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  1. I booked a 'day' cabin the the Caribbean. But only had access to it for a few hours and was asked to leave around lunchtime, so had to go and find somewhere to sit on the ship. But worth it yes.
  2. I am guessing that will come after 30th September 2018. I have had verbal confirmation from P and O. You will have to buy the package onboard from a bar.
  3. Hi I am reading many posts about the new drinks package, which is currently being trialled on Azura at the moment. I will be on Britannia mid October 2018, and am wondering when this new full drinks package will be available on every ship, if anyone knows that is...? Thanks
  4. kunash

    Drinks bill

    I have just come off Celebrity Silhouette and had a premium drinks package and am on Britannia next month to Rome. For Celebrity, I originally liked the idea of a package, as it was free, but I did find that I drank more. Also I think if the cruise line offers a package then the price of the drinks are normally inflated. X offered sold a small bottle of Stella for 12$, which is a huge mark up. P and O don't offer a full drinks package, but their prices are cheaper than Celebrity, in comparison. If I had to pay for a drinks package I would not, so will be quite happy on P and O next month If I had a suite on RC or X and the drinks package was free I would also like that, of course, but end up getting too drunk some nights, which I don't like.
  5. kunash

    cabin A108,Britania

    did a Transatlantic in one of those suites right at the front/side by the bridge and it was too windy, so hardly used the balcony, and I like to sit out there. I would never choose that cabin position again.
  6. kunash

    Sports channels on board

    Just off Silhouette and they had all UK premiership football matches on Sport24 in your room.
  7. Thanks for replies. The reason I ask is that P and O have a small bluetooth BOSE sound system in the rooms. I will have to take my own speaker yes.
  8. I am in a sky suite on Silhouette. Just wondering If they have bluetooth speakers in the rooms Thank you
  9. kunash

    Premium Alcohol Package?

    Interesting, thanks for replies, and we are in a Sky Suite.
  10. Hi Just wondering - My wife and I have this package, (my 2 children have normal soda package - with suite) are we able to order more than 2 alcoholic drinks in our room through our butler? or will the butler be strict on this and limit us to one alcoholic drink each. When we are at the bar or in a restaurant can I order a cocktail and one beer to drink at the same time - for me to drink? Thanks
  11. kunash

    Booking speciality dining online...

    Thanks for replies. I phoned them in the end and made my dining reservations. I am not on a 3 dining package.
  12. Compared to other cruise lines, I hate to say it, but Celebrity is a bit rubbish. If I want to book a certain date, I cannot - i have to choose from a choice of 3 nights. And when I do try and book Murano nothing is available for any time and any day. I have booked Tuscan Grill and Lawn Club for days I did not want Maybe they are having a few problems. I don't know. I will have to ring.
  13. Thank you very much. I understand it now
  14. If I ordered it now online, then tried to book the individual restaurants I wanted, would the discount show or the full price? How does it work? Thanks