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  1. Well it’s the start of a new month. 2 weeks from today we should have been heading to New York for a 14 night southern Caribbean cruise, but how things change. Yesterday 501 of my colleagues ended their careers in the travel industry, taking voluntary redundancy, now we await the rumoured additional 500 mandatory redundancies. From today I can’t go to visit my 84 & 85 year old parents as the Conwy county of North Wales is to go into local lockdown and the restrictions there are more stringent than in England. So glad we went 2 weeks ago.
  2. Well that’s what we’ve done, 3 cruises plus some savings have funded the conservatory and patio! Everywhere you go you can see home improvements taking place from new windows, porches, extensions to garden upgrades.
  3. Such a timely conversation, I had a new patio laid yesterday seeing the old one was taken up for the conservatory. The guys also relaid the existing slabs from the path which was basically extended. They had to build it up as the garden slopes away, but they said don't walk on it or put heavy objects onto it for 24 hours.
  4. Sorry to read of your ‘hat trick’ and hope the day gets better. I attended a funeral on Monday and only 25 allowed due to the size of the chapel. It’s 4 years since my lifelong best friend died alone in his house. At the moment unfortunately I think we all have too much time (despite working) to reflect on upsetting times as there doesn’t appear to be much too look forward to at the moment.
  5. Here in Manchester we’ve not been able to meet anyone in our houses or gardens from any other household since end of July and it is now getting very wearing.
  6. I wouldn’t understand why they would send people on the long trek to Liverpool from Holyhead when all my US have commented on Swallow Falls etc as wonderful. They would love the area.
  7. Well seeing the weather was so good we explored more of North Wales and Snowdonia. We headed for Llanberis, and onwards through Capel Curig to Swallow Falls and ended up in Llandudno for a stroll along the prom.
  8. It does say on the side that it is a ‘Platinum Lodge’
  9. Well the 3rd “C” of the year, but not a cruise ship
  10. So we’re not on a cruise ship, but at least we have a sea view immediately behind the caravan.
  11. Went through Llanddulas today after visiting my parents in Abergele on our way to Conwy after driving past Gwrych Castle and seeing the cranes up which are in the process of building the presentation area for Ant & Dec for I’m a Celebrity. Apparently the farm animals have been moved as that area is to be used for vans and trailers for the show.
  12. We’re here primarily to visit my parents in Abergele as my mum has had an eye operation today. Just a reflective time, 12 months ago to the date we were on our favourite “C” a cruise ship in Bar Harbor, Maine, USA and now we’re in what we are getting to be known for, another “C” caravan!
  13. Oh sorry for posting on here, I don’t have the time nor inclination to review every thread due to working and your curt response is not welcomed, but ok I’ll not post news again about P&O which I thought might be interesting to those that don’t have the time to read like me, all the threads on cc.
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