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  1. Besides the normal hair, nails and massage areas, does the Liberty of the Seas have a full Spa? Saunas (wet and dry), whirlpools (or Tpool), ceramic chairs, etc???
  2. We just booked our first celebrity cruise for May 2020. I was wondering if celebrity allows you to use their gift cards for onboard credit or do they follow Royal Caribbeans rule that they can only apply to the cost of the cruise.?
  3. Terms are. Limited availability. Coupon cannot be combined with spa bundles and only applies to new spa orders placed online prior to sailing (9/06/2019 - 9/09/2019 11:59 PM EST). Code does not apply to Medi-Spa treatments, Restyle-lane, and Botox treatments. Coupon only valid on pre-cruise orders placed during the promotional window, and are not available onboard
  4. New code has been issued. It’s LSPA20
  5. If you’ve already booked a spa treatment then you have to cancel the one that you have already booked and then rebook it using the code. I called Carnival and you have to do it online, you can’t do it over the telephone. So that’s what I did and saved $70. And I paid for it with my AARP carnival gift cards which I had bought previously and saved another 10%. I can’t wait and either can my wife!!!
  6. As I mentioned on another post the steaks in the steakhouse our prime. The steaks in the main dining room our choice. The steaks in the steakhouse or cooked over an open flame and in the main dining room they are cooked on a flat grill. There is a noticeable difference in taste and quality and would highly recommend you make reservations at the steakhouse.
  7. Steaks in the steakhouse are prime. Steaks in the MDR are choice. I was told this by two different people into different steak houses and buy waiters in the MDR. And yes the difference is noticeable.
  8. Nope. However, they seem to not care if you go in. My wife sneaks in after her treatment. I buy the pass for the cruise if they have the Thalapoopoo ( that’s what I call it) pool
  9. Is there a difference in the two spa deck interior rooms. Deck 12 seems wider but not as deep while deck 11 seems deeper but not as wide?
  10. It seems like every gift card that is out there is to pay for the cruise. Does anyone know where to buy discounted gift cards for Royal Caribbean to be used for onboard credit?
  11. You definitely can't spend OBC until you are OB. Carnival conveniently does not mention the DOU on your reservation. And one thing to remember that if you are departing out of Galveston, TX, the DOU starts the day after departure.
  12. Carnival didn’t give me OBC as a shareholder one time. They refused it. But I guess I wasn’t surprise because I was going on an elite cruise.
  13. I have numerous times. Including times where I was on a full comp. Only wants to Carnaval deny my request.
  14. I actually emailed them a couple of days ago. And they told me that they do not email out the menus ( because they change from Cruise to Cruise... oh really??? )
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