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  1. No, it's not the money. It's the not wanting to keep gear that depreciates if I'm never gonna use it. Takes up space. It's been so long, I've forgotten if crop ever made me feel hindered. But, if it did, it might just have been old sensor tech. When I first posted, I was thinking sell FF to be ready for crop gear when the a6500 successor comes out. But, it's good to hear people are finding that they still like having both formats on hand. I'll try that for a while then.
  2. We're hitting that busy part of the life cycle. Kid about to hit middle school, which makes it harder to take vacations during the school year. About to move with a much larger mortgage, meaning another big reason trips are less likely. I originally moved to the Sony mirrorless A7iii because we got tired of lugging a full frame (Nikon) dslr w/ pro grade lenses around. It helped, but it's still a brick. I really only take the A7iii out on trips, but on our most recent one, I think it only came out a couple of times. Just no time to edit RAW anymore either. However,
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