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  1. we had a cabana for a couple of days (afternoon’s) on the crossing. We really enjoyed it. Furniture was comfortable, but as you say, different than the other Royal-class ships. The sofa is definitely a one person lounger. Service was very good. Overall, space is much more modern, as you can see on the photos.
  2. You’re right...looking back through my pictures... Regal has the full Teak set up. Looking for my photos of Majestic, but I don’t have any of the balcony on my phone.
  3. No full size loungers. Just the two chairs / ottomans and table. I keep hoping they put a hot tub on this giant balcony! 😂 wishful thinking...
  4. Yes, Singapore! Osaka, Japan was a great port too.
  5. Same layout as other Royal-class ships...just the new decor package.
  6. we have Station A6... Princess Theater. Best one...everyone gets a seat. 😂
  7. I asked him a couple of days ago. 5-Skies was supposed to premiere tonight (Thanksgiving), but it’s not...maybe tomorrow? They will be adding one more production show in April next year...I forgot the name of it 😒. Sky Princess will have 4 shows... Rock Opera, 5-Skies, Jim Henson’s Inspired Silliness (Vista Lounge show) and the other one that will be added next year.
  8. I don’t remember seeing this mentioned before... was impressed to see real chinaware plates and bowls in World Fresh Marketplace tonight on our first visit there. No more plastic! Also...much nicer stemware in the main dining rooms 🍸🍷🥂👍🏻. Minor things, but make for elevated dining experiences. also thought Rock Opera was a great show tonight!
  9. ‘This video has a quick clip of a mini suite and those walls are not there and you can see the side table next to the sofa. Maybe this cabin is a one-off and those walls hide some ducting or something?
  10. We booked Discovery Princess yesterday on Elite Day but it still hasn’t shown up in the Cruise Personalizer. According to our Princess Cruise Vacation Planner, the Tech Dept. told her that is has something to do with the Discovery not being loaded yet in My Princess Account. They are working on it and it should show up soon. Posting this just in case anyone else is “in the same boat “...so to speak 🤔🤣🚢⚓️
  11. Booked Jan 2022 today on the 14 day Cape Horn / Strait of Magellan cruise. so Yes...you can book any of the announced itineraries today (Elite) or tomorrow...
  12. The Baja and Dolphin deck aft suites are the larger balconies that have some overhang from the deck above. Marina and Riviera also have larger balconies but you can look down on those from Lido above. This is Royal, but a Regal is pretty much the same (except for the aft pool they added to Regal).
  13. I’ve brought one with us on every cruise...including most recently a couple of weeks ago on Royal. Never been a problem for us... 🤔
  14. Losing Vines is a bummer.... but Crooners fans will be happy, as it’s back on Enchanted. Lose one...gain one! 🍷🥂🍸🍹🍾
  15. In answer to the OP question... READY TO GO! 😁😁
  16. Enchanted Princess April 2021 - 21 day Ft. Lauderdale to Rome and Sky Princess August 2021 - 11 day Baltic. 🚢⚓️😎
  17. It’s all their evil master plan... 😈 We just walked off a Royal Princess yesterday and we spent our FCC last night on a 21-day Ft. Lauderdale to Rome on Enchanted in April 2021. 😂 cruse you Princess Cruises...
  18. You’re right...total chaos once you got outside! Our car was at a garage at LAX, so we used a car service (Blacklane)...so glad we did. Taxi line was insane and we heard that Uber/Lyft we’re dropping rides once they realized where the pickup was. Still a great trip...Vancouver is such a beautiful city...even in the rain. We drove up to Whistler on Thursday before the cruise in the rain and it was a blast. Having sailed many times on Regal and spending 21 days on Majestic...Royal Princess is a great ship with an excellent crew! Looking forward to Sky TA in November! 🚢⚓️👍🏻😎
  19. On Royal now...as good as any other ship...including Majestic and Regal. First time on Royal and the ship and her crew are great! We would definitely sail her on again. Two 👍🏻 Up!!
  20. In Vancouver yesterday, they had two lines. The one that had a sign indicating for passengers that received their Medallion at home, also stated “or have your OceanReady pass” and showed the pass printed and on a phone. It seemed that they were only directing folks that had their Medallion with them to that line. Everyone else was sent to the other line regardless if you had your OceanReady pass printed or on your phone. We were there early and they started check-in at 9:45. Not sure what it was like, or if it was different later in the day.
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