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  1. I was just looking at a hotel that charges 34.00 a day for a resort fee, and doesn't include meals. So tell me how the DSC is so outrageous.
  2. Isn't it funny how some people can't stand it when people have good things to say.
  3. I think the OP was actually referring to a Mini-Suite not an actual Haven suite. Could she have also thought that connecting meant they would open the balcony divider? If she was actually looking at a services rendered issue she could have used any dollar value, instead she used the OBC value. Since OBC has no cash value she deserves $0.00. I really can't blame NCL for banning her, she really went overboard in her request. Sorry for the pun.....๐Ÿ˜€
  4. Thanks for all the help, we have decided to do BWI to MIA. In let my better half make the decision, that way if it is wrong I might not get blamed...LOL I would have loved to to PHL to MIA but the prices for that were so much higher.
  5. Ok I know this may seem really dumb but I am trying to decide between these 2 airports and here is why. 1. We are flying in on a Saturday for a Sunday departure so arrival time is not as important except I don't want to get there at 10PM. 2. I can either fly from Baltimore to MIA or Philadelphia to FLL Including all of my expenses it comes out to a wash either way. So here is my problem, since we all know airlines are not the most reliable Phila is the better choice because there are more flight to FLL and if necessary they could book me on a flight to MIA. So Philly right? But then all I am reading is how bad FLL is and with 2 teenagers and my wife I need to make sure flying in there isn't a mistake. The obvious solution is Phila to MIA but that is significantly higher priced. Any help would be appreciated......
  6. Six is now up for our Bliss cruise Dec 1st. I guess it was just put up I can't reserve it yet.
  7. Yes the day before never the day of, I couldn't take the stress. Because of their bad rep we won't use Spirit or Frontier, SW doesn't release their fares for that time until later and to be honest when I pick a date and compare prices there doesn't seem to be a whole lot difference in price. So that leaves me with the big 3 and American seem sto be the best. I look at PHL, BWI and even EWR, no LGA isn't in the mix. Looked at both FLL and MIA, haven't yet found anything cheaper. Also I won't do the budget because I we have out Grandaughters with us and need to sit together.
  8. The first question did you book with NCL directly or thru a TA. Some TA's opt out of the upgrade advantage program so you won't an offer. Even if the PCC's know what the real process is in determining who gets the offer, I really doubt they will tell you.
  9. actually mid June, so you understand why I am just trying to figure out when to pull the trigger.
  10. Whoops sorry BWI to MIA. DUH I guess that helps
  11. Taking our DGDs on a cruise next June, American has opened their prices for those weeks at 414.00 or 438.00 R/T depending on which flight I take. I am trying to decide if I let it ride hope it goes lower or take it now. So I am asking if you had a crystal ball what would you do. 414 doesn't seem like too bad of a fare. Question 2: The $414 leaves BWI at 1155AM arrives 235PM, the $438 is a 525am flight. with all the stuff going on around cancellations is it better to take the earlier flight for just $24.00 more.
  12. With 4 of you in a cabin the bathroom can be important and the balcony is great. If it is within your budget I would go with the mini large balcony. My DW love the bathroom and would probably throw me overboard if I didn't get a mini...LOL
  13. Where does NCL dock when it is a day stop? I think it is at the Old San Juan docks, but canโ€™t find any confirmation.
  14. After looking at the video it makes less sense to me. First even if the window was clear, which it isn't, there are obvious tracks that show the window is open. Secondly if the window was closed the child would have had to lean forward to a point where she could have fallen between the rail and the ship. So is the design bad? I think the number of ships and years in service they have speaks for itself. Bad judgement on Grandpa absolutely yes.
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