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  1. Aug. 12, 2018 departure...old or new menu???
  2. rondl1

    Spa in Cozumel

    We will be in Cozumel on Aug. 17 (on the Breeze) and my wife and I are looking for a good day spa. We don't want to book on the cruise nor do we want to go to Mr. Sanchos, etc. Prefer a Spa that has more than just a massage and don't want a massage on the beach. Recommendations (Please)???
  3. Nope. There are just drawings and a couple of wheels, but no guaranteed prizes. My Elite was wonderful but the one time I wasn't in the casino, my name was drawn and I wasn't present for my present so I was "out of here."
  4. rondl1

    Buy wifi package before trip?

    Yes. There is a $5 charge to use chat on the Hub app per person per cruise.
  5. We just got off the Valor (June 2018) and we now have 6 headphones. I hope they change before our August cruise.
  6. rondl1

    String's Easy BREEZE-Y Carnival Girl Review

    As a Platinum cruiser we have NEVER thrown our weight around but the good new is that soon you will be able to. We have been on the Breeze 3 times since November and love the ship and will miss it. But the Vista is coming to Galveston to replace it and can’t wait to give it a try.
  7. rondl1

    Valor June 7 - 11, 2018

    I too was on the same cruise. We had been on the Valor several times through the years. And we found it in desperate need of dry docking. Loved the steakhouse. My cowboy ribeye was incredible and my wife lamb even better. Our two Servers had major attitude but we got over that quickly. Guy’s was great but condiments were always empty. Seaday brunch, is one of our favorites was horrific. Bad service and cold, over cooked food (except for the warm fruit plate). 6 hours at Mr. Sanchos was heaven. And with all the bad we had a terrific time. Any cruise is a good cruise!!!
  8. rondl1

    New steakhouse menu on Valor yet?

    I ate at the steakhouse on June 10 and it was the old menu (chocolate sampler...oh yes). I asked them and they are set to convert in August however the kitchen has been converted so they told us it could be anytime. They told me that Carnival has received quite a few complaints on the new menu and they have heard a rumor that they may combine old and new. On another note, we got them to make the escargot with shrimp and it was INCREDIBLE.
  9. rondl1

    Next Valor Drydock

    We just got off yesterday and I was told several times it will go as soon as the Dream goes to Galveston which is soon. Frankly it needs it badly. It was very dirty and rusty and the usual daily repairs weren’t being done. I used to love the Valor but it needs dry docking badly.
  10. rondl1

    steakhouse on the valor

    The Valor currently has the old menu as of June 10, 2018. They told me that they are scheduled to change Aug. 1 but have already made the small kitchen changes and it could be sooner. As usual the food was incredible. Service was just ok. They will do some changes such as using shrimp instead of snails in the escargot. So the shrimp are cooked in the brioche with the garlic sauce. Talk about terrific.
  11. rondl1

    Mr. Sanchos Question

    We were there this Saturday and have no problems. It’s a short taxi ride hours for four of us. I believe it was $17 for four of us for the taxi ride. I highly recommend that reservation is only $5 per person and then they charge the remainder when you arrive. And you can cancel the morning of your reservation. I am here they are close to being full and you don’t have a reservation they are starting to turn people Away.
  12. Book in advance. You get the precruise discount which is lower than once you board, even on sea day appointments. Do it all the time and save at least 10%, usually more.
  13. rondl1

    Fun Shops Alcohol

    If you buy on the 1st day of the cruise you get an extra 10% off. And I have found that the prices onboard are just as good if not better than in port.
  14. rondl1

    steakhouse on the valor

    I will let you know next week. We have 7:30pm reservations this Sunday Night (personally I'm hoping for the old menu).
  15. rondl1

    stockholders credit

    Once you fax it in you will get an email confirmation. Although they say otherwise, we have gotten onboard credit even as a casino invited guest. You can’t use it in the casino or on drinks but any other place is good. My stock is down right now but have made it up sixfold in credit.