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  1. Yes. On at least two of the decks they have laundry rooms with about 3 washers & dryers long with an iron. They were busy each time I cruised in Fascination but if you go at off times you should be fine.
  2. A lot of the locals are commenting on one of the groups I am in saying that Pelican Village which is just outside the port gate has music, dancing, and drinks. It is in the news there that they are trying to attract more pax to the area. https://www.google.com/amp/s/barbadostoday.bb/2019/05/16/hope-for-pelican-with-new-initative/amp/
  3. Getting off the plane, picking up luggage, and getting a taxi took no more than 45 minutes. Then getting to the port was maybe 15-20 minutes. Of course I’m sure there will be many cruises who are also flying in the same day. I think you will be fine; however, if you can get an earlier flight you will be able to enjoy San Juan as a port rather then racing to get on the boat.
  4. Priority embark is for all wedding guests. If you book through ta you may be able to use your room before 1 (I would ask if that is something you are interested in). Maybe call the TA and ask them the pros and cons of booking with them VS booking on your own.
  5. I will be in a porthole in June. I'll update if I smell any smoke. I asked on here a while back for reviews and everyone said that they did not smell smoke in the porthole. I'd say watch the price. Last year the price dropped multiple times before sailing. I think I ended up paying $500 a person for an oceanview last year. This year the boat sold out fast and now there are only a few rooms left. I watched the prices every day and was able to get a price drop. I think this year we paid $520 a person for a porthole.
  6. I loved the itinerary on Fascination so much that we are going again this year. I think it is important to consider the ports that you are going to as well. You could spend an extra 500 on Horizon and get a bigger and I’m sure more up to date boat or you can take that 500 and spend it towards excursions. Fascination had multiple comedy shows a night. There were always seats and they rotated comedians. The deck was dead at night. Most people I assume were at dinner, comedy show, or one of the main shows. I rarely saw people dancing on the main deck. (And this
  7. Ugh. I prepaid for a spa service on Fascination in June. The thought of having to deal with this annoyance is enough to make me want to cancel. I wonder what the official procedure is for pre-purchased spa services.
  8. Each time we have been in Old San Juan we walk around the entire city. There are a lot of tourists out doing the same thing. There is also a free trolley that drives around that you can hop on if you get too tired. We usually walk from on fort to the next and stop at a few stores and restaurants. On Sundays one of the forts is always filled with locals flying kites and having picnics.
  9. When you canceled and rebooked did you get the full price you originally paid back? When I look at my cruise manager for any of the excursions that I had Carnival price match, it now indicates the price match cost and no longer shows my original fee. Just wondering if you got the full purchase price back before you rebooked using the promo code.
  10. I would be interested to see if they don’t subtract the amount you got from the 10% off. Anytime there has been a promo code sale they have taken my discounted rate into account when providing the on board credit.
  11. I second the vacuum seal bags. I used them on my last trip. The clothes, including dresses, came out wrinkle free. On my way home I sealed bag and sat on it, since I didn’t have access to a vacuum. I got mine at the dollar tree. Worked great.
  12. I stayed in an ocean view on Fascination last June and didn’t notice a stale smell. In fact the AC worked really well circulating the air. Hence my surprise and concern after reading reviews about cigarette smell from the air vents.
  13. Has anyone booked a porthole room lately that can comment on whether or not it smelled like cigarette smoke? I was going through room reviews and noticed many reviews suggesting that the porthole rooms smelled of cigarette smoke due to the location of the AC vents. Thanks in advance.
  14. You do not get a reimbursement. You will get onboard credit for the difference plus 10%.
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