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  1. Our TA posted in. Group yesterday that we should expect an announcement regarding NCL cruises very soon. I have a feeling it’s going to be the Sun/Sky sailing from an alternate port. My opinion of course...
  2. I see Connie is on the move towards Italy. With the cancellations in Europe I can only imagine she’s going to make her way towards the Caribbean?
  3. Not available on NCL ships.
  4. I see the Gem has left Charleston, SC en route to Miami, FL. As stated previously, NCL plans to begin with a few ships initially and then expand the fleet moving forward. Anyone know which ships the intend to begin shorts sailings with?
  5. Same here. Just booked Mexican Riviera on the Bliss in February, 2022. We also have a November, 2021 cruise on Celebrity on the calendar. First time trying anything other than NCL.
  6. Looks like the Joy is en route to Salvador, Brazil. I also see the Sky is heading northward but unsure if it’s just out for a spin or heading to North America.
  7. So when I bought a couple hundred shares at $9/share that was a good thing? You know, when many said they were going bankrupt and not going to survive? Too bad I didn’t purchase more. 😉
  8. I saw a couple I liked. Reached out to our TA and she said hold off. She says these deals are not that great and the deals will be extended. Also, she believes deals will be better around January 1st when things are hopefully a little bit clearer as far as their back to sailing plans.
  9. Fantastic video. Thank you for sharing. We were on the Epic to the Southern Caribbean (from San Juan) in February/March, 2020. We made it there and back before the lockdowns. Cannot wait to do a similar itinerary again.
  10. I’d go Getaway for all the reasons you’ve stated. More to do, more options in the evening, and will provide better opportunities to be outside getting some fresh air even when it’s cool. Hop on YouTube and search videos for each ship. That’ll help you make up your mind pretty easily. I cannot comment on food as I’ve not been on Getaway. We have a trip scheduled on Breakaway in April, 2021. That said, we have been on the Escape and Bliss and really enjoyed the additional dining options the larger ships offer.
  11. I believe the joy is just out for some laps. It may be another couple weeks before it’s departure from Manila Bay.
  12. I certainly believe most areas are different in terms of testing availability, results, etc. but I can tell you I work (medical field) in West Michigan and we're getting results back in approximately 24 hours at this point. I believe the testing and result process is getting increasingly better across the board.
  13. FarmersFight - Cheers from Spring Lake! I grew up in N. Muskegon near the Block House on Scenic Drive.
  14. Just looked at our October cruise out of Port Canaveral. Indeed all rooms listed as sold out. * We already told our TA we’ll take FCC in anticipation it wouldn’t be sailing.
  15. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/07/16/cdc-bans-us-cruises-through-september-citing-expanding-coronavirus-outbreaks.html
  16. We bought a lot of NCL stock a few months ago when it was $8-$9 per share. I'm just going to give them my money in efforts to keep making money. I'm not too worried about having it tied up at this point. I fully understand where you are coming from though.
  17. We had final payment due on 7/12/20. Our TA called us last Thursday and warned us that NCL would likely be making an announcement on further cancelations this week which would include our scheduled sailing in October. She said we could either cancel our cruise or make the final payment and select 125% FCC. We paid and opted for FCC.
  18. I'll have a Woodford Old Fashioned from the Whiskey Bar.
  19. My least favorite of the big ships we’ve been on. I like the Escape and Bliss a lot better. The room setup was fine for us. I don’t like the lack of public space in the evenings. It’s like you have a whole ship worth the passengers crammed into three floors. We loved the southern Caribbean itinerary out of San Juan but I’ll like pass on sailing the Epic again.
  20. I have a hard time with Don especially given the current state of the industry. Bruce suits me well and I recently found a page on YouTube called The Travel Scouts. I haven't watched a ton of their stuff yet but they are pretty good.
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