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  1. Doesnt show up on my iphone, I need to login on a computer to see the meter.
  2. Bid range was Excellent range (not just saying it was generically excellent?)
  3. Hey thank you so much!!! We will definitely seek him out when we get ton board in December. Glad to hear he got promoted, he's a great dude. Great news on the Venchi drinks still ok'd for YC. I feel like eventually someday, that will change, so thanks for getting the intel, and like I've said before, the Chocolate #2!!! Shut the front door!!! lol Welcome to the club, the Haven sell outs! Honestly, can't beat the YC. I have an option to spend 2500-2800 or so to upgrade my MiniSuite on NCL to the Haven, and I'm thinking to myself, man that's 3/4 the cost of one more week in the YC! Love to hear you BA stories when you get a chance, until then, welcome home and thanks again my friend!
  4. Does NCL award upgrades on weekends or weekdays only when office staff is present?
  5. Heres a question for you guys. Were a week out and I have some strong bids in. I use a Cap One card that I usually keep locked by the app for security reasons. I don’t want to unlock it now if I don’t have to not knowing when and if they will process a bid in the next 5 days, so if they hit the card and its declined because its locked, what will happen? Will they contact me or just move on and throw away and lose my upgrade? Oddball question I know.
  6. A little birdie flew by my window and said so...
  7. You will see Andy re-emerge with another operator.
  8. Excellent. So glad to hear that. We are becoming MSC loyalists and NCL converts as well. Thanks for that info!!!
  9. Were you in the YC? Oh and the Chocolate #2 is the best!!
  10. Thanks, thats same as it was in June then. Curious to hear back from @gmbhardy to see if they are still including Venchi drinks for Yacht Club Guests (we’ve heard both ways lately). It’s usually normal to get a few different answers to the same question with MSC, you just have to keep asking until you get the right one or the one you want! It is getting better though.
  11. @gmbhardy Whats the scoop on the Venchi Martinis/drinks/gelato and were you able to find Drago? Welcome back, hope you had an awesome time!
  12. They did a great job on Meraviglia, Bellisima, and Grandiosa. I’ll see if I can post a news drone photo from its inaugural Manhattan arrival of the top deck. They did like an aft ampatheater tiered seating surrounding a pool, great efficient use of the space. They also have the main pool (good sized), slides, ropes course, a solarium pool just forward of the main pool (like RCCL) with a Haven retractable roof, AND the YC area forward of the solarium and pool. We’re sailing on her in February.
  13. Encore was designed wit you in mind. Go Carts, Virtual Reality, Laser Tag (and your usual water slides etc) etc. They gave up a lot of real estate to provide these new activities geared toward families and kids. Our teenagers were always totally fine with ropes course and slides on BA/GA and Escape.
  14. I'm not sure NCL has given an exact time yet for them to hand over the keys to @TheDougOut. 😉
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