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  1. Not the EPIC or Priscilla but Rock of Ages may be ending its run. First saw Rock of Ages on the BA in June 2013. The shows are expensive to produce, but with a high percentage of repeat passengers - 5 Plus years is too long The first time, I enjoyed it; the second time I tolerated it and the third time - I went to the casino. According to the article, Six, a musical about the six wives of Henry VIII, will be on the Getaway, the Bliss and The BA. The article didn't mention length of contract but the same show on three ships is surprising and it didn't say it was replacing the present offering, but I made that assumption- perhaps incorrectly? Anyone have further information?
  2. I have AA's credit card, so we did not have to pay baggage fees, but you will have to pay $30 if you do not have their credit card. i also have the AA platinum card but have been told the airline reservation has to be booked with that card to waive the baggage fee. I've had AA in Newark and Philadelphia deny the free bags when FF miles were used. I booked the cruise with that card but I don't know how they book the flights. I'm assuming we're on AA since the placeholder is showing Newark to Charlotte to Miami and a direct flight back. Calls to NCL pre and post booking with questions, such as making sure they have wheelchair escort for DM noted for the plane (sure that it is for the ship) have been useless. I'll just call the airline once ticketed How did AA accommodate the free baggage on the card?
  3. Sailed the BA a few times but have never seen the cart open, including on the 4th sailing out of NYC its inaugural year. Have seen it closed, parked on the waterfront. Think the cart was a good idea promoting the NY theme but my assumption is it isn't cost effective to operate
  4. Kim, Wishing you a speedy recovery. Your ankle photo brought back memories of my trimalleolar fracture resulting from a fall dismounting from a horse on my 8th grade class trip to a dude ranch. Lesson learned - city kid on a horse - first and last time. Same scenario, stabilizing (then two hour transport by car to hospital closer to home) and a 4 hour surgery. It takes time to heal but it will and yes, it is extremely painful when the nerve blocks wear off, but that too will become a distant memory - it just doesn't seem that way now! I agree with you concerning some of the changes on NCL. We get cruise certificates from our stupidity, oops I mean slot play, from AC casinos and have been able to upgrade to the Haven on a few trips, so on those vacations, we are able to avoid some of the the crowding but the main pool is just undersized. for me - it's all about being in the water not just on it - so that is a major negative. Food is subjective but I agree the food quality has gone down, even in the Haven. We have always had good staff experiences. agree that the rules, such as taking dessert with you, seem to change by ship or crew member. Just read your RCCL spring break review and our new favorite casino offers certificates on Royal. I've been reluctant to book because of the size of the ships as DM is approaching 91 but thinking it may be time to try another line get well soon! Angela
  5. This is concerning on many levels as this contradicts what I was told by premium air I was told I could drop the air post ticketing if the times with no penalty . I called so far out from our Jan cruise date that I didn't write down his name, date and time of call. I'm traveling with DM age 91 so connection times and ability to chose seating matters Lack of consistent information, when nothing is on the web site specific to a question, seemingly making up rules as they go alongis my biggest concern with NCL. Hope this works out for you
  6. I don't know how helpful it will be to call the Cruise Air Department but it can't hurt and call more than once as answers tend to differ I called them with various questions about the free air promotion, such as, could I pay to guarantee non-stop flights or pay a fee to ensure sitting together I asked if they would consider either Newark or Philadelphia airport and was told the computer system could handle just one. One PCC suggested I switch to Philadelphia because she thought there might be more direct flights. Beyond that, they had no options they could offer. I plan to call again closer to our cruise, as the information or options might change. Like you, I gambled on the flight because our cruise hits up against the SuperBowl in Miami and the flights were almost as much as some cabins! I wanted to be onboard for the SB because we've done that in prior years and really enjoyed the atmosphere-- but I failed to check where the game was being played!!! Was told the flights (Newark to Charlotte to Miami) are placeholders, that the flight assignments were averaging 45 days out; the flight could be to Ft Lauderdale or Miami, that I shouldn't worry which hotel I decide to book, coming in 2 days early, since I purchased the transfers. That there was no option for choosing seats or purchasing or upgrading airfare through NCL beyond the free air promotion and deviation for advanced fly-in or late fly-home (up to 2 days at $25 per person). That they likely wouldn't look at each individual reservation- such as reasonable layover time when traveling with a senior requiring a wheel chair assist - I got the impression that assignments are done using a computer algorithm not a person. I will be pleasantly surprised if they get me to the hotel of my choice, I have no doubt, they will provide port transfers I was told that there was no penalty for canceling the free flight promotion even after the flight is ticketed so I am watching fares as a hedge. I may end up booking a flight to Miami and ask if I can take the promotion flight (placeholder appears direct flight)!home. It was suggested I no show for the flight to Miami but that could automatically cancel the return trip. Wishing you a wonderful cruise- with non-stop flights and great weather. Let us know what happens!
  7. used the car service on the NCL website. Was fantastic- arrived as we walked out of the hotel. Was off the ship early and he was there. Was worth the small cost over Uber. Don't recall what it was. It was Dec 2018
  8. Thanks - the last time I flew to Charlotte, it was on Piedmont and I was in college. I don't want to think about how many years ago that was! LOL There is one flight combination that has a 30 minute connection but she needs a wheelchair assist and will have her Rollator gate checked, so I hope they take that into consideration when assigning flights.
