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  1. Thank you for these posts. The Norway, January 4, 1992 sailing is what hooked me on cruising. Twenty two cruises later, we still talk about our great waiter and table companions I was so young, I knew very little about cruising for relied on travel guides Oh, if there were only cruise critic boards back then!
  2. I cruise with my DM who is 91. We are scheduled to leave on the Escape next week. Mom is pretty mobile but uses a Rollator walker onboard for "security" walking and also for storage - carrying a sweater or reading material in the basket/seat so she's not juggling a cane and carrying items and although she's never used it as such, you can sit and rest using the seat if tired. They are inexpensive - $80 or so delivered and may be covered by your parents' insurance. Airlines gate check them as they would a stroller or car seat. Request wheelchair assist at booking for embarkation and disembarkation Consider their ability to get from the passenger drop off point through security to the wheelchair assist waiting area Same for how far wheelchair assist will take them at disembarkation although weather is variable, consider when you are planning to sail and the average/usual sea conditions consider ports without tendering as that can be difficult for seniors familarize them with deck layouts and elevator locations before you sail to save them unnecessary steps. Enlarge the ship map beforehand or ask guest relations if they can enlarge on a copier/printer onboard if a special diet is needed, such as salt free, let them know at booking. The staff is very accommodating- usually reviewing the menu options the night before Travel insurance and check the pre-existing conditions clause, if applicable pack extra prescription meds just in case and know the generic name as brand names differ by nation - we found that even in England at an emergency dental appointment. I knew the med was a calcium channel blocker because the brand name was unfamiliar most importantly, enjoy your cruise and the family memories you will cherish!
  3. https://www.medicare.gov/Pubs/pdf/11037-Medicare-Coverage-Outside-United-Stat.pdf the above link will take you to Medicare's coverage outside the US, including cruise ships. The main question is below but there are exceptions and billing information included in other questions within the document. Don't worry, the link should take you to a 4 page document not a huge billing manual. Basically, the coverage is minimal From the document: Will Medicare pay for medically necessary health care services I get on a cruise ship? Medicare may cover medically necessary health care services you get on a cruise ship in these situations: The doctor is allowed under certain laws to provide medical services on the cruise ship. The ship is in a U.S. port or no more than 6 hours away from a U.S. port when you get the services, regardless of whether it’s an emergency. Medicare doesn’t cover health care services you get when the ship is more than 6 hours from a US port
  4. With 2 adults, 2,large suitcases, a carry-on suitcase, duffle type handbag and a walker - what size Uber would you order? Last time that I ordered an Uber was 2016 and I thought I ordered a mid-size and they sent a Prius. Didn't have the Rollator walker then but it was beyond tight and the driver got lost from the Hyatt Place East to the Pier. Not sure a taxi will permit a passenger or allow the walker in the front seat? Some cities have odd laws Thanks Happy Holidays and Happy Cruising!
  5. Does anyone know if the pizza at La Cucina is considered an appetizer or an entree? Our upcoming cruise is the first time we will use the platinum voucher at La Cucina. Thanks
  6. For some, others, including my family, have adverse reactions to scopolamine I learned of Queeze-Ease on this boards. Purchased on Amazon for $17. It worked for us, along with wrist bands(sea bands), green apples and ginger beer. Have a wonderful cruise with calm seas.
  7. Sorry that your experience was disappointing, we all work hard and so look forward to the little time away we have. We sailed in a 2 bedroom EPIC Haven last year from 12/5-12/15/18. Elisa was our steward and I agree, she is excellent. Richard was the butler and he too was excellent. It was not our first Haven cruise, but first on EPIC and our experience was quite good, despite a new staff onboard. A new ship coming on line impacting service is something I hadn't considered. Another impact may be the time of year as much of the staff was new to EPIC for our sailing as well. We were told there is a normal, but high percentage, staff turnover for the first few sailings following a TA and also staff may have contracts/ leaves enabling them to be home for the holidays. My DM requires a wheelchair for boarding and the escort had just boarded that day and had to be directed by another crew member to the dedicated Haven elevator etc. He apologized, which wasn't necessary, and said he was concerned about EPIC's layout being different than the other ships, even though he had studied a map. I agree that the Haven wait staff rotation to other restaurants detracts from the Haven restaurant experience and probably negatively impacted additional gratuities the staff might receive. One would assume, NCL has an awareness of the negative impact from new ships combined with the expected TA turnovers and should develop corrective action and enhance their training programs to offset it. Isn't that what all successful business do? Happy Holidays and wonderful cruising to all
  8. Enjoyed your review the Escape is my favorite ship - 48 days until we sail her - not that I'm counting 😎
  9. The display of disembarkation luggage tags - my second to least favorite moment on a cruise. My least favorite is disembarkation. thanks for taking us along with you. Not that I'm counting but 49 days to go until our next cruise.
