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  1. Actually Army Reg 670-1 states that retirees can only wear their uniform under certain situations:


    While attending military funerals, memorial services, weddings, inaugurals, and other occasions of ceremony.


    While attending parades on national or state holidays, or other patriotic parades or ceremonies in which any active or reserve United States military unit is taking part.


    I would really like to wear my Army Mess Dress uniform with its associated miniature medals on ship, but the regulation does not allow it; and also because I can not get the trousers to fasten at the waist anymore. Must be shrinkage of the fabric.


    Same thing happened with my Marine Corps dress blues.. :D


    This is not a rare occurrence it's caused by being hung in a dark closet for to long a period.:D Some people try to blame it on overeating or lack of excerise but, I know from personal experience this isn't true.:rolleyes:

  2. Read a recent article about CCL price predictions for the near future. The author said with great certainty and lots for confidence that there were three possibilities for the price:


    1. It could same about the same,

    2. It could go down or

    3. It could go up.


    Hard to argue with that.


    That advice goes along with a sports commentator who said "You can't win if you keep losing." :rolleyes:

  3. You think able bodied folks using elevators for 1 floor is rude??? :mad:


    You can't tell if someone is "able bodied" or not just by looking. A heart condition, a lung condition, blisters on the feet, a sore ankle or knee and any number of other things would take a person out of the "able bodied" category and you would never know it if they didn't tell you.


    The elevators are in the ships to be used by anyone and everyone who wants to use them.:D


    I'm one of those people. If you see me walking around most days you'd say there's nothing wrong with me (my wife would be quick to set you straight that I've never been quite right :D). I have a knee that can go out at any time and it is far less painful to fall on a flat floor than on a staircase. Therefore I use the elevators and if I did use the stairs an able bodied person could go up three decks before I got up one. No I don't use a cane which I should because in my warped mind I would be giving in to it.

  4. We will be staying 2 nights in San Pedro before our February cruise. We will not have a car, and from previous posts it looks like the Doubletree is rather far (for walking) from pharmacy, grocery, restaurants, etc. and that the Crowne Plaza is better located. The reviews of the Doubletree are better. Any advice? Thanks.


    We stayed at the CP last October and had no complaints about the room or hotel The staff was friendly and helped us out a couple of times getting around town. The in house restaurant was another matter, but in all fairness we may have just caught it on a bad day.

  5. There is, I think, a CVS drug store within a few blocks of the CP. I will be there next week and find out for sure. In the meantime go to CVS web site and check store locator.


    Yes, there's a CVS a few blocks away from the Crowne Plaza. It's a up hill hike to get there, if the Bell Captian isn't busy ask him to give you a ride. He took us there and waited for us to come back. Nice service.

  6. Go see Michael at:

    Off the Vine Wines

    600 S Pacific Ave Suite #103

    San Pedro Ca. 90731

    (424) 224-2293


    It's about two very short blocks from the Crowne Plaza...

    Crowne Plaza is at 6th and Centre...Off the Vine is at 6th and Pacific...


    I'll second that. Great people, very friendly and knowledgeable. They will help you find some different wines if that's what you want and the prices are reasonable. Michael helped us pick up some great wines for our 28 day cruise.

  7. Are you able to walk from the Enterprise car drop off in San Padro to the cruise ship port in San Padro. On a map it appears quite close. How long would it take if you could walk it and how far is it?


    If your returning or picking up a car on Saturday they close at Noon sharp. We were late getting off to pick up a car because the port officials were late getting started and therefore didn't get off the ship till a couple of minutes past noon. We called them and they had already locked the doors and weren't answering the phone. Several of us were stranded there.

  8. I do hope I am still on your list to receive your cruise blog.... just for your

    information, I had never had a margherita pizza, until reading your adventures, and noticing you eat a lot of them!! had never heard of it before, now have ordered and eaten one, and find it delicious!!m Happy to be going on this WC with you again!!


    carri cruiser I'm like you, I had never had a Margherita pizza before reading about it here. Now that's just about all I order. I think maybe Bill & Mary Ann are a bad influence. ;) :D

  9. We got a small taste of what it would be like on a WC this year with a 30 day cruise. I envy anyone who can do this and I'm happy for them. We will be reading you posts and dreaming about doing this some day. Have a great trip and if you have time please add a little bit more enjoyment to your cruise every day for us who have to put up with the snow.:D

  10. We went to a wine shop recommended on here by Wineaux before our 28 day cruise in October and if you haven't been there you should go look at what they have. Found some wines with their help that we had never heard of. Ended up buying several bottles, all different and enjoyed them greatly. No, I don't work for them or know the owners. I just enjoy good wine. :D Oh yeah, the cruise was great too.

  11. Streamers, right? Weren't they provided by the cruiseline?

    I remember seeing a great aunt and uncle off in San Pedro back in the 60's when they took Royal Viking (sun or star I think) and getting to go aboard to visit. We all tossed streamers (pax and those of us left behind) as the ship pulled away.


    Yes, they all did until the EPA got involved. Like so many things that we found out were bad for us and the environment they went by the way side never to be seen again. :(

  12. Very interesting!


    Does anyone know of other Princess ships which offer the same? Hubby would be so pleased I can get him BBQ more than once, at lunch, in the dining room per week.


    According to the Princess web site They took the Terrace Grill out and put in an Al Fresco Bar-B-Q on the Sun during it's drydock. The picture is close to the end.

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