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  1. I would also agree. Didn't chase just waited. As they say patience is ........annoying to others
  2. After my rant yesterday, I have just received my refund for the same cruise. Deposit on one card and balance on another. Just restaurant booking outstanding. I think it was 59/60 days to get refund. I did not contact P&O after the initial online claim form fwiw.
  3. I wrote in March on another thread, about how bad P&O customer service appears to be compared to other cruise companies and nearly 60 days in I am still waiting for refund despite them saying 45 days in email. April 4th was to be our first cruise with them, after this experience there's no chance they will be getting my money again.
  4. Yes booked direct and waited for them to cancel to take full refund and not the 125% FCC. Ive enjoyed sailing NCL, Princess and RCI in past and this was to be our first P&O. I've emailed back asking them to explain the cancellation amount and where the £56 has gone
  5. I think the handling of their customers is extremely poor. I know their moves are calculated for the good of their business and i can understand that but it's all so deliberate, slow and confusing. Why send me a cancellation invoice with a different amount to what I have paid. It just leaves me, the customer, confused as to what I am going to receive back and potentially have to fight for which in these times nobody should be put in that position to do so.
  6. Has anybody been paid out on a cancelled cruise yet? I emailed them about my refund, as I did it through their online form and had received no confirmation email. They sent me a cancellation invoice which is £239.80 short of what I have paid out. Also doesn't include £56 for restaurant booking which I was unable to get refunded.
  7. Booked a year ago for 1st time on P&O and now cruise cancelled 2 weeks out. i'm taking my cash back and doubtful ill re-book with them. Other cruise lines appear to have treated their customers miles better than P&O. The fact they are the last to react says a lot about their values
  8. Surely you can get a letter from your GP to saying unfit to travel?
  9. If i'm given this option with P&O I will take it. Due to sail next month
  10. I received an email. https://www.ncl.com/uk/en/why-cruise-norwegian/book-with-confidence?cheetahid=5000004043737&cid=EM_MKD_NA_PRO_EML_im_EML_PEACEOFMIND_FBGCANCEL030620
  11. NCL allowing anyone to cancel cruise up to 48 hrs before embarkation. Get 100% future cruise credit. Starts March 10th to 30th September. Seems fair to me
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