  9. I share your concern; I'm traveling with my 91year old mother. I took the free air promotion and $25pp air deviation to fly in two days in advance for a Jan 2020 cruise. Two days for a hedge against weather but am wondering if that opened us up to long layovers - it's too soon to tell. The placeholder on my reservation is Newark to Charlotte to Miami. Based on the flight schedule, which I'm guessing is American Airlines, the layover can be as short as 90 minutes or as long as 6 hours. I called the premium air desk and was told they no longer offer paid air; that there is no option to pay premium for a direct flight or give them the option of a NY or Philadelphia airport as their computer can only handle one option. I read on these boards that we might not be seated together, as center seats tend to be assigned; might not have the option of a carryon bag, likely won't be able to upgrade seats - these possibilities are potential stressors and I haven't told DM as I don't want her to spend the 6 months worrying. She gets stressed easily these days but once there has a great time - as she did on our EPIC cruise last year. Right now, the airfare is almost $800 for decent flights so I'm waiting and watching. I was told that since it was a free add-on, I could cancel the air once ticketed without penalty. I hope that is correct. They also said the transfers would take us to any hotel and then to the pier which is a good deal. I have hotel reservations in Brickell that can be canceled without penalty, so I may end up purchasing the airfare outright balancing the cost of air against one additional night in Miami - will be more but may be worth it. My recommendation is that you call, as NCL is not known for consistent responses. Based on geography and cruise dates, you may receive a different response. Only you can decide what works for you and what the flight options may be based on your location. I'm sorry if my post adds to your anxiety. I hope you get direct flights and have a wonderful cruise.
  10. Since the flights appear to be lowest rate available, are frequent flyer miles awarded?
  11. Pre-check is a great investment make sure your airline reservation matches the name on the document you use for identification when signing up for pre-check. For example, if you use your passport and it has your middle name - then your airline boarding pass has to match it . I had purchased my tickets for a recent trip before I received my Pre-check number -- I simply called the airline and they added the known traveler number and my middle name to the reservation. Very easy and the airline must have access to a validation system because the person on the phone said, here it is, I see it. It was done in a minute! Great that your TA is hosting this - I had to make an appointment at a pre-check authorized center for fingerprinting. Didn't get Global for that reason - location for interview wasn't convenient and my international travel is limited. Once you enter it online, you'll see it's very easy and you'll be glad you did it. Remember, you're not old - 60 is the new 40 Enjoy your trip!
  12. Loving the review, as I do all your reviews. As a native New Yorker, raised in NJ - I was very impressed by your identification of the NJ bridges and container ports, especially the Garden State Parkway Driscoll bridge. Flying into Seattle, doubtful I could identify anything beyond the Space Needle and Mount Rainier and I certainly couldn't name the bridges! Looking forward to the rest of the review. Enjoy your convention.
  13. Escape is our favorite ship. 1 - don't know. Found storage in mini suite cabin to be adequate but we were two not four in the cabin 2 - agree with poster who said it is easier to adjust reservations than not have any at all. Make reservations as soon as you board. Then head to the dining room, not the buffet, for a relaxing lunch. (We were on the 4th sailing of the BA and I didn't do enough research on reservations, so I felt as if I spent an entire day standing in lines.) If there are 4 of you, consider one person making dinner reservations another making comedy show reservations etc. Check the boards if anyone has posted the dailies to help you plan 3 - loved Vibe but if that's not an option, Deck 19 outside Vibe is a wonderful option. Waterfront is great especially early in the morning for a coffee and tranquility. Note that it can be breezy to downright windy on deck 19 - if you have those giant plastic clips to hold your towels in place, they came in handy. Very cheap on Amazon and probably other websites. 4 - plenty of towels. Speak to room steward if you need extras to go ashore Enjoy your cruise. Bermuda is beautiful. The Escape is wonderful.
  14. When I called to see if a nonstop Newark to Miami could be requested for additional cost, I was told no, but that most day of flights are nonstop and early to ensure passengers get to the ship. That may or may not be valid as I've found that responses vary based on whom you speak with at NCL We chose to fly in two days in advance and the placeholder looks like it stops in Charlotte but we were told they book about 45 days out so what we're seeing is definitely a placeholder Good luck with your flights and enjoy your cruise
  15. Called concerning our Jan cruise as stated in my earlier post above - plan to fly in 2 days early to hedge weather. Was told - flights we're seeing are placeholders - no options to pay extra for nonstop guarantee flight, upgrade seats or offer NCL variety of airports in NY/Phila area - their computer can only handle one. Same response from premium air desk but told I could decline the air once ticketed and obtain my own without penalty since nothing paid told they no longer sell air thru NCL????? - flights could be to Ft Lauderdale or Miami but I shouldn't worry since purchased transfers and they'd get us to any hotel and to pier Why do I doubt that? Experience perhaps? Day of sailing flights tend to be very early and non stop to ensure everyone makes embarkation. Early in or late out flights give them more flexibility with stops will have my fingers crossed and watching flights as right now the costs are crazy! Wishing all a fabulous cruise
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