  10. After being on the Crown Princess during their January 2016 noro outbreak and watching DM get ill because they thought the casino had been cleaned and then my falling ill when we returned home -- I take precautions. I bring individual packets of the Chlorox healthcare hydrogen peroxide cleaner disinfectant, which is to my knowledge the only cleaner that works on noro, and gloves. No guarantee that wiping everything down will work but at least I know I tried . I am also bringing DM on the cruise, so I try to be extra careful. However, precautions should extend beyond cruises. The plane seat belt and tray table are as germ laden as a tv remote. Hand hygiene is critical everywhere but the statistics are dismal - even in healthcare where it is stressed, a point of education and an inspection item. Last flight, an attendant smiled as I was going through my disinfecting routine and told me as we exited that I had forgotten one thing - a mask, as the person next to me sneezed and coughed with no consideration to anyone around him. And yes, I got sick. Ironically almost everyone on that flight, including my row mate, a hospital CEO, were on our way to a healthcare meeting - he knew better. You can try but no guarantees Healthy, noro free cruising to all!
  11. Thanks again to everyone on this thread who provided ticketing and seating information and calmed my nerves. Finished entering check-in documents yesterday, day 52 to go, and the ticket information was available on the e-docs. The ticket locator wasn't valid, likely a placeholder but I called NCL, no wait, and received the valid ticket locator. Flights aren't the best but the price was right as we were hitting against Miami pre-Super Bowl events so ticket prices were unusually high. Direct flights -- 6:43 am going and 8pm return. Seats were available together although return wasn't ticketed as seated together. Both trips, seats were in the back of the plane. Upgraded online to more room ($135 total) as it is closer to front as DM is older and will use wheelchair assistance to the plane but walk on board. Based on another posting, I added my middle name to NCL reservation but it didn't make it to the air reservation and won't match my Pre-check. AA doesn't allow a name change online but will wait until after the holiday, as I have time and the airlines reservations staff need to assist all the Thanksgiving travelers impacted by the nasty weather occurring. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Cruising
  12. Home Departure City - EWR - Newark Arrival/Destination City - MIA - Miami Airline(s) used - AA Number of Connections - 0 Outbound Flight departure/arrival time -6:43AM/10AM Return Flight departure/arrival time - 8:04PM/11:09PM Did you pay for a deviation? Yes, 2 days before # days prior to departure flights were ticketed? 52 days original placeholder was a connecting flight through Charlotte; return was direct second placeholder showed direct to Miami; return from FLL around a week or two ago, became roundtrip Newark/Miami logged DM's passport, etc info in this morning and as expected, the then available e-docs showed flight information but the ticket locator on e-docs, when entered into AA app, showed no reservation and another AA app search option showed flight not available on travel date. Called NCL - connected with no wait and was given a valid record locator for same dates/flights. Wonder if the tickets are "live" only after registration data is complete. My assumption was they wouldn't download until travel info was entered. Forgot to check if they entered my Pre-check number and middle name. Guess I'll be calling AA but not this close to Thanksgiving - as I'm assuming they'll be long wait times I was nervous not booking my own flights, but leaving so close to the SuperBowl, the flight costs were higher than usual so I decided to chance it with the free Air promo. I'm always nervous about winter weather impacting the flights, so we booked the deviation and the Hampton Brickell. I did not try to change flights; however, there is an 11am flight for the same price outbound and a 5:30 flight for a little more homebound. The 1:30pm homebound flight has been sold out for sometime. I upgraded our seats on line, we were in row 27 going and middle seats separated by 5 rows on the return. Plenty of seats remained for $0 but DM is older so for $135 total, I purchased the more legroom seats. The upgraded seats include an adult beverage, if available. DM doesnt drink alcohol and I'm doubtful they'll be serving at 7am!!! although I'm sure it's 5o'clock somewhere. Used AA affinity credit card so checked bags should be free. If not, then the added cost for checked bags, the off hours up charge for the car service to/from airport or the possible need for a hotel the night prior will result in Free Air costing as much as the higher than usual tickets would have, but once I feel the sunshine and see blue skies - none of it will matter! While the flights are not ideal, the airport being less crowded at off peak hours may make traveling with a senior easier. We will have wheelchair assistance. Hope everyone one has a Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday season, calm seas, and fabulous cruises!
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