question. Usually we arrive the day earlier to make sure we don't miss the cruise. But this time the ship doesn't leave the port till the second day. So I am tempted to make a stopover in Vienna. As we don't have ton of extra vacation days, I am thinking to still leave US on the same date I planned before, but spend the extra day in Vienna. And fly from Vienna to Stockholm on the morning the cruise itinerary starts (the ship stays overnight is Stockholm and leaves only on the second day). If something happens (weather, whatever) and the flight from Vienna to Stockholm would not arrive till the evening for example, or even till the second day - will we be allowed to still board the ship? As long as the ship is still in the port in Stockholm? The itinerary doesn't indicate any boarding due time on the first day of the cruise. Thank you very much in advance for the information!
  5. Thank you VERY MUCH to everybody for the useful information! I remember something about log out, because if don't the other person would not be able to log in. I am thinking of just buying one-device package for all the days of the cruise, so we would "always" have internet in the sea - because that's when I surf internet etc - usually before going to bed. And we will just alternate with my husband. He sometimes needs to do stuff for work, even when he is on vacation - like bid the schedule for example. And he NEEDS to use his work tablet for that. So that cost is justifiable for us. But I am happy to confirm that we can just do one-device for the two of us - no problem. Like I mentioned - in Europe we would not even need wifi as I recall: T-mobile provides 2G-4G "for free". And from what I remember we didn't have problems with connection in Europe - on the opposite with US, where for example we had NO COVERAGE whatsoever in some ports in Alaska :D:D:D
  6. Thank you VERY MUCH! I think that's what we are going to do. As we are going to be in a European port almost every day, and we should have an internet through T-mobile. So we will only need internet in the evening and on that only sea day. So we will just share!
  7. I am sure all this was asked some time somewhere. But I was thinking maybe it would be O'K just to pop up quick question. We have 13-days European Cruise booked in 2019. We are two people, each has two devices, but we don't have to use all of them at the same time. Also the cruise is going to be very port intensive. So I doubt we would be in the internet all the time while on the ship, and there is internet in the ports (we have T-mobile, it usually provides pretty good coverage in Europe). I was thinking in the beginning to get a package for two people one device each, and just switch between devices. But the internet packages are pricey. So I am thinking now - I can buy "one person - one device" package, and we can switch with my husband and between devices. Is it possible? We were on the cruise like this a year ago, but that time we had our daughter with us, and we also had more sea days. That time I made sure we each had internet for one device. And as I recall we were able to switch between devices. Thank you VERY MUCH in advance for all the info!
  8. Thank you! If we would be able to use OBC to book things beforehand - that would be really helpful! So this is really good news that they are still doing this!
  9. We've been to Copenhagen for one day, did the canal tour and walked around a bit. Saw the Little Mermaid - it was almost right next to where our ship was docked and we passed by it :) This time we will be there for two days with the cruise (it's an overnight port), and maybe more: it is in the end of the cruise, and If we would be able time-wise to afford one more day in Copenhagen - we will definitely do it. Both my husband and me are really interested to visit Kronborg. We saw it from the ship, but weren't able to get there last time. We also are going to be in Fredericia which is also in Denmark. I am really interested in visiting Ostende where Hans K. Anderson comes from. It looks like it's not far away from Fredericia. Though I didn't really looked into it yet - how to get there and etc.
  10. Thank you! If it is detective story - I might try those books. I really really like Martin Beck's series. And I was even thinking maybe to take the roof tour of Stockholm - to see it from Karlsson's point :)
  11. I don't really know Swedish. But I know Astrid Lindgren's books since I was a kid. I loved books about Karlsson :)))
  12. I would also add that so-called "luxury cruise lines" have no appeal for me so far. I don't like to socialize with people I don't know. And that is what you HAVE to do on the "small ships". On the contrary - on the big ship, if I travel with my husband only and we need a small table, I know that being in the "suite" would guarantee that we can have romantic dinners together - instead of sitting with some other couple at the same table. At least with Disney you are not guarantied to get table just for two of you - unless you stay in a Concierge level room.
  13. I kind of like the idea of "suite space". As an option. Especially on a big ship during high season. But for our preferences it is not THAT important. We never sit at the pool, I only do couple laps in the morning - when the pool is empty anyways. We almost never have breakfast in the "suite" restaurant - as I feel like I need to kind of "dress up" for that and I don't feel like doing it in the morning on my vacations. We would get some drinks once in a while in a lounge, but we never use the lounge that much so it would make a financial difference for us. And stuff like that. We book suite type cabins for the opportunity to eat in the room instead of going to the restaurant, for their spacious bathrooms and for additional bedrooms/sleeping places - if we do a family trip. Also we like a "no-line" privileges, and for us that is one of the most valuable perks after the room itself.
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