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  1. Our balance for our 10th of July cruise was due to be paid on the 11th of April. On the 10th of April, I called to cancel and request a FCC. To date, I haven't received any email acknowledgment as indicated and I can still access the Voyage Personaliser. I'll try again tomorrow as I assume they'll have minimum numbers working today. What was anyone else's experience re cancelling?
  2. Hi, Are the laundry rooms on board where I can iron the odd shirt?
  3. New to P and O. I've tried to find this information on the website, but it's always best to ask the experts! Would people kindly let me know how many sockets are in the cabin and of which type? Thank you
  4. Absolutely! It's so insipid - coffee for people who really don't like coffee.
  5. Last year on Queen Elizabeth and QV the year before, we had fabulous views of the fireworks. they must have sorted it!
  6. Actually, both are favourites of my 28 and 32 year old daughters.
  7. It was great last year when we were actually docked in Amsterdam. Do you think IJmuiden (? spelling) will put some on? I don’t think we’ll see Amsterdam’s, 40 minutes away, from the ship.
  8. Hi. That’s great to read. Having invested in a few posh frocks for last year, I’m glad to give them another outing! Looking forward to the cruise!
  9. Thank you Kenhem! I read the dress code (before booking!) but wondered if anyone who has been on this cruise before could comment on the other, non-Black Tie nights? We've done this cruise for the last three years on Cunard and people were very dressy every night, more than on a usual Cunard non-formal night.
  10. We've done 2 Celebrity cruises and while there were some people very well dressed, the majority didn't wear anything different on Evening Chic nights. The man at the table next to us had 2 polo shirts it seemed- 1 navy, 1 black - and that's all he ever wore for all 11 nights.
  11. Hi, We're booked for this year's 5 night from the 29th of December. I assume Hogmanany (New Year's Eve) will be Black Tie but will there be any others? I have plenty of dress options and would hate missing the opportunity for another long dress. Thanks!
  12. Agree with you. While Celebrity's food was fine, it was a bit too meat and potatoes, especially blasted mashed potatoes! Cunard usually offers pheasant, guinea fowl, and venison too but not in Celebrity's MDR. However, if Cunard had the Martini bar, I would be completely happy on all fronts.
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