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  1. 17cruisesnsl

    SS Norway post boiler explosion question

    The Norway was a wonderful ship; so sad that such a great vessel's service had to end as it did. She was the ship that made me fall in love with cruising, after two not so wonderful earlier experiences.
  2. 17cruisesnsl

    Why do you walk out on Rock of Ages?

    I understand the comment about missing the Ryan company, when the Broadway musicals changed annually and the ability to do so didn't appear to be be hampered by fiscal constraints. I haven't walked out on ROA but I am tired of it - 5 years and the only thing that changed was the cast. Last cruise, we didn't bother to see it again. It's a matter of preference, some might say Bermuda hadn't changed much in those same years but no one complained. For me it's no different than some people enjoy watching a movie or a show no matter how many times they've seen it, others like myself prefer a change. NCL has many repeat cruisers, who like us, enjoyed the convenience of sailing out of NY and I wonder how many survey responses dealt with the lack of variety. Perhaps sailing out of NOLA, the show will find a new audience.
  3. 17cruisesnsl

    Mr. Worldwide Recipe?

    Was my favorite drink as well. Thank you!
  4. 17cruisesnsl

    Help me convince my parents to join us!

    Have a wonderful cruise. Haven't read all the posts so I don't know if anyone recommended Quease-ease for your mom. Heard about it on these boards - you take a whiff of what is basically a mix of oils like eucalyptus and peppermint when you feel nauseous. I get seasick, but still think cruising is the best vacation, the nsl in my board name stands for no sea legs. The wrist bands plus a whiff or two of Quease Ease has served me well on recent cruises, plane rides, etc. I order it online but some stores/drug stores will carry it and there is no drowsiness or OTC medication/adult beverage interaction. I still bring the OTC meds as backup but haven't needed them; the patch doesn't work for our family - we had allergic reactions. Wishing you a wonderful cruise and calm seas
  5. 17cruisesnsl

    Live Bliss - Haven/Casino Edition

    That would be wonderful and much appreciated. We're casino at sea (and on land) people and love our Haven time. To quote my 89 year old mother when I suggested we book a Disney cruise -- why would you expect me to travel on a ship without a casino.
  6. 17cruisesnsl

    What is your favorite cruise tradition?

    First Day --Lunch in a MDR (last cruise we were in Haven -even better!) lots of photos before the ship gets too busy and a late dinner at LaCucina before hitting the casino. La Cucina started many years ago, with a first day promo for a free bottle of wine with dinner if you booked the first night. We rarely drink but it sounded good so we took advantage. Had very calm seas so it became a superstition to ensure a smooth sailing. Last night is dinner at Cagneys Purchase of a ship Christmas ornament so decorating the tree brings back fond vacation memories. We purchase an ornament in (new) ports and land vacations as well.
  7. 17cruisesnsl

    Anytime dining private table

    Hope you had a great cruise. Loved your prior reviews - did you (or H) write one for this cruise?
  8. 17cruisesnsl

    NCL food prepared on Shore and microwaved??

    To hijack the post for a moment - how was the low sodium diet? Have requested it for my mom and have read they meet with you in advance. This trip, to celebrate her 90th, we're in the Haven, where I assume it will be easier to control the salt content but we will want to use our 4 specialty dinners and I want to minimize her opportunities to cheat.
  9. 17cruisesnsl

    Why do you cruise?

    What everyone said plus it's a great multi-generational vacation-something for everyone to do. Love it most with calm seas
  10. 17cruisesnsl

    I've been sailing NCL long enough to remember when...

    The Norway before it was expanded and it's spa pool was considered unique Tasting Aquavit on the Norway - still have the "collectable" horn shaped shot glass but couldn't drink the Aquavit then or now - too strong! 2 formal nights on a 7 night cruise Assigned dinner seating and waiters had assistants Unlimited lobster tails even when you said "one is plenty" Champagne at embarkation No specialty restaurants
  11. 17cruisesnsl

    Specialty Dining on Epic First Night?

    We always book a specialty restaurant on the first night as the main dining rooms seem to have longer lines until everyone falls into their cruise routine. We do this whether we're in the Haven or a mini-suite. We're late diners, usually eating at 8 or 8:30, so it doesn't interfere with sail away but may interfere with shows. Follow Bird Travels advice and book as soon as reservations open. Learned that lesson the hard way on our first NCL freestyle cruise after a NCL cruise gap of a few years! Enjoy your cruise
  12. We had to cancel twice last year due to medical reasons and both times it was handled promptly. Once the medical forms were completed, the refund check was received in a week or two. I had used frequent flyer miles for airfare and since they were anytime miles, the airline rep put me on hold, called the hospital, confirmed IP status of my mom, who was cruising with me, and credited the miles. The positive experience with the airline and the cruise line helped relieved some of the stress. Pray all goes well for your family.
  13. 17cruisesnsl

    Two mini suites vs. Haven suite

    I cruise with my mom, as she is in her late eighties, obviously gave her the "master bedroom." I thought I would tolerate the dark second bedroom for the benefits of the Haven but I ended up loving it. It was dark and quiet and comfortable for one, not so sure about comfortable for two. I agree with the comment about using the living room couch, especially if someone doesn't like the idea of the bunk bed. The Haven perks are great and the comment about the drinking package is valid; only you can determine the cost/benefit of the additional cost. Have not traveled with more than two in a cabin but have seen some promos offering free at sea with free extra guest choice - not sure what that offer entails but may be worth investigating if dates offering it would work for your group. Perhaps others could provide information on that type of offer Whatever you decide, have a wonderful cruise
  14. 17cruisesnsl

    Haven Disembarkation

    Agree with poster who said haven line on the right - that was our experience in NY but not sure I would have known had we not had a wheelchair escort. I picked up some fellow Haven passengers in the long, long line on the left. They had been dropped off at the elevator. Now I know to look or ask.
  15. 17cruisesnsl

    Norwegian Getaway Western Caribbean

    Have a wonderful cruise! I have learned so much from your postings and appreciate the time you put into reviews and responding to questions whether on board or at home