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  1. We don't have any need for a hotel, though, so there is no concierge. The ship is in port overnight, and I'm trying to avoid the ship excursions in favor of a private/third-party tour operator. I appreciate the thought, however!
  2. With great hopes of being able to cruise next summer, we have booked a trip that presently has an overnight in Venice. We arrive mid-afternoon one day and depart late afternoon the next. To that end, I am looking for recommendations for a guide or tour company who offers both day and evening tours in Venice. I'm willing to use different companies for each of the two days,. We are looking to do a canal tour/nice dinner on day 1, and St. Mark's/Doge's Palace/lunch before departure on day 2. For a variety of reasons, we do not want to DIY this port. Any recommendations for guides/companies?
  3. Got it! And it is really good to know that I can bring some soda on board at embarkation. Thank you all so much!
  4. Thank you everyone! That is very helpful to know. One more question-- if we didn't buy the soda package, would soda still be included in dinner in the MDR, or would that also be pay-by-the drink? I'm assuming it's not included and there are no free refills, but I want to make sure. Thank you again!
  5. We have just booked our first ever Royal Caribbean cruise (Mediterranean next summer (hopefully!)) and I'm trying to understand how beverages/drinks work. If I don't buy any kind of beverage package, is water (filtered, but not bottled), iced tea, coffee, and lemonade available on a self-serve basis anywhere on the Vision of the Seas? I think if we want soda/specialty coffee/alcohol/juice/bottled water, we will have to buy a package, but what about the rest? Is it self-serve in WindJammer or somewhere else? Can I order any of that from the bars or poolside, and if so, is there a charge for i